Aarne-Thompson-Uther Classification of Folk Tales

  1. Tchoupi : SaberTooth fighter
  2. Tailless Fox Tries in Vain to Get Foxes to Cut off Tails
  3. Tale of the Craddle
  4. Tales in which animals talk
  5. Tales of Fate
  8. Talking Horse and Dog
  9. Tall Tales
  10. Tame Bird and Wild Bird
  11. Taming of the Shrew
  12. Tearing up the Orchard or Vineyard
  13. Thank God They Weren't Peaches
  14. That is a lie!
  15. The Actack on the Hare (Crayfish)
  16. The Animal Bride
  17. The Animal's Conversation
  18. The Animals Build a Road (Dig Well)
  19. The Ant Carries a Load as Large as Himself
  20. The Ass without a Heart
  21. The Axe Falls into the Stream
  22. The Axes Thrown Away
  23. The Bad Rearing
  24. The Barking Dog's Head
  25. The Basil Maiden (The Sugar Puppet, Viola)
  26. The Battle of Serpents
  27. The bear and the honey
  28. The Bear Builds a House of Wood; the Fox, of Ice
  29. The Bear Chases the Robbers
  30. The Bear on the Hay-Wagon
  31. The Bear Pulls Mountain Ashes apart so that the Fox's Old Mother can Get Berries
  32. The Bear Trainer and His Cat
  33. The Big Tree Taken for a Snake
  34. The big wedding
  35. The Bird and the Jackal
  36. The Bird as a Helper
  37. The Bird Indifferent to Pain
  38. The Bird Lover
  39. The Bird of Truth
  40. The Bird's Three Precepts
  41. The Black Madonna
  42. The Blood-brother's Wife
  43. The Bluebeard
  44. The Boat Gets Tired
  45. The Box on the Ears
  46. The boy 'loses his sight'
  47. The Boy Adopted by Tigers (Animals)
  48. The Boy and the Bird-language
  49. The Boy in Animal Form
  50. The Boy on the Wolf's Tail
  51. The boy who had never seen a woman
  52. The Boy Whose Wishes Always Come True
  53. The boy with many names
  54. The Breathing Tree
  55. The Bride Won in a Tournement
  56. The Bridge to Another World
  57. The Broken Image
  58. The Brother Married the Sister
  59. The Brother to Hang Himself
  60. The brothers guarding the king's bedchamber and the snake
  61. The Buttercask Taken for a Dead Man
  62. The calling of three tree names
  63. The Cat and the Candle
  64. The Cat and the Mouse Converse
  65. The Cat as Helper
  66. The child and the snake
  67. The Children and the Ogre
  68. The children of the king
  69. The Clergyman is Tricked
  70. The clergyman with the fine voice
  71. The clever boy
  72. The Clever Fox (Other Animal)
  73. The Clever Maiden and the Suitors
  74. The Clever Man
  75. The Clever Parrot
  76. The Clever Peasant girl
  77. The Climax of Horrors
  78. The cock and the hen
  79. The Cock and the Mouse and The Sexton's Nose
  80. The Cold May Night
  81. The Company to Sing like the Leader
  82. The contagious yawns
  83. The Contest in Swimming
  84. The conversation of the one-eyed man and the hunchback
  85. The corpse killed five times
  86. The Council of Birds
  87. The Covetous and the Envious
  88. The Cowardly Duelers
  89. The Crocodile Carries the Jackal
  90. The Crow Helps the Deer Escape from the Snare
  91. The Crow on the Tarred Bridge
  92. The Cutt-off Nose (Hair)
  93. The Dance Among Thorns
  94. The Daughter of the Sun
  95. The daughter-in-law and the real daughter
  96. The Deceased Rich Man and the Devils in the Church
  97. The Devil
  98. The Devil as Advocate
  99. The Devil Guards the Wife's Chastity
  100. The Devil in Noahs Ark
  101. The devil loses a soul that was promised him
  102. The Devil Outriddled
  103. The Devil's Son as a Priest
  104. The Disappointed Fisher
  105. The Dishes of the Same Flavor
  106. The Dishonest Priest
  107. The Dogs Certificate
  108. The Dog and the Sparrow
  109. The Dog as Wolf's Shoemaker
  110. The Dog in the Sea
  111. The Dog's Cigar
  112. The Double Pension (Burial Money)
  113. The Dragon-Slayer
  114. The Dream
  115. The Dream: All Parsons in Hell
  116. The Drying of the Candle
  117. The Eaten Heart
  118. The Eaten Moon
  119. The eel filled with sand
  120. The Election of Bird-King
  121. The Eloping Couple and the Robbers
  122. The Emperor's New Clothes
  123. The Enchanted Pear Tree
  124. The entrapped suitors
  125. The Equivocal Confession
  126. The Equivocal Oath
  127. The Evil Woman in the Glass Case as Last Commodity
  128. The evil woman thrown into the pit
  129. The Extraordinary Companions
  130. The Extraordinary Names
  131. The Faithful Animal Rashly Killed
  132. The Faithful Servant
  133. The Faithful Servitor
  134. The Faithful Wife
  135. The Faithless Queen
  136. The faithless wife
  137. The farmer tricks the jackals
  138. The fat cat
  139. The Filthy Hog and the Clean Fish
  140. The First Crop
  141. The First to See the Sunrise
  142. The Fish in the Net
  143. The Fisherman and his Wife,
  144. The flattering foreman
  145. The Fleeing Pancake
  146. The Flight with the Eagle
  147. The Flood
  148. The Flower Girl
  149. The fool as murderer
  150. The Fool Spoils the Work of the Shoemaker, the Tailor and the Smith
  151. The Foolish Bridegroom
  152. The Foolish Couple
  153. The Foolish Husband and His Wife
  154. The foolish parson in the trunk
  155. The Foolish Wife and Her Husband
  156. The Forgetful Man Counts the Days of the Week
  157. The forgotten word
  158. The Forty Thieves
  159. The Fox (or Jackal) and the Fleas
  160. The fox and the cat
  161. The Fox and the Crane Invites Each Other
  162. The fox as shepherd
  163. The fox eats his fellow-lodger
  164. The Fox in Disguise Violates the She-Bear
  165. The Fox Persuades the Cock to Crow with Closed Eyes
  166. The Fox Tricks the Wolf into Falling into a Pit
  167. The Frog Enticed out of his Hole
  168. The Frog King
  169. The Geese on the Line
  170. The geese's eternal prayer
  171. The Gelding of the Bear and the Fetching of Salve
  172. The Giant Without A Heart,
  173. The Giant's Toy
  174. The Girl Elopes with the Wrong Man
  175. The Girl in the Form of a Wolf
  176. The girl who ate so little
  177. The girl who played with the bread
  178. The girl with the ugly name
  179. The Girl Without Hands
  180. The Glass Mountain
  181. The goat that would not go home
  182. The Golden Arm
  183. The Golden Bird
  184. The Golden Goose
  185. The golden ram
  186. The Golden-Haired
  187. The Good Bargain
  188. The Goose Teaches the Fox to Swim
  189. The Grain Harvesting
  190. The Grateful Animals
  191. The Great Rabbit-Catch
  192. The greedy fiancee
  193. The Greedy Peasant Woman
  194. The groom teaches his horse to live without food
  195. The gun as tobacco pipe
  196. The Hanging Game
  197. The Haughty Girl
  198. The Hawk Frightened at the Snipe's Bill
  199. The Healing Fruit
  200. The Heart of a Monkey