Form and Genre Headings

  1. Iahilky USE Vesnianky
  2. Iambic hexameter USE Alexandrines
  3. Iambic poetry
  4. Iambics USE Iambic poetry
  5. IATO atlases USE Composite atlases
  6. Ice hockey films USE Hockey films
  7. Ice revue music USE Ice show music
  8. Ice show music
  9. Ice skating films USE Sports films
  10. Ichi films USE Zatoichi films
  11. Identification guides USE Field guides
  12. Identifications, Radio station USE Radio station identifications
  13. IDM (Intelligent dance music) USE Intelligent dance music
  14. IDs, Radio station USE Radio station identifications
  15. Idyllic poetry USE Pastoral poetry
  16. Idylls (Narrative poetry) USE Narrative poetry
  17. Idylls (Pastoral poetry) USE Pastoral poetry
  18. Idyls (Narrative poetry) USE Narrative poetry
  19. Idyls (Pastoral poetry) USE Pastoral poetry
  20. Ijāzah
  21. Illustrated works
  22. Illustrations USE Illustrated works
  23. Illustrations, Courtroom USE Courtroom art
  24. Images USE Pictures
  25. Images, Remote-sensing USE Remote-sensing images
  26. Imaginary histories USE Counterfactual histories
  27. Imaginary travels USE Voyages, Imaginary
  28. Imaginary voyages USE Voyages, Imaginary
  29. Imagism poetry USE Imagist poetry
  30. Imagist poetry
  31. Immunities and privileges USE Privileges and immunities
  32. Impact statements, Environmental USE Environmental impact statements
  33. Impromptu plays USE Impromptus (Drama)
  34. Impromptus (Drama)
  35. Impromptus (Music)
  36. Improperia USE Reproaches (Chants)
  37. Improvisations (Music)
  38. In nomine (Music) USE In nomines (Music)
  39. In nomines (Music)
  40. In-concert films USE Concert films
  41. Incidental music
  42. Incorporation, Articles of USE Charters and articles of incorporation
  43. Indentures USE Deeds
  44. Independent films
  45. Indeterminate music (Aleatory music) USE Aleatory music
  46. Index maps
  47. Indexes
  48. Indexes, Death USE Death registers
  49. Indexes, Geographical (Gazetteers) USE Gazetteers
  50. Indian captivity narratives USE Captivity narratives
  51. Indiana Jones films
  52. Indiana Jones television programs USE Historical television programs
  53. Indices USE Indexes
  54. Indie films USE Independent films
  55. Indie music USE Alternative rock music
  56. Indie pop music
  57. Indulgences (Canon law)
  58. Industrial dance music
  59. Industrial fiction USE Social problem fiction
  60. Industrial films
  61. Industrial music
  62. Industrial sounds USE Machinery sounds
  63. Industrial television programs
  64. Industry-sponsored films USE Industrial films
  65. Infomercials
  66. Informational comics USE Educational comics
  67. Informational films USE Educational films
  68. Informational radio programs USE Educational radio programs
  69. Informational television programs USE Educational television programs
  70. Informational works
  71. Informercials USE Infomercials
  72. Ingoma ebusuku USE Isicathamiya
  73. Initiation stories USE Bildungsromans
  74. Inscriptions
  75. Inspirational music (Contemporary Christian music) USE Contemporary Christian music
  76. Inspirational radio programs
  77. Installation art USE Installation works (Art)
  78. Installation guides (Exhibition documentation)
  79. Installation instructions (Exhibition documentation) USE Installation guides (Exhibition documentation)
  80. Installation manuals (Exhibition documentation) USE Installation guides (Exhibition documentation)
  81. Installation photographs (Exhibition documentation) USE Installation views (Exhibition documentation)
  82. Installation views (Exhibition documentation)
  83. Installation works (Art)
  84. Installations (Art) USE Installation works (Art)
  85. Instruction books USE Textbooks
  86. Instructional and educational works
  87. Instructional comics
  88. Instructional films
  89. Instructional materials USE Instructional and educational works
  90. Instructional radio programs
  91. Instructional television programs
  92. Instructional works USE Instructional and educational works
  93. Instructions to juries USE Jury instructions
  94. Instructive editions
  95. Instructors' guides USE Teachers' guides
  96. Instructors' manuals USE Teachers' guides
  97. Instrumental masses USE Organ masses
  98. Instrumental music
  99. Instrumental settings
  100. Instruments of incorporation USE Charters and articles of incorporation
  101. Instruments, Statutory USE Administrative regulations
  102. Insurgent country music USE Alternative country music
  103. Intabulations
  104. Intaglio prints
  105. Intelligent dance music
  106. Interactive fiction (Choose-your-own stories) USE Choose-your-own stories
  107. Interactive fiction (Hypertext fiction) USE Hypertext fiction
  108. Interactive multimedia
  109. Interactive poetry USE Computer poetry
  110. Interagency service agreements USE Intergovernmental agreements
  111. Intergovernmental agreements
  112. Interjurisdictional agreements USE Intergovernmental agreements
  113. Interlocal agreements USE Intergovernmental agreements
  114. Interludes (Drama)
  115. Interludes (Music)
  116. Intermedi USE Interludes (Drama)
  117. Intermezzi (Drama) USE Interludes (Drama)
  118. Intermezzi (Instrumental music) USE Intermezzos (Instrumental music)
  119. Intermezzos (Drama) USE Interludes (Drama)
  120. Intermezzos (Instrumental music)
  121. Intermezzos (Operas) USE Operas
  122. Intermèdes USE Interludes (Drama)
  123. International agreements USE Treaties
  124. International court proceedings USE Trial and arbitral proceedings
  125. Internet archives USE Web archives
  126. Internet films USE Internet videos
  127. Internet radio programs
  128. Internet videos
  129. Interpretation systems, Audio (Audio guides) USE Audio guides
  130. Intersex fiction
  131. Intersex films
  132. Intersex television programs
  133. Intersexual fiction USE Intersex fiction
  134. Intersexual films USE Intersex films
  135. Intersexual television programs USE Intersex television programs
  136. Interstate compacts USE Intergovernmental agreements
  137. Interstitial television programs
  138. Interview films USE Filmed interviews
  139. Interview radio programs USE Radio interviews
  140. Interview television programs USE Television interviews
  141. Interview transcripts USE Interviews
  142. Interviews
  143. Interviews (Sound recordings) USE Sound recordings
  144. Introductions
  145. Introits (Music)
  146. Inventories
  147. Inventories, Animal USE Zoological surveys
  148. Inventories, Botanical USE Botanical surveys
  149. Inventories, Fauna USE Zoological surveys
  150. Inventories, Faunal USE Zoological surveys
  151. Inventories, Flora USE Botanical surveys
  152. Inventories, Floristic USE Botanical surveys
  153. Inventories, Plant USE Botanical surveys
  154. Inventories, Religious USE Religious inventories
  155. Inventories, Vegetation USE Botanical surveys
  156. Inventories, Wildlife USE Zoological surveys
  157. Inventories, Zoological USE Zoological surveys
  158. Investigative films (Police films) USE Police films
  159. Irish ballads and songs USE Folk songs, Irish
  160. Irish folk songs USE Folk songs, Irish
  161. Iroha USE Irohauta
  162. Iroha uta USE Irohauta
  163. Irohauta
  164. Isicathamiya
  165. Islamic fiction USE Islamic stories
  166. Islamic stories
  167. Istampittas (Music) USE Estampies (Music)
  168. Istanpittas (Music) USE Estampies (Music)
  169. Italian assembled-to-order atlases USE Composite atlases
  170. Italian songs USE Songs, Italian
  171. Italiana, Commedia all' USE Commedia dell'arte
  172. Italo (Music) USE Italo disco (Music)
  173. Italo beat (Music) USE Italo disco (Music)
  174. Italo dance (Music) USE Italo disco (Music)
  175. Italo disco (Music)
  176. Italo house (Music) USE Italo disco (Music)
  177. Italo-Westerns USE Spaghetti Westerns
  178. Itineraries