Form and Genre Headings

  1. Lab manuals USE Laboratory manuals
  2. Labor agreements, Collective USE Collective labor agreements
  3. Laboratory manuals
  4. Lafreri atlases USE Composite atlases
  5. Lais (Narrative poetry) USE Lays (Narrative poetry)
  6. Lakhon chatrii plays USE Lakhō̜n chātrī plays
  7. Lakhō̜n chātrī drama USE Lakhō̜n chātrī plays
  8. Lakhō̜n chātrī plays
  9. Lam (Music) USE Molam (Music)
  10. Lamentations USE Laments
  11. Laments
  12. Lampoons (Motion pictures) USE Satirical films
  13. Lampoons (Television programs) USE Satirical television programs
  14. Landrechtsbücher USE Rechtsbücher
  15. Language games USE Puzzles and games
  16. Language poetry
  17. Lanternes
  18. Lanterns (Poetry) USE Lanternes
  19. Lap books USE Big books
  20. Latin didactic poetry USE Didactic poetry, Latin
  21. Latin elegiac poetry USE Elegiac poetry, Latin
  22. Latin epic poetry USE Epic poetry, Latin
  23. Latin jazz
  24. Latin pop
  25. Latin trap (Music)
  26. Laudatory poetry
  27. Laude
  28. Laude spirituali USE Laude
  29. Laudi spirituali USE Laude
  30. Lauds (Music)
  31. Law commentaries
  32. Law digests
  33. Law drama (Literature) USE Legal drama (Literature)
  34. Law enforcement films (Police films) USE Police films
  35. Law fiction (Literature) USE Legal fiction (Literature)
  36. Law films USE Legal films
  37. Law for laypersons
  38. Law for non-professionals USE Law for laypersons
  39. Law journals USE Law reviews
  40. Law materials
  41. Law reporters (Publications) USE Court decisions and opinions
  42. Law reports USE Court decisions and opinions
  43. Law reviews
  44. Law society journals USE Bar journals
  45. Law television programs USE Legal television programs
  46. Law-related drama USE Legal drama
  47. Laws USE Statutes and codes
  48. Laws, Consolidated USE Statutes and codes
  49. Laws, Session USE Session laws
  50. Lawyer drama USE Legal drama
  51. Lawyer fiction USE Legal fiction (Literature)
  52. Lawyer films USE Legal films
  53. Lawyer television programs USE Legal television programs
  54. Lawyers association journals USE Bar journals
  55. Laypersons, Legal guides for USE Law for laypersons
  56. Laypersons, Legal works for USE Law for laypersons
  57. Lays (Narrative poetry)
  58. Ländler (Music)
  59. Ländlers (Music) USE Ländler (Music)
  60. Lead sheets
  61. Leaflets (Fliers) USE Fliers (Ephemera)
  62. Leaflets (Tracts) USE Tracts (Ephemera)
  63. Learning games USE Educational games
  64. Learning materials USE Instructional and educational works
  65. Lectionaries
  66. Lecture films USE Filmed lectures
  67. Lecture transcripts USE Lectures
  68. Lectures
  69. Ledgers, Accounting USE Account books
  70. Legal briefs USE Records and briefs
  71. Legal citators USE Citators
  72. Legal comics
  73. Legal commentaries USE Law commentaries
  74. Legal digests USE Law digests
  75. Legal documents USE Legal instruments
  76. Legal drama
  77. Legal drama (Literature)
  78. Legal fiction (Literature)
  79. Legal films
  80. Legal forms
  81. Legal formularies USE Legal forms
  82. Legal gazettes USE Official gazettes
  83. Legal guides for laypersons USE Law for laypersons
  84. Legal guides for non-professionals USE Law for laypersons
  85. Legal instruments
  86. Legal maxims
  87. Legal memoranda USE Legal memorandums
  88. Legal memorandums
  89. Legal memorials USE Legal memorandums
  90. Legal memos USE Legal memorandums
  91. Legal novels USE Legal stories
  92. Legal opinions USE Court decisions and opinions
  93. Legal petitions
  94. Legal plays USE Legal drama
  95. Legal proverbs USE Legal maxims
  96. Legal repertories USE Repertories (Law)
  97. Legal stories
  98. Legal television programs
  99. Legal thrillers (Fiction) USE Legal fiction (Literature)
  100. Legal works for laypersons USE Law for laypersons
  101. Legal works for non-professionals USE Law for laypersons
  102. Legends
  103. Legends, Contemporary USE Urban legends
  104. Legends, Urban USE Urban legends
  105. Legislation, Compiled USE Statutes and codes
  106. Legislation, Subordinate USE Administrative regulations
  107. Legislation, Subsidiary USE Administrative regulations
  108. Legislative acts USE Statutes and codes
  109. Legislative amendments USE Statutes and codes
  110. Legislative bills
  111. Legislative digests USE Legislative materials
  112. Legislative documents USE Legislative materials
  113. Legislative hearings
  114. Legislative histories
  115. Legislative histories (Treaties) USE Travaux préparatoires (Treaties)
  116. Legislative journals USE Legislative materials
  117. Legislative materials
  118. Legislative messages USE Messages (Official communications)
  119. Legislative prints USE Legislative materials
  120. Legislative proceedings USE Legislative materials
  121. Legislative proposals USE Legislative materials
  122. Legislative reports USE Legislative materials
  123. Legislative resolutions USE Resolutions (Law)
  124. Legislative session acts USE Session laws
  125. Legislative speeches USE Speeches
  126. Lenong dedes drama USE Lenong plays
  127. Lenong drama USE Lenong plays
  128. Lenong plays
  129. Lenong preman drama USE Lenong plays
  130. Lent sermons USE Lenten sermons
  131. Lenten music
  132. Lenten sermons
  133. Lesbian comics
  134. Lesbian drama
  135. Lesbian erotic fiction USE Erotic fiction
  136. Lesbian erotic films USE Erotic films
  137. Lesbian erotic poetry USE Erotic poetry
  138. Lesbian fiction
  139. Lesbian films
  140. Lesbian poetry
  141. Lesbian television programs
  142. Lesson notes USE Lesson plans
  143. Lesson plans
  144. Lessons, Radio USE Instructional radio programs
  145. Letters to the editor
  146. Letters to the press USE Letters to the editor
  147. Letters, Business USE Business correspondence
  148. Letters, Love USE Love letters
  149. Letters, Papal USE Chirographa (Personal correspondence)
  150. Letters, Personal USE Personal correspondence
  151. LGBTQ+ comics USE Queer comics
  152. Lian hua lao
  153. Lianhua lao USE Lian hua lao
  154. Library catalogs
  155. Library exhibition catalogs USE Exhibition catalogs
  156. Library film USE Stock footage
  157. Library shots (Motion pictures, television, etc.) USE Stock footage
  158. Library use studies USE Use studies
  159. Libretti USE Librettos
  160. Librettos
  161. Licentiate dissertations USE Academic theses
  162. Licentiate theses USE Academic theses
  163. Lieder USE Songs
  164. Liederspiele USE Liederspiels
  165. Liederspiels
  166. Life histories USE Biographies
  167. Life readings (Horoscopes) USE Horoscopes
  168. Life skills guides
  169. Lift music USE Background music
  170. Lift-the-flap books
  171. Lift-the-flaps (Books) USE Lift-the-flap books
  172. Light novels
  173. Light operas USE Operas
  174. Light verse USE Humorous poetry
  175. Likay plays USE Likē drama
  176. Likē drama
  177. Lilit
  178. Lilting (Mouth music) USE Mouth music
  179. Limericks
  180. Limited serials (Television programs) USE Television mini-series
  181. Limited series (Television programs) USE Television mini-series
  182. Line charts USE Graphs
  183. Line maps, Flow USE Flow maps
  184. Linear cartograms USE Flow maps
  185. Linguistic atlases
  186. Linked poetry USE Linked verse
  187. Linked stories
  188. Linked verse
  189. Lino-cuts USE Linocuts
  190. Linocut prints USE Linocuts
  191. Linocuts
  192. Linoleum block prints USE Linocuts
  193. Linoleum cut prints USE Linocuts
  194. Linoleum cuts USE Linocuts
  195. Linoleum prints USE Linocuts
  196. Liras
  197. Liras de Fray Luis de León USE Liras
  198. Liras garcilasianas USE Liras
  199. Lists USE Lists of vessels
  200. Lists of audio recordings USE Discographies