Form and Genre Headings

  1. Ma'lūf
  2. MABs (Multi-author blogs) USE Blogs
  3. Macaronic poetry USE Macaronic verse
  4. Macaronic verse
  5. Machine drama USE Machine plays
  6. Machine plays
  7. Machine sounds USE Machinery sounds
  8. Machinery sounds
  9. Machinima films
  10. Machinima television programs
  11. Machinimas (Motion pictures) USE Machinima films
  12. Machinimas (Television programs) USE Machinima television programs
  13. Mad poetry (Kyōka) USE Kyōka
  14. Mad scientist films
  15. Madcap comedy films USE Screwball comedy films
  16. Madcap romantic comedies USE Screwball comedy films
  17. Made-for-television films USE Made-for-TV movies
  18. Made-for-television motion pictures USE Made-for-TV movies
  19. Made-for-television movies USE Made-for-TV movies
  20. Made-for-TV feature films USE Made-for-TV movies
  21. Made-for-TV films USE Made-for-TV movies
  22. Made-for-TV motion pictures USE Made-for-TV movies
  23. Made-for-TV movies
  24. Madrigal comedies
  25. Madrigals (Music)
  26. Mafia films USE Gangster films
  27. Mafia television programs USE Gangster television programs
  28. Magazine format radio programs
  29. Magazine format television programs
  30. Magazine radio programs USE Magazine format radio programs
  31. Magazine television programs USE Magazine format television programs
  32. Magazines USE Periodicals
  33. Magazines (Television programs) USE Magazine format television programs
  34. Magazines, Comic USE Comics (Graphic works)
  35. Magic realism films USE Magic realist films
  36. Magic realist drama USE Magic realist plays
  37. Magic realist fiction
  38. Magic realist films
  39. Magic realist plays
  40. Magic tales USE Fairy tales
  41. Magical realism films USE Magic realist films
  42. Magical realist drama USE Magic realist plays
  43. Magical realist fiction USE Magic realist fiction
  44. Magical realist films USE Magic realist films
  45. Magical realist plays USE Magic realist plays
  46. Maḥberot USE Maqāmāt
  47. Mail art
  48. Mail, Business USE Business correspondence
  49. Mail, Personal USE Personal correspondence
  50. Maivky USE Vesnianky
  51. Mak yong drama USE Makyung plays
  52. Mak yung drama USE Makyung plays
  53. Makassi (Music) USE Makossa (Music)
  54. Makeover reality television programs USE Makeover television programs
  55. Makeover shows (Television programs) USE Makeover television programs
  56. Makeover television programs
  57. Makeover television shows USE Makeover television programs
  58. Making-choices stories USE Plot-your-own stories
  59. Makossa (Music)
  60. Makyung drama USE Makyung plays
  61. Makyung plays
  62. Maḳamot USE Maqāmāt
  63. Maḳāmas USE Maqāmāt
  64. Maḳāmāt USE Maqāmāt
  65. Malapropisms
  66. Malaprops USE Malapropisms
  67. Malay opera USE Bangsawan (Music)
  68. Malhoun (Music) USE Malhūn (Music)
  69. Malhūn (Music)
  70. Maloya (Music)
  71. Mambos (Music)
  72. Man-on-the-street interviews (Radio programs) USE Vox pop radio programs
  73. Mandalas
  74. Mandó
  75. Manfredinas (Music) USE Monferrinas (Music)
  76. Mangue
  77. Mangue beat USE Mangue
  78. Mangue bit USE Mangue
  79. Manguebeat USE Mangue
  80. Manifestoes USE Manifestos
  81. Manifestos
  82. Manipulative materials (Education) USE Manipulatives (Education)
  83. Manipulatives (Education)
  84. Manners, Comedies of USE Comedies of manners
  85. Manners, Novels of USE Novels of manners
  86. Manuals USE Handbooks and manuals
  87. Manufacturers' catalogs USE Trade catalogs
  88. Manuscript maps
  89. Manuscripts
  90. Mappa mundi USE Mappae mundi
  91. Mappae mundi
  92. Mappamundi USE Mappae mundi
  93. Maps USE Manuscript maps
  94. Maps for the blind USE Cartographic materials for people with visual disabilities
  95. Maps of residuals USE Statistical maps
  96. Maps, Braille USE Cartographic materials for people with visual disabilities
  97. Maps, Tactile USE Cartographic materials for people with visual disabilities
  98. Maqamahs USE Maqāmāt
  99. Maqamas USE Maqāmāt
  100. Maqāmāt
  101. Marches USE Marches (Music)
  102. Marches (Music)
  103. Marginal readings
  104. Mariachi USE Mariachi (Music)
  105. Mariachi (Music)
  106. Marian devotions USE Devotional literature
  107. Marineras (Music)
  108. Marionette films USE Puppet films
  109. Marionette plays USE Puppet plays
  110. Marionette television programs USE Puppet television programs
  111. Maritime fiction USE Sea fiction
  112. Maritime poetry USE Sea poetry
  113. Marriage services
  114. Marsiyahs USE Marsiyas
  115. Marsiyas
  116. Marsiyehs USE Marsiyas
  117. Martial arts events, Televised USE Televised martial arts events
  118. Martial arts fiction
  119. Martial arts films
  120. Martial arts television programs
  121. Martyrologies
  122. Maschere, Commedia dei USE Commedia dell'arte
  123. Mash-ups (Music) USE Mashups (Music)
  124. Mashups (Music)
  125. Mashyakhah
  126. Masks (Drama) USE Masques
  127. Masnavis
  128. Masnawis USE Masnavis
  129. Masonic music
  130. Masonic ritual music USE Masonic music
  131. Masques
  132. Masques (Music)
  133. Masses
  134. Master's dissertations USE Academic theses
  135. Master's theses USE Academic theses
  136. Matachines (Music)
  137. Math fiction USE Mathematical fiction
  138. Math puzzles USE Puzzles and games
  139. Math rock (Music)
  140. Mathdoku puzzles USE KenKen puzzles
  141. Mathematical fiction
  142. Mathematical formulae
  143. Mathematical puzzles USE Puzzles and games
  144. Mathematical recreations USE Puzzles and games
  145. Mathematics fiction USE Mathematical fiction
  146. Mathnavis USE Masnavis
  147. Mathnawis USE Masnavis
  148. Maths fiction USE Mathematical fiction
  149. Matter of Britain (Arthurian romances) USE Arthurian romances
  150. Maundy Thursday music USE Holy Week music
  151. Maw lam (Music) USE Molam (Music)
  152. Maw lum (Music) USE Molam (Music)
  153. Mawālid (Poetry) USE Mawlids (Poetry)
  154. Mawlam (Music) USE Molam (Music)
  155. Mawlids (Poetry)
  156. Mawlūds (Poetry) USE Mawlids (Poetry)
  157. Maxims USE Sayings
  158. Maxims, Legal USE Legal maxims
  159. Mazarinades
  160. Maze puzzles
  161. Mazes (Puzzles) USE Maze puzzles
  162. Mazurkas USE Mazurkas (Music)
  163. Mazurkas (Music)
  164. Maʻaravim USE Maʻaravot
  165. Maʻaravot
  166. Maʼyong drama USE Makyung plays
  167. Märchen USE Folk tales
  168. Mbalakh USE Mbalax
  169. Mbalax
  170. Mbaqanga
  171. McClane films USE Die Hard films
  172. Mchiriku
  173. Medical comics
  174. Medical drama
  175. Medical fiction
  176. Medical films (Motion pictures)
  177. Medical formularies USE Formularies (Medicine)
  178. Medical novels USE Medical fiction
  179. Medical radio programs
  180. Medical sounds
  181. Medical statistics
  182. Medical television programs
  183. Medieval city laws USE Town laws, Medieval
  184. Medieval romances USE Romances
  185. Medieval town laws USE Town laws, Medieval
  186. Meditation music
  187. Meditational music USE Meditation music
  188. Meditations
  189. Meditative music USE Minimal music
  190. Medleys (Music)
  191. Meeting ephemera USE Conference materials
  192. Meeting materials USE Conference materials
  193. Meeting papers and proceedings USE Conference papers and proceedings
  194. Meeting proceedings USE Conference papers and proceedings
  195. Meḳamot USE Maqāmāt
  196. Melhoun (Music) USE Malhūn (Music)
  197. Melic poetry
  198. Melodrama
  199. Melodrama films USE Melodramas (Motion pictures)
  200. Melodramas (Drama)