Global Legal Information Network (GLIN)

  1. Abandoned accounts USE Abandoned bank and financial accounts
  2. Abandoned bank accounts USE Abandoned bank and financial accounts
  3. Abandoned bank and financial accounts
  4. Abandoned financial accounts USE Abandoned bank and financial accounts
  5. Abandoned property
  6. Abandoned real property USE Abandoned property
  7. Abandoned ships and boats
  8. Abduction USE Kidnapping
  9. ABM (Antiballistic missiles) USE Missile defenses
  10. Abolition of war USE War
  11. Aborigines USE Native peoples
  12. Abortion
  13. Abstinence USE Birth control
  14. Abuse of animals USE Treatment of animals
  15. Abuse of children USE Child abuse
  16. Abused children USE Child abuse
  17. Abuses of administrative power USE Judicial review of administrative acts
  18. Abuses of executive power USE Judicial review of administrative acts
  19. Abusive drinking USE Alcoholism
  20. Abusive parents USE Child abuse
  21. Academic libraries USE Libraries
  22. Academic probation USE Probation (students)
  23. Academics USE University teachers
  24. Accelerated depreciation USE Depreciation
  25. Access controls USE National security
  26. Access restrictions USE National security
  27. Access restrictions for computers USE Computer security
  28. Access to medical records USE Medical records
  29. Access to public registries USE Public registries
  30. Accident prevention for the general public USE Public safety promotion
  31. Accident prevention in the workplace USE Occupational health and safety
  32. Accident victims USE Civil liability
  33. Accident victims at workplace USE Labor accidents
  34. Accidents
  35. Accidents at sea USE Maritime accidents
  36. Accidents in general USE Accidents
  37. Accidents in the workplace USE Labor accidents
  38. Accidents, Lawsuits stemming from USE Civil liability
  39. Accords (International) USE Treaties and agreements
  40. Accords of peace USE Peace
  41. Accountability to the law USE Rule of law
  42. Accountants
  43. Accounting
  44. Acknowledgment of children USE Parentage
  45. ACN USE Andean Community of Nations
  46. ACN-CAN USE Andean Community of Nations
  47. Acquired immune deficiency syndrome USE AIDS
  48. Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome USE AIDS
  49. Acquired immunological deficiency syndrome USE AIDS
  50. ACS USE Association of Caribbean States
  51. Actions and defenses
  52. Actions before regulatory agencies USE Administrative procedure
  53. Active euthanasia USE Euthanasia
  54. Actors USE Performers
  55. ADB (African) USE African Development Bank
  56. ADB (Asian) USE Asian Development Bank
  57. Addictive drugs USE Narcotics and drug abuse
  58. Additives to foods and drinks USE Food additives
  59. Administration of justice
  60. Administrative agencies
  61. Administrative code USE Administrative law
  62. Administrative court judges USE Administrative judges and hearing officers
  63. Administrative courts
  64. Administrative decentralization USE Decentralization
  65. Administrative judges and hearing officers
  66. Administrative law
  67. Administrative law judges USE Administrative judges and hearing officers
  68. Administrative procedure
  69. Administrative remedies USE Remedies
  70. Administrative tribunals USE Administrative courts
  71. Admiralty USE Maritime law
  72. Admiralty law USE Maritime law
  73. Adolescents USE Youth
  74. Adoption
  75. Adoption - analogous Islamic concept USE Kafala
  76. ADR USE Alternative dispute resolution
  77. ADR (Dispute resolution) USE Alternative dispute resolution
  78. Adult education
  79. Adult probation USE Probation (criminal justice)
  80. Adult training USE Adult education
  81. Adulteration of food USE Food safety
  82. Adultery
  83. Adults, education of USE Adult education
  84. Advance fee fraud USE Swindling
  85. Advanced electronic signatures USE Electronic signatures
  86. Advertisements USE Advertising
  87. Advertising
  88. Advertising agencies
  89. Advice from the public in government decision-making USE Citizen participation
  90. Advisors to government USE Consultants to government
  91. Advisors to the State USE Consultants to government
  92. Advisors, Independent USE Consultants
  93. Aedes aegypti USE Mosquitoes
  94. Aedes albopictus USE Mosquitoes
  95. Aeronautical engineers
  96. Aeronautics USE Aviation
  97. Aerosol packaging USE Aerosols
  98. Aerosol propellants USE Aerosols
  99. Aerosols
  100. AfDB USE African Development Bank
  101. Afforestation USE Reforestation
  102. Affray USE Maintenance of public order
  103. African Development Bank
  104. African Development Bank Group USE African Development Bank
  105. African Development Fund
  106. African horse sickness USE Horse diseases
  107. After-dark curfews USE Curfews
  108. Age of consent USE Legal capacity
  109. Agencies, Administrative USE Administrative agencies
  110. Agency
  111. Agent Orange USE Chemical weapons
  112. Agrarian courts
  113. Agrarian reform
  114. Agrarian tribunals USE Agrarian courts
  115. Agreements of peace USE Peace
  116. Agri-animal research USE Agro-animal research
  117. Agricultural burn USE Controlled burn
  118. Agricultural chemicals
  119. Agricultural commodities USE Agricultural products
  120. Agricultural commodities (foods) USE Food crops
  121. Agricultural commodities (nonfoods) USE Nonfood crops and their raw products
  122. Agricultural credits USE Agricultural subsidies
  123. Agricultural development
  124. Agricultural incentives USE Agricultural subsidies
  125. Agricultural laborers USE Farmers and farm workers
  126. Agricultural machinery operators
  127. Agricultural produce USE Agricultural products
  128. Agricultural production (foods) USE Food crops
  129. Agricultural production (nonfoods) USE Nonfood crops and their raw products
  130. Agricultural products
  131. Agricultural projects USE Agricultural development
  132. Agricultural research USE Agro-animal research
  133. Agricultural subsidies
  134. Agricultural technology research USE Agro-animal research
  135. Agriculture
  136. Agro-animal research
  137. Agronomists
  138. Aid USE Assistance
  139. Aid and comfort to the enemy USE Treason
  140. Aid, Technical USE Technical assistance
  141. AIDS
  142. Air bases USE Military bases
  143. Air carriers USE Airlines
  144. Air contaminants USE Air pollution
  145. Air corridors
  146. Air defense, Civil USE Civil defense
  147. Air force
  148. Air lanes USE Air corridors
  149. Air law USE Aviation
  150. Air marshals USE Aviation security
  151. Air pollution
  152. Air safety USE Aviation security
  153. Air security USE Aviation security
  154. Air space USE Airspace
  155. Air transportation safety USE Aviation security
  156. Air transportation security USE Aviation security
  157. Aircraft
  158. Airfields USE Airports
  159. Airline routes
  160. Airlines
  161. Airmen's benefits USE Military benefits
  162. Airplanes USE Aircraft
  163. Airport attacks USE Airport security
  164. Airport controls USE Airport security
  165. Airport metal detectors USE Airport security
  166. Airport screening USE Airport security
  167. Airport security
  168. Airports
  169. Airships USE Aircraft
  170. Airspace
  171. Airways USE Air corridors
  172. ALBA
  173. Alcohol
  174. Alcohol abuse USE Alcoholism
  175. Alcohol and drug use tests USE Drug use tests
  176. Alcohol as fuel
  177. Alcohol consumption USE Alcoholic beverages
  178. Alcoholic beverages
  179. Alcoholism
  180. Alcoholism treatment USE Rehabilitation
  181. Algae USE Aquaculture
  182. Alien species USE Invasive species
  183. Alienation of public lands USE Disposal of public lands
  184. Aliens
  185. Aliens, Enemy USE Enemy aliens
  186. Alimony USE Support
  187. ALJ USE Administrative judges and hearing officers
  188. Allowing terminally ill to die USE Euthanasia
  189. Alloys
  190. Alternate dispute resolution USE Alternative dispute resolution
  191. Alternativa Bolivariana para las Américas USE ALBA
  192. Alternativa Bolivariana para los Pueblos de Nuestra América USE ALBA
  193. Alternative dispute resolution
  194. Alternative energy USE Alternative fuels
  195. Alternative energy sources USE Alternative fuels
  196. Alternative fuels
  197. Alternative resolution of conflicts USE Alternative dispute resolution
  198. Aluminium USE Aluminum
  199. Aluminum
  200. Amateur and citizens' radio