Global Legal Information Network (GLIN)

  1. Babysitters USE Child care
  2. Babysitting services USE Child care
  3. Back burn USE Controlled burn
  4. Back burning USE Controlled burn
  5. Bacterial foodborne illnesses USE Food safety
  6. Bacteriological warfare USE Biological weapons
  7. Bailments USE Security interests in personal property
  8. Ballet USE Performing arts
  9. Ballistic missile defenses USE Missile defenses
  10. Ballistic missiles USE Missiles
  11. Ballot question USE Plebiscite
  12. Bananas USE Fruit
  13. Bank credit cards USE Credit cards
  14. Bank guards USE Private police and security services
  15. Bank records, Confidentiality of USE Financial secrecy
  16. Bank secrecy USE Financial secrecy
  17. Banking USE Banks and financial institutions
  18. Bankruptcy
  19. Banks and banking USE Banks and financial institutions
  20. Banks and financial institutions
  21. Bargain sales USE Sales
  22. Barley
  23. Barriers to international trade, Nontariff USE Nontariff trade controls
  24. Basic law (constitution) USE Constitutions
  25. Basic rights USE Human rights
  26. Basic schooling USE Primary education
  27. Battered children USE Child abuse
  28. Battery USE Assault and battery
  29. Beach erosion USE Erosion of land
  30. Beating USE Assault and battery
  31. Beauticians' licenses USE Licenses
  32. Becker muscular dystrophy USE Muscular illnesses
  33. Bed and breakfasts USE Hotels
  34. Bedouins USE Nomads
  35. Bees USE Bees and honey
  36. Bees and honey
  37. Behavioral therapists USE Psychologists
  38. Being out of work USE Unemployment
  39. Benefits for employees USE Employee benefits
  40. benefits for military personnel USE Military benefits
  41. Benevolent associations USE Charitable institutions
  42. Berries USE Fruit
  43. Betrayal of one's country USE Treason
  44. Betting USE Gambling
  45. Bible studies USE Religious education
  46. Bicycle lanes USE Trails
  47. Bicycle paths USE Trails
  48. Bicycle trails USE Trails
  49. Bidding
  50. Bidding on government contracts USE Bidding
  51. Bids for government contracts USE Bidding
  52. Big Mac index USE Cost of living indexes
  53. Bike lanes USE Trails
  54. Bike paths USE Trails
  55. Bike trails USE Trails
  56. Bilateral treaties and agreements USE Treaties and agreements, Bilateral
  57. Bills of exchange USE Negotiable instruments
  58. Bio-technology USE Biotechnology
  59. Biodiesel
  60. Biodiesel fuels USE Biodiesel
  61. Biodiversity USE Biological diversity
  62. Bioeconomy USE Sustainable development
  63. Biofuel USE Biodiesel
  64. Biogas USE Biodiesel
  65. Biographies USE Literature
  66. Biohazards USE Biosafety
  67. Biological agriculture USE Organic farming
  68. Biological diversification USE Biological diversity
  69. Biological diversity
  70. Biological farming USE Organic farming
  71. Biological intervention USE Biotechnology
  72. Biological invasions USE Invasive species
  73. Biological manipulation USE Biotechnology
  74. Biological research (animal industry) USE Agro-animal research
  75. Biological research (farming) USE Agro-animal research
  76. Biological technology USE Biotechnology
  77. Biological warfare USE Biological weapons
  78. Biological weapons
  79. Biologists
  80. Biology
  81. Biomedical research USE Medical research
  82. Biometric credentialing USE Biometrics
  83. Biometric data USE Biometrics
  84. Biometric devices USE Biometrics
  85. Biometric identifiers USE Biometrics
  86. Biometric information USE Biometrics
  87. Biometric technologies USE Biometrics
  88. Biometrics
  89. Biosafety
  90. Biosafety Clearing House USE Biosafety
  91. Biosafety levels USE Biosafety
  92. Biosafety precautions USE Biosafety
  93. Biosecurity USE Biosafety
  94. Biotech animal feeds USE Genetically modified food and feeds
  95. Biotech food and feeds USE Genetically modified food and feeds
  96. Biotechnology
  97. Biotechnology safety USE Biosafety
  98. Bird flu USE Influenza
  99. Bird sanctuaries USE Conservation areas
  100. Birds, Domestic USE Poultry
  101. Birds, Pet USE Pets
  102. Birds, pets USE Pets
  103. Birds, Wild USE Wildlife
  104. Birth attendants USE Midwives
  105. Birth certificates USE Birth records
  106. Birth control
  107. Birth control devices USE Contraceptives
  108. Birth records
  109. Birth statistics USE Vital statistics
  110. Bistros USE Restaurants and lunch rooms
  111. Bituminous coal USE Coal
  112. Blackmail USE Extortion
  113. Bladan M USE Pesticides
  114. Blockage of budgetary items by line veto USE Item veto
  115. Blockage of legislation by veto USE Veto
  116. Blocks of time USE Time
  117. Blood
  118. Blood banks USE Blood
  119. Blood donations USE Blood
  120. Blood donors USE Blood
  121. Blood regulation USE Blood
  122. Blood safety USE Blood
  123. Blood sales USE Blood
  124. Blood transfusions USE Blood
  125. Blue literature USE Pornography
  126. Blue movies USE Pornography
  127. Boat building USE Ship and boat building
  128. Boating accidents USE Maritime accidents
  129. Boating accidents prevention USE Maritime safety promotion
  130. Boats USE Ships and boats
  131. Bodyguards USE Protection of officials
  132. Bodyguards USE Private police and security services
  133. Bogs USE Wetlands
  134. Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas USE ALBA
  135. Bolivarian Alternative for the People of Our America USE ALBA
  136. Bond markets USE Securities markets
  137. Bonded warehouses
  138. Bonds USE Securities
  139. Bonds (investment) USE Securities
  140. Bonds, Surety USE Surety
  141. Bonn Convention (migratory species) USE CMS
  142. Book censorship USE Censorship
  143. Book sellers USE Publishing
  144. Book sellers USE Books
  145. Bookkeepers USE Accountants
  146. Bookkeeping USE Accounting
  147. Books
  148. Border controls USE Border security
  149. Border patrols USE Border security
  150. Border security
  151. Border zone assembly plants USE In-bond processing
  152. Border zones
  153. Borders USE Boundaries
  154. Botanists USE Biologists
  155. Boundaries
  156. Bounties USE Rewards
  157. Boxing
  158. Boycott USE Embargo
  159. Bracelets USE Jewelry
  160. Brand name protection USE Industrial property
  161. Brand names USE Trademarks
  162. Bribery
  163. Bridge construction USE Public works
  164. Bridle paths USE Trails
  165. Broadcasters
  166. Broadcasting
  167. Broadcasting on the World Wide Web USE Webcasting
  168. Brokers
  169. Brooches USE Jewelry
  170. Brutality USE Torture
  171. Budget
  172. Budget line item authority (veto) USE Item veto
  173. Building and loan associations USE Banks and financial institutions
  174. Building codes USE Construction
  175. Building industry
  176. Building inspection USE Construction
  177. Building laws USE Construction
  178. Building of peace USE Peace
  179. Buildings
  180. Bulk containers USE Shipping containers
  181. Bull fighting
  182. Bullets and ammunition USE Munitions
  183. Bunko USE Swindling
  184. Burglary
  185. Burial grounds USE Cemeteries
  186. Burial services USE Funeral and mortuary services
  187. Bus drivers USE Professional drivers
  188. Buses
  189. Business USE Commerce and industry
  190. Business and trade associations
  191. Business associations USE Business and trade associations
  192. Business failures USE Bankruptcy
  193. Business incentives USE Economic incentives
  194. Business loans USE Loans
  195. Business logos and marks USE Trademarks
  196. Business name protection USE Industrial property
  197. Business practices unfairly affecting consumers USE Consumer protection
  198. Business records USE Records management
  199. Business services
  200. Business support services USE Business services