Global Legal Information Network (GLIN)

  1. C.A.F.T.A.
  2. C.A.F.T.A.-D.R. USE C.A.F.T.A.
  3. C.C.A.S.G. USE Gulf Cooperation Council
  4. Cab drivers USE Professional drivers
  5. Cabin cruisers USE Pleasure boats
  6. Cabinet ministers USE Elected and appointed officials
  7. Cabinet officials USE Elected and appointed officials
  8. Cable television
  9. Cable TV USE Cable television
  10. Cabs USE Taxicabs
  11. Cacao USE Cocoa
  12. CACM USE Central American Common Market
  13. Cadaster USE Real property registry
  14. Cadastre USE Real property registry
  15. Cadavers
  16. Cafes USE Restaurants and lunch rooms
  17. Cafeterias USE Restaurants and lunch rooms
  18. Caffeine
  19. CAFTA USE C.A.F.T.A.
  20. Cameos USE Jewelry
  21. Campaigns to promote domestic goods USE Buy domestic policies
  22. Campus police USE Police
  23. Cancellation of debt USE Forgiveness of debt
  24. Cancellations of budgetary items by veto USE Item veto
  25. Cancer
  26. Cancer patients USE Cancer
  27. Cancer research USE Cancer
  28. Candy
  29. Candystripers USE Nurses' aides
  30. Canoes USE Pleasure boats
  31. Canon law
  32. Cantonal government USE Subnational government
  33. Cantons USE Subnational government
  34. Capacity and disability, Legal USE Legal capacity
  35. Capital cities USE National capitals
  36. Capital districts USE National capitals
  37. Capital gains tax
  38. Capital punishment
  39. Capitals (cities) USE National capitals
  40. Capitals, National USE National capitals
  41. Captives USE Hostages
  42. Car loans USE Loans
  43. Car parks USE Parking
  44. Carbon dioxide USE Greenhouse gases
  45. Carcinogens USE Cancer
  46. Carcinomas USE Cancer
  47. Cards, charge USE Credit cards
  48. Cards, credit USE Credit cards
  49. Care givers USE Caregivers
  50. Care of dying patients USE Terminal care
  51. Care of the terminally ill USE Terminal care
  52. Career criminals USE Criminal offenders
  53. Careers USE Professions
  54. Caregivers
  55. Carers (U.K.) USE Caregivers
  56. Cargo containers USE Shipping containers
  57. Cargo ships USE Container ships
  58. Cargo, Movement of USE Shipping
  59. Caribbean Common Market USE CARICOM
  60. Caribbean Community USE CARICOM
  61. Caribbean Community And Common Market USE CARICOM
  62. Caribbean States, Association of USE Association of Caribbean States
  64. Cars USE Motor vehicles
  65. Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety USE Biosafety
  66. Cartels (criminal) USE Organized crime
  67. Cartography USE Maps
  69. Casinos USE Gambling
  70. Casualty insurance
  71. Catastrophes USE Disasters
  72. Catastrophic health insurance USE Health care plans
  73. Caterers and catering USE Food service
  74. Cats USE Pets
  75. Cattle
  76. Cattle diseases
  77. Cattle ranchers USE Ranchers and animal industry workers
  78. Cattle research USE Agro-animal research
  79. Cattle trails USE Trails
  80. CATV USE Cable television
  81. Cause of death, Determination of USE Autopsy
  82. Causes of action USE Actions and defenses
  83. Cease fires USE Peace
  84. Cease-fires USE Peace
  85. Celestial navigation USE Navigation
  86. Celiac disease USE Nutritional diseases
  87. Cellular telephones
  88. Cemeteries
  89. Censorship
  90. Census
  91. Centers of research USE Research institutions
  92. Central American Common Market
  93. Central American economic integration USE Economic integration, Central American
  94. Central American economic interdependence USE Economic integration, Central American
  95. Central American economic union USE Economic integration, Central American
  96. Central American Free Trade Agreement USE C.A.F.T.A.
  97. Central American integration USE Economic integration, Central American
  98. Central American Parliament
  99. Central American political integration USE Central American Parliament
  100. Central bank
  101. Central banks and banking USE Central bank
  102. Centralization USE Decentralization
  103. Century date conversion computer problem USE Year 2000 computer problem
  104. Cereals USE Grain
  105. Ceremonies and protocol
  106. Certified nurses' aides USE Nurses' aides
  107. Certified public accountants USE Accountants
  108. Chagas disease
  109. Chagas' disease USE Chagas disease
  110. Chambers of commerce USE Business and trade associations
  111. Charge cards USE Credit cards
  112. Charges by governments for services USE Rates and fees
  113. Charitable associations USE Charitable institutions
  114. Charitable groups USE Charitable institutions
  115. Charitable institutions
  116. Charitable trusts USE Charitable institutions
  117. Charities USE Charitable institutions
  118. Chattel mortgages USE Security interests in personal property
  119. Chauffeurs USE Professional drivers
  120. Cheating USE Swindling
  121. Checks USE Negotiable instruments
  122. Cheese USE Dairy products
  123. Chemical additives in food USE Food additives
  124. Chemical component USE Chemical precursors
  125. Chemical engineers
  126. Chemical industries
  127. Chemical precursors
  128. Chemical warfare USE Chemical weapons
  129. Chemical weapons
  130. Chemists (pharmacies - U.K.) USE Pharmaceuticals
  131. Chicken diseases USE Poultry diseases
  132. Chickens USE Poultry
  133. Child abuse
  134. Child care
  135. Child molestation USE Child abuse
  136. Child molesters USE Child abuse
  137. Child neglect USE Child abuse
  138. Child pornography
  139. Child support USE Support
  140. Childhood diseases USE Childhood illnesses
  141. Childhood illnesses
  142. Childhood muscular dystrophy USE Muscular illnesses
  143. Children
  144. Children in foster care USE Foster parents
  145. Children in pornography USE Child pornography
  146. Children's diseases USE Childhood illnesses
  147. Children's illnesses USE Childhood illnesses
  148. Children, Missing USE Missing children
  149. Chlorofluorocarbons USE Greenhouse gases
  150. Chocolate USE Cocoa
  151. Cholera
  152. Chronic illnesses in humans USE Illnesses
  153. Church and education USE Religious education
  154. Church and State USE Religion
  155. Church law USE Canon law
  156. Church schools USE Religious education
  157. Churches USE Religion
  158. Cinema USE Movies
  159. CITES
  160. Cities USE Municipalities
  161. Citizen input in government decision-making USE Citizen participation
  162. Citizen participation
  163. Citizen participation in government USE Citizen participation
  164. Citizens in government decision-making USE Citizen participation
  165. Citizens' defender USE Ombudsman
  166. Citizenship USE Nationality and citizenship
  167. Citrus fruits and juices USE Fruit
  168. City planning USE Urban planning
  169. Civic involvement in government decision-making USE Citizen participation
  170. Civil code
  171. Civil defence USE Civil defense
  172. Civil defense
  173. Civil disturbances USE Maintenance of public order
  174. Civil engineers
  175. Civil juries USE Juries
  176. Civil law USE Legal systems
  177. Civil law-Roman USE Roman law
  178. Civil liability
  179. Civil partnerships (businesses) USE Partnerships (businesses)
  180. Civil procedure
  181. Civil registry
  182. Civil remedies USE Remedies
  183. Civil responsibility USE Civil liability
  184. Civil responsibility for criminal offenses USE Civil liability
  185. Civil responsibility for violation of laws USE Civil liability
  186. Civil rights USE Human rights
  187. Civil service USE Government employees
  188. Civil status
  189. Civil war USE War
  190. Claims against the State
  191. Classified information USE Secrecy
  192. Clearance sales USE Sales
  193. Climate change
  194. Climate-controlled warehouses USE Warehouses
  195. Climatic changes USE Climate change
  196. Climatic variations USE Climate change
  197. Clinical trials USE Medical research
  198. Clinics, Medical USE Medical clinics
  199. Clitoridectomy USE Female circumcision
  200. Cloning of humans USE Human cloning