Global Legal Information Network (GLIN)

  1. Dactyloscopy USE Fingerprints
  2. Dairy products
  3. Dam construction USE Public works
  4. Damages (Civil)
  5. Dams
  6. Dams for the generation of electricty USE Hydroelectric power
  7. Dance USE Performing arts
  8. Dancers USE Performers
  9. Data banks USE Databases
  10. Data protection USE Right of privacy
  11. Data protection in computers USE Computer security
  12. Data security USE Computer security
  13. Data warehouses USE Databases
  14. Data warehousing USE Warehouse management
  15. Database protection USE Computer security
  16. Databases
  17. Date conversion problem of Year 2000 for computers USE Year 2000 computer problem
  18. Date rape USE Rape
  19. Dates and other dried fruits USE Fruit
  20. Day care (for children) USE Child care
  21. Daytime curfews USE Curfews
  22. DDT
  23. De la Plata River Basin Development Financial Fund USE River Plate Basin Development Group
  24. Death and dying
  25. Death certificates USE Death records
  26. Death penalty USE Capital punishment
  27. Death records
  28. Death statistics USE Vital statistics
  29. Death-related taxes USE Inheritance and succession taxes
  30. Debating laws USE Legislation
  31. Debentures USE Securities
  32. Debt bail out USE Forgiveness of debt
  33. Debt cancellation USE Forgiveness of debt
  34. Debt of the State USE Public debt
  35. Debt reduction USE Forgiveness of debt
  36. Debt relief USE Forgiveness of debt
  37. Debt write off USE Forgiveness of debt
  38. Debt, Government USE Public debt
  39. Debt, Public USE Public debt
  40. Debtor USE Debtor and creditor
  41. Debtor and creditor
  42. Decedents estates USE Inheritance and succession
  43. Decentralisation USE Decentralization
  44. Decentralization
  45. Decentralization in government USE Decentralization
  46. Decentralization in management USE Decentralization
  47. Deceptive packaging USE Product counterfeiting
  48. Decisions, findings and orders of foreign courts USE Foreign judgments
  49. Declarations of war USE War
  50. Declaratory judgments USE Remedies
  51. Decolonization USE National independence
  52. Deconcentration USE Decentralization
  53. Decorations of honor
  54. Deductible expenditures USE Tax deductions
  55. Deductible expenses USE Tax deductions
  56. Deductible income USE Tax deductions
  57. Deeds of trust USE Mortgages
  58. Defamation
  59. Defender of the People USE Ombudsman
  60. Defenders against governmental abuse USE Ombudsman
  61. Defenders, Public USE Legal assistance
  62. Defense preparations USE National defense
  63. Defense, Civil USE Civil defense
  64. Defense, National USE National defense
  65. Defenses against missiles USE Missile defenses
  66. Defenses before regulatory agencies USE Administrative procedure
  67. Defenses to civil lawsuits USE Actions and defenses
  68. Defenses to civil lawsuits USE Civil procedure
  69. Defenses to criminal prosecutions USE Actions and defenses
  70. Defenses to criminal prosecutions USE Criminal procedure
  71. Defenses to legal actions USE Actions and defenses
  72. Defoliants as weapons USE Chemical weapons
  73. Deforestation
  74. Deforested land USE Deforestation
  75. Degradation of forests USE Deforestation
  76. Deinstitutionalization USE Rehabilitation
  77. Delegation of decision-making USE Decentralization
  78. Delegation of functions USE Decentralization
  79. Delegation of governmental decision-making USE Decentralization
  80. Delegation of governmental functions USE Decentralization
  81. Delegation of public decision-making USE Decentralization
  82. Delegation of public functions USE Decentralization
  83. Deluged land USE Floods
  84. Deluges USE Floods
  85. Dementia USE Insanity
  86. Democracy USE Democratization and democracy
  87. Democratic institutions USE Democratization and democracy
  88. Democratization USE Democratization and democracy
  89. Democratization abroad
  90. Democratization and democracy
  91. Demographic structure of a State USE Population
  92. Dental assistants
  93. Dental care
  94. Dental care plans
  95. Dental insurance USE Dental care plans
  96. Dental plans USE Dental care plans
  97. Dental surgeons USE Dentists
  98. Dentists
  99. Departmental government USE Subnational government
  100. Departments USE Subnational government
  101. Departure tax USE Travel tax
  102. Depletion USE Depreciation
  103. Depletion of ozone USE Ozone
  104. Deportation
  105. Depreciation
  106. Depreciation allowances USE Depreciation
  107. Depreciation and amortization USE Depreciation
  108. Desert encroachment USE Desertification
  109. Desert reclamation USE Desertification
  110. Desertification
  111. Desertification control USE Desertification
  112. Desertization USE Desertification
  113. Deserts USE Arid regions
  114. Design patents USE Patents
  115. Design protection USE Industrial property
  116. Designated drivers USE Drivers
  117. Designed biological change USE Biotechnology
  118. Designed genetic change USE Biotechnology
  119. Destruction of a national group USE Genocide
  120. Destruction of a racial group USE Genocide
  121. Destruction of a religious group USE Genocide
  122. Destruction of an ethnic group USE Genocide
  123. Destruction of forests USE Deforestation
  124. Destruction of the rainforest USE Deforestation
  125. Destruction of weapons USE Arms limitation
  126. Detainees USE Prisoners of war
  127. Detection of diseases USE Medical tests
  128. Detective work USE Criminal investigation
  129. Detention
  130. Detention centers USE Prisons
  131. Determination of parentage USE Parentage
  132. Development
  133. Development of technology USE Research
  134. Development of technology, Funding of USE Research funding
  135. Devolution USE Decentralization
  136. Diabetes
  137. Diamonds
  138. Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane USE DDT
  139. Dietary advisors USE Nutritionists
  140. Digital government USE E-Government
  141. Digital information collections USE Databases
  142. Digital medical records USE Medical records
  143. Digital repositories USE Databases
  144. Digital warehouses USE Databases
  145. dimethyl parathion USE Pesticides
  146. Diplomatic and consular service
  147. Diplomats USE Diplomatic and consular service
  148. Dirty bombs USE Nuclear weapons
  149. Disability, Legal USE Legal capacity
  150. Disability, Mental USE Mental disabilities
  151. Disability, Physical USE Handicapped
  152. Disabled persons USE Handicapped
  153. Disarmament USE Arms limitation
  154. Disasters
  155. Disclosure of corporate accounting USE Financial disclosure in business
  156. Disclosure of corporate records USE Financial disclosure in business
  157. Disclosure of personal finances USE Financial disclosure in government
  158. Discrimination
  159. Discrimination by ethnic group USE Discrimination
  160. Discrimination by race USE Discrimination
  161. Discrimination by sex USE Discrimination
  162. Disease detection USE Medical tests
  163. Disease vectors
  164. Diseases as weapons USE Biological weapons
  165. Diseases in chickens USE Poultry diseases
  166. Diseases in cows USE Cattle diseases
  167. Diseases in hogs USE Swine diseases
  168. Diseases in horses USE Horse diseases
  169. Diseases in humans USE Illnesses
  170. Diseases in turkeys USE Poultry diseases
  171. Diseases of animals USE Animal diseases
  172. Diseases of childhood USE Childhood illnesses
  173. Diseases of children USE Childhood illnesses
  174. Diseases, Testing for USE Medical tests
  175. Disguising the source of funds USE Money laundering
  176. Disloyalty to one's own country USE Treason
  177. Displaced persons, Domestic USE Internally displaced persons
  178. Displaced persons, Internationally USE Refugees and asylum
  179. Displaced populations, Domestic USE Internally displaced persons
  180. Disposal of government property
  181. Disposal of public lands
  182. Dispute resolution, Alternative USE Alternative dispute resolution
  183. Dispute settlement, Alternative USE Alternative dispute resolution
  184. Disruption of public order USE Maintenance of public order
  185. Distance employment USE Telecommuting
  186. Distributing illegal drugs USE Drug traffic
  187. Distribution centers USE Warehouses
  188. Distribution of amiri lands USE Disposal of public lands
  189. Distribution of crown lands USE Disposal of public lands
  190. Distribution of public lands USE Disposal of public lands
  191. Distribution warehouses USE Warehouses
  192. District government USE Subnational government
  193. Districts USE Subnational government
  194. Diversification, Biological USE Biological diversity
  195. Diversity of species USE Biological diversity
  196. Diversity, Biological USE Biological diversity
  197. Divorce
  198. Divorce statistics USE Vital statistics
  199. DMD disease USE Muscular illnesses
  200. DNA analysis USE DNA fingerprints