Global Legal Information Network (GLIN)

  1. Fabrics USE Textiles
  2. Facsimile transmission
  3. Failure to pay taxes USE Tax evasion
  4. Fair application of the law USE Rule of law
  5. Fairs USE Exhibitions and fairs
  6. Faith USE Religion
  7. Fake products USE Product counterfeiting
  8. False packaging (counterfeit goods) USE Product counterfeiting
  9. False statements under oath USE Perjury
  10. False trademarks USE Product counterfeiting
  11. Falsification USE Forgery
  12. Falsification of testimony under oath USE Perjury
  13. Family allowances
  14. Family caregivers USE Caregivers
  15. Family law USE Domestic relations
  16. Family leave USE Parental leave
  17. Family planning USE Birth control
  18. Family violence USE Domestic violence
  19. FAO USE Food and Agriculture Organization
  20. Farm and ranch research USE Agro-animal research
  21. Farm animal research USE Agro-animal research
  22. Farm animals USE Livestock
  23. Farm equipment operators USE Agricultural machinery operators
  24. Farm produce USE Agricultural products
  25. Farm products USE Agricultural products
  26. Farm research USE Agro-animal research
  27. Farm workers USE Farmers and farm workers
  28. Farmers and farm workers
  29. Farming USE Agriculture
  30. Farming of fish USE Aquaculture
  31. Farming research USE Agro-animal research
  32. Fast food restaurants USE Restaurants and lunch rooms
  33. Fats, Edible USE Edible oils and fats
  34. Fauna USE Wildlife
  35. Fax machines USE Facsimile transmission
  36. Fax services USE Facsimile transmission
  37. Federal air marshals USE Aviation security
  38. Federal districts (capitals) USE National capitals
  39. Federal government USE National government
  40. Federal Reserve System USE Central bank
  41. Federal workers USE Government employees
  42. Feeds
  43. Felonies USE Criminal law
  44. Felons USE Criminal offenders
  45. Female circumcision
  46. Female genital cutting USE Female circumcision
  47. Female genital mutilation USE Female circumcision
  48. Female genital surgery USE Female circumcision
  49. Fens USE Wetlands
  50. Fertilizers
  51. Festivals USE Exhibitions and fairs
  52. Fetus
  53. Fiction works USE Literature
  54. Fiduciaries USE Trusts and trustees
  55. Fiduciary accounts USE Trusts and trustees
  56. Field burn USE Controlled burn
  57. Field burning USE Controlled burn
  58. Figs, dates, prunes and raisins USE Fruit
  59. Filiation USE Parentage
  60. Films USE Movies
  61. Final medical directives USE Terminal care
  62. Finance USE Economics and finance
  63. Finance, Public USE Government finance
  64. Financial aid for needy students USE Scholarships
  65. Financial auditing USE Auditing
  66. Financial disclosure by corporations USE Financial disclosure in business
  67. Financial disclosure in business
  68. Financial disclosure in government
  69. Financial disclosure reports USE Financial disclosure in government
  70. Financial disclosure requirements USE Financial disclosure in government
  71. Financial disclosure statements USE Financial disclosure in government
  72. Financial identity theft USE Identity theft
  73. Financial institutions USE Banks and financial institutions
  74. Financial secrecy
  75. Financing of real estate (security interests) USE Mortgages
  76. Financing of research USE Research funding
  77. Financing the government USE Government finance
  78. Financing the State USE Government finance
  79. Fine arts USE Arts
  80. Fines
  81. Finger prints USE Fingerprints
  82. Fingerprinting USE Fingerprints
  83. Fingerprints
  84. Fire control USE Controlled burn
  85. Fire fighters
  86. Fire regulations
  87. Firearms
  88. Firemen USE Fire fighters
  89. Firewalls in computing USE Computer security
  90. First responders USE Fire fighters
  91. First responders USE Police
  92. Fiscal stimulus USE Economic stimulus
  93. Fish
  94. Fish cultivation USE Aquaculture
  95. Fish culture USE Aquaculture
  96. Fish farming USE Aquaculture
  97. Fish hatcheries USE Aquaculture
  98. Fish raising USE Aquaculture
  99. Fish, pet USE Pets
  100. Fisheries USE Aquaculture
  101. Fishermen
  102. Fishing
  103. Fishing boats
  104. Fishing licenses USE Licenses
  105. Flag USE National symbols
  106. Flimflam USE Swindling
  107. Flood control USE Dams
  108. Floods
  109. Florist business USE Flowers
  110. Flower growing USE Flowers
  111. Flowers
  112. Flu USE Influenza
  113. Flu, Respiratory USE Influenza
  114. FOD USE Forgiveness of debt
  115. Fodder USE Feeds
  116. FONPLATA USE River Plate Basin Development Group
  117. Food
  118. Food ( vegetables) USE Vegetables
  119. Food (fish and shellfish) USE Fish
  120. Food (growing or harvested) USE Food crops
  121. Food (live animals) USE Animal industry
  122. Food (manufacture of) USE Food processing
  123. Food (meat including poultry) USE Meat
  124. Food (nutritional value) USE Nutrition
  125. Food (purity and safety of) USE Food
  126. Food additives
  127. Food and Agriculture Organization
  128. Food and drug law USE Food
  129. Food and drug law USE Pharmaceuticals
  130. Food contamination USE Food safety
  131. Food crops
  132. Food for animals USE Feeds
  133. Food hygiene USE Food safety
  134. Food industry USE Food processing
  135. Food inspection USE Food safety
  136. Food poisoning USE Food safety
  137. Food preservation USE Food safety
  138. Food processing
  139. Food products USE Food processing
  140. Food recall USE Food safety
  141. Food safety
  142. Food safety inspectors USE Food safety
  143. Food sanitation USE Food safety
  144. Food service
  145. Food vendors USE Restaurants and lunch rooms
  146. Foodborne illnesses USE Food safety
  147. Foods USE Food
  148. Foot and mouth disease
  149. Foot trails USE Trails
  150. Football USE Soccer
  151. Football (soccer) USE Soccer
  152. Football players USE Professional athletes
  153. Footpaths USE Trails
  154. Force and energy USE Energy
  155. Forced prostitution
  156. Foreign aid
  157. Foreign businesses USE Foreign corporations
  158. Foreign companies USE Foreign corporations
  159. Foreign corporations
  160. Foreign corporations, investments by USE Foreign investment
  161. Foreign enterprises USE Foreign corporations
  162. Foreign exchange
  163. Foreign investment
  164. Foreign judgments
  165. Foreign licensing of technology USE Technology transfer
  166. Foreign nationals USE Aliens
  167. Foreign relations USE International relations
  168. Forensic medicine
  169. Forensic pathologists
  170. Forensic science
  171. Forensic sciences USE Forensic science
  172. Forensics USE Forensic science
  173. Forest animals USE Wildlife
  174. Forest clearcutting USE Deforestation
  175. Forest depletion USE Deforestation
  176. Forest destruction USE Deforestation
  177. Forest products
  178. Forest rangers USE Forestry
  179. Forest reestablishment USE Reforestation
  180. Forest renewal USE Reforestation
  181. Forest replanting USE Reforestation
  182. Forest restoration USE Reforestation
  183. Foresters USE Forestry
  184. Forestry
  185. Forestry law USE Forestry
  186. Forests belonging to the People USE Public forests
  187. Forests owned by native-Americans USE Public forests
  188. Forests owned by the government USE Public forests
  189. Forests, Government owned USE Public forests
  190. Forfeiture USE Confiscation
  191. Forged copy USE Forgery
  192. Forgery
  193. Forgery of identity documents USE Identity theft
  194. Forgiveness of debt
  195. Former combatants USE Veterans
  196. Forming economic policies USE Economic planning
  197. Forms
  198. Forms of actions USE Actions and defenses
  199. Forms of government USE Politics and government
  200. Fossils USE Paleontological sites and fossils