Global Legal Information Network (GLIN)

  1. H10N7 USE Influenza
  2. H1N1 USE Influenza
  3. H1N2 USE Influenza
  4. H2N2 USE Influenza
  5. H3N2 USE Influenza
  6. H5N1 USE Influenza
  7. H7N2 USE Influenza
  8. H7N3 USE Influenza
  9. H7N7 USE Influenza
  10. H9N2 USE Influenza
  11. Habeas corpus
  12. Hackers and hacking (computers) USE Computer security
  13. Hackers and hacking (computers) USE Computer crimes
  14. Halocarbons USE Greenhouse gases
  15. Handcuffing USE Arrest
  16. Handicapped
  17. Handicrafts
  18. Handmade products USE Handicrafts
  19. Hansen's disease USE Leprosy
  20. Hara-kiri USE Suicide
  21. Harassment of women USE Sexual harassment
  22. Harassment, Sexual USE Sexual harassment
  23. Harbor controls USE Port security
  24. Harbor patrols USE Port security
  25. Harbors USE Ports
  26. Hazardous substances
  27. Headstart educational programs USE Preschool education
  28. Health USE Health and safety
  29. Health and safety
  30. Health care USE Medical care
  31. Health care benefits USE Health care plans
  32. Health care financing USE Health care plans
  33. Health care plans
  34. Health care technicians USE Health professionals
  35. Health files USE Medical records
  36. Health foods USE Organic products
  37. Health maintenance organizations USE Health care plans
  38. Health professionals
  39. Health records USE Medical records
  40. Health technicians USE Health professionals
  41. Health testing USE Medical tests
  42. Health, Mental USE Mental health
  43. Healthy diets USE Nutrition
  44. Hearing commissions USE Administrative courts
  45. Hearing officers USE Judges
  46. Hearing officers for administrative tribunals USE Administrative judges and hearing officers
  47. Hearing officers of administrative agencies and courts USE Administrative judges and hearing officers
  48. Helsinki Commission USE Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe
  49. Helsinki Conference USE Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe
  50. Hepatitis B
  51. Herbicides
  52. Herders USE Nomads
  53. Heroes' cemeteries USE National cemeteries
  54. Herpes genitalis
  55. Hierarchy and nomenclature USE Legal systems
  56. Hierarchy of legal instruments USE Legal systems
  57. High school equivalence for adults USE Adult education
  58. High schools USE Secondary education
  59. High technology exports USE Technology transfer
  60. High technology imports USE Technology transfer
  61. High technology transfers USE Technology transfer
  62. Highway construction USE Public works
  63. Hijacking USE Piracy
  64. Hiking trails USE Trails
  65. Historic preservation
  66. Historic trails USE Trails
  67. History
  68. History of law
  70. HIV/AIDS Program, U.N. USE Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS
  71. HMOs USE Health care plans
  72. Hog diseases USE Swine diseases
  73. Hogs USE Pigs
  74. Holding of captives USE Hostages
  75. Holding of hostages USE Hostages
  76. Holiday (vacation time) USE Vacations
  77. Holidays
  78. Holocaust USE Genocide
  79. Holy matrimony USE Marriage
  80. Home address USE Domicile
  81. Home caregivers USE Caregivers
  82. Home equity loans USE Loans
  83. Home violence USE Domestic violence
  84. Homegrown terrorism USE Terrorism
  85. Homeland security USE National security
  86. Homeless persons
  87. Homemade products USE Handicrafts
  88. Homicide
  89. Homosexual domestic partnerships USE Same-sex unions
  90. Homosexual marriage USE Same-sex unions
  91. Homosexuality USE Homosexuals
  92. Homosexuals
  93. Honesty USE Ethics
  94. Honesty in government USE Government ethics
  95. Honey USE Bees and honey
  96. Hong Kong flu USE Influenza
  97. Honor killings
  98. Honor suicides USE Honor killings
  99. Honoring the memory of events, persons, or things USE Honors and memorials
  100. Honors and memorials
  101. Honour killings USE Honor killings
  102. Honour suicides USE Honor killings
  103. Hooliganism USE Maintenance of public order
  104. Horizontal property USE Condominiums
  105. Horse diseases
  106. Horse flu USE Influenza
  107. Horse racing
  108. Horse trails USE Trails
  109. Horses
  110. Hospices (terminal care) USE Terminal care
  111. Hospitalization insurance USE Health care plans
  112. Hospitals
  113. Hostage crisis USE Hostages
  114. Hostage negotiations USE Hostages
  115. Hostage rescue USE Hostages
  116. Hostage taking USE Hostages
  117. Hostages
  118. Hotel law USE Hotels
  119. Hotels
  120. House arrest USE Confinement
  121. Household expenses USE Cost of living
  122. Housing
  123. Housing Center, U.N. USE U.N. Centre for Human Settlements (Habitat)
  124. Housing Centre, U.N. USE U.N. Centre for Human Settlements (Habitat)
  125. Housing finance USE Mortgages
  126. Housing law USE Housing
  127. Human body, Cloning of USE Human cloning
  128. Human cloning
  129. Human flu USE Influenza
  130. Human rights
  131. Human services USE Public services
  132. Human trafficking USE Trafficking in persons
  133. Hunters USE Hunting
  134. Hunting
  135. Hunting licenses USE Licenses
  136. Hunting parties USE Hunting
  137. Hunting safaris USE Hunting
  138. Hydrocarbons USE Petroleum
  139. Hydroelectric plants USE Dams
  140. Hydroelectric power
  141. Hydrogen bombs USE Nuclear weapons
  142. Hydrophobia USE Rabies