Global Legal Information Network (GLIN)

  1. I.C.C. (International Criminal Court) USE International Criminal Court
  2. I.F.R.C.R.C. USE International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies
  3. IACHR USE Inter-American Commission on Human Rights
  4. IAEA USE International Atomic Energy Agency
  5. IBRD USE World Bank
  6. ICAO USE International Civil Aviation Organization
  7. ICC USE International Criminal Court
  8. Ice cream USE Dairy products
  9. Ice erosion USE Erosion of land
  10. ICJ USE International Court of Justice
  11. ICSC USE International Civil Service Commission
  12. IDA USE International Development Association
  13. IDB USE Inter-American Development Bank
  14. Identification
  15. Identification-based crimes USE Identity theft
  16. Identity card USE Identification
  17. Identity cloning USE Identity theft
  18. Identity fraud USE Identity theft
  19. Identity theft
  20. IFAD USE International Fund for Agricultural Development
  21. IFC USE International Finance Corporation
  22. IJC USE Inter-American Juridical Committee
  23. Ilex paraguariensis USE Yerba mate
  24. Illegal acts USE Criminal law
  25. Illegal aliens USE Aliens
  26. Illegal border crossings USE Border security
  27. Illegal drug trade USE Drug traffic
  28. Illegal interference with aircraft USE Piracy
  29. Illegal interference with ships USE Piracy
  30. Illegal seizure of aircraft USE Piracy
  31. Illegal seizure of ships USE Piracy
  32. Illegitimacy USE Parentage
  33. Illicit drug trade USE Drug traffic
  34. Illiteracy USE Literacy
  35. Illiterates USE Literacy
  36. Illnesses
  37. Illnesses of children USE Childhood illnesses
  38. ILO USE International Labor Organization
  39. Images USE Photographs
  40. IMF USE International Monetary Fund
  41. Imitation products USE Product counterfeiting
  42. Immigration
  43. Immunity of diplomats USE Privileges and immunities
  44. Immunity of governments USE Sovereign immunity
  45. Immunity of public officials USE Privileges and immunities
  46. Immunity of States USE Sovereign immunity
  47. Immunization USE Vaccines and vaccinations
  48. IMO USE International Maritime Organization
  49. Impeachment
  50. Impeachment courts USE Impeachment
  51. Impeachment procedures USE Impeachment
  52. Import barriers, Nontariff USE Nontariff trade controls
  53. Import restrictions USE Nontariff trade controls
  54. Import-export
  55. Importation of technology USE Technology transfer
  56. Imports tax USE Customs tariff
  57. Impressions of fingertips USE Fingerprints
  58. Imprisonment
  59. Improper business practices USE Unfair competition
  60. Improvised nuclear devices USE Nuclear weapons
  61. In-bond processing
  62. Incarceration USE Imprisonment
  63. Incentives for agricultural production USE Agricultural subsidies
  64. Incentives for business USE Economic incentives
  65. Income tax
  66. Increasing cost of living USE Cost of living
  67. Indebtedness USE Debtor and creditor
  68. Independence of a nation USE National independence
  69. Independence, National USE National independence
  70. Independent advisors USE Consultants
  71. Independent advisors to the State USE Consultants to government
  72. Independent consultants USE Consultants
  73. Independent counselors to government USE Consultants to government
  74. Independent experts USE Consultants
  75. Independent regulatory agencies USE Administrative agencies
  76. Independent regulatory bodies USE Administrative agencies
  77. Independent regulatory commissions USE Administrative agencies
  78. Independent regulatory corporations USE Administrative agencies
  79. Index finger prints USE Fingerprints
  80. Indexes of consumer prices USE Cost of living indexes
  81. Indians of the Americas USE Native peoples
  82. Indigenous peoples USE Native peoples
  83. Indigents USE Homeless persons
  84. Indigents, Legal services for USE Legal assistance
  85. Industrial conversion USE Industrial development
  86. Industrial development
  87. Industrial espionage
  88. Industrial improvements USE Industrial development
  89. Industrial incentives
  90. Industrial products USE Manufactured products
  91. Industrial property
  92. Industrial property law USE Industrial property
  93. Industrial property rights USE Industrial property
  94. Industrial renewal USE Industrial development
  95. Industrial secrets USE Trade secrets
  96. Industrial security USE National security
  97. Industrial spying USE Industrial espionage
  98. Industrial trusts USE Monopolies
  99. Industry and commerce USE Commerce and industry
  100. Infantile paralysis USE Poliomyelitis
  101. Infibulation USE Female circumcision
  102. Infirmaries USE Hospitals
  103. Inflation
  104. Influenza
  105. Influenzavirus A USE Influenza
  106. Influenzavirus B USE Influenza
  107. Influenzavirus C USE Influenza
  108. Informants
  109. Informants in criminal investigations USE Informants
  110. Informants' rewards USE Rewards
  111. Information law USE Communications
  112. Information services
  113. Information storage and retrieval systems USE Databases
  114. Information, Freedom of USE Freedom of information
  115. Informers in criminal matters USE Informants
  116. Infrastructure construction USE Public works
  117. Infrastructure protection USE National security
  118. Infrastructure security USE National security
  119. INGO, International NGO USE Nongovernmental organizations
  120. Ingredients, Required USE Standards and specifications
  121. Inhalation of asbestos USE Asbestos
  122. Inheritance and succession
  123. Inheritance and succession taxes
  124. Inheritance and transfer tax USE Inheritance and succession taxes
  125. Inheritance tax USE Inheritance and succession taxes
  126. Initiatives in the public interest USE Public welfare
  127. Injunctions USE Remedies
  128. Inns USE Hotels
  129. Inoculation USE Vaccines and vaccinations
  130. Input of citizens in government decision-making USE Citizen participation
  131. Input of public in government decision-making USE Citizen participation
  132. Inquiry panels (U.K.) USE Governmental hearings or inquiries
  133. Insane persons USE Insanity
  134. Insanity
  135. Insecticides USE Pesticides
  136. Insects
  137. Insolvency USE Bankruptcy
  138. Institutes of research USE Research institutions
  139. Institutes, Research USE Research institutions
  140. Institutions of research USE Research institutions
  141. Institutions, Benevolent USE Charitable institutions
  142. Institutions, Philanthropic USE Charitable institutions
  143. Institutions, Research USE Research institutions
  144. Instructors USE Teachers
  145. Insurance
  146. Insurance law USE Insurance
  147. Insurance premiums USE Insurance
  148. Insurance, Health USE Health care plans
  149. Insurance, Hospitalization USE Health care plans
  150. Insured warehouses USE Bonded warehouses
  151. Insurgency USE Rebellion
  152. Insurrection USE Rebellion
  153. Intangible personal property USE Personal property
  154. Intangible property USE Intellectual property
  155. Intangible property USE Industrial property
  156. Intellectual cooperation, International USE International cultural relations
  157. Intellectual freedom USE Censorship
  158. Intellectual property
  159. Intellectual property law USE Intellectual property
  160. Intellectual property rights USE Intellectual property
  161. Intelligence community USE Intelligence services
  162. Intelligence services
  163. Inter-African treaties and agreements USE Treaties and agreements, Inter-African
  164. Inter-American Commission on Human Rights
  165. Inter-American Development Bank
  166. Inter-American Juridical Committee
  167. Inter-American system USE Organization of American States
  168. Inter-American treaties and agreements USE Treaties and agreements, Inter-American
  169. Inter-Asian treaties and agreements USE Treaties and agreements, Inter-Asian
  170. Inter-European treaties and agreements USE Treaties and agreements, Inter-European
  171. Intercultural relations (among nations) USE International cultural relations
  172. Interest
  173. Interference with privacy USE Right of privacy
  174. Intermediary business services USE Business services
  175. Intermediate health care USE Medical care
  176. Intermodal containers USE Shipping containers
  177. Intermodal freight transport USE Shipping containers
  178. Internal armed conflicts USE War
  179. Internal auditing USE Auditing
  180. Internal exile USE Confinement
  181. Internal public order USE Maintenance of public order
  182. Internal security USE National security
  183. Internal tariffs USE Excise taxes
  184. Internal tax
  185. Internally displaced persons
  186. International agreements USE Treaties and agreements
  187. International arbitration
  188. International arts exchange programs USE International cultural relations
  189. International assistance USE Foreign aid
  190. International Atomic Energy Agency
  191. International Bank for Reconstruction and Development USE World Bank
  192. International business enterprises USE Transnational corporations
  193. International Civil Aviation Organization
  194. International Civil Service Advisory Board USE International Civil Service Commission
  195. International Civil Service Commission
  196. International Civil Service Commission of The United Nations USE International Civil Service Commission
  197. International Committee of the Red Cross USE International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies
  198. International companies USE Transnational corporations
  199. International corporations USE Transnational corporations
  200. International Court of Justice