Global Legal Information Network (GLIN)

  1. Labeling
  2. Labor
  3. Labor accidents
  4. Labor courts
  5. Labor disputes
  6. Labor health and safety USE Occupational health and safety
  7. Labor law USE Labor
  8. Labor relations
  9. Labor specialties USE Professions
  10. Labor strikes USE Strikes
  11. Labor unions
  12. Labour USE Labor
  13. Lack of public order USE Maintenance of public order
  14. LAFTA USE Latin American Free Trade Association
  15. LAIA USE Latin American Integration Association
  16. Land aridization USE Desertification
  17. Land erosion USE Erosion of land
  18. Land law USE Real property
  19. Land mine victims USE Land mines
  20. Land mines
  21. Land reform USE Agrarian reform
  22. Land registry USE Real property registry
  23. Land-mines USE Land mines
  24. Landlord and tenant
  25. Landmines USE Land mines
  26. Lands managed by the State USE Public lands
  27. Lands, arid USE Arid regions
  28. Lands, wet USE Wetlands
  29. Languages
  30. Lard USE Edible oils and fats
  31. Latin American Economic System
  32. Latin American Free Trade Association
  33. Latin American Integration Association
  34. Laundering of funds USE Money laundering
  35. Law and order USE Maintenance of public order
  36. Law gazettes USE Government publications
  37. Law of admiralty USE Maritime law
  38. Law of nations USE International law
  39. Law of war USE War
  40. Law system USE Legal systems
  41. Law, Roman USE Roman law
  42. Lawmaking USE Legislation
  43. Laws of ancient Rome USE Roman law
  44. Lawsuits USE Actions and defenses
  45. Lawsuits against governments USE Claims against the State
  46. Lawsuits against States USE Claims against the State
  47. Lawsuits stemming from accidents USE Civil liability
  48. Lawyer malpractice USE Legal malpractice
  49. Lawyers
  50. Lead
  51. Lead poisoning USE Lead
  52. Learned institutions USE Research institutions
  53. Learning disabilities
  54. Learning problems USE Learning disabilities
  55. Leases
  56. Leather industry
  57. Legal actions USE Actions and defenses
  58. Legal actions against governments USE Claims against the State
  59. Legal address USE Domicile
  60. Legal age USE Legal capacity
  61. Legal aid to the poor USE Legal assistance
  62. Legal assistance
  63. Legal capacity
  64. Legal disability USE Legal capacity
  65. Legal ethics
  66. Legal history USE History of law
  67. Legal malpractice
  68. Legal metrology USE Metrology
  69. Legal profession USE Lawyers
  70. Legal remedies USE Remedies
  71. Legal separation USE Separation
  72. Legal services
  73. Legal structure USE Legal systems
  74. Legal systems
  75. Legislation
  76. Legislation authorizing war USE War
  77. Legislation prohibiting war USE War
  78. Legislative bodies USE Legislative power
  79. Legislative branch USE Legislative power
  80. Legislative debates USE Legislation
  81. Legislative hearings USE Governmental hearings or inquiries
  82. Legislative inquiries USE Governmental hearings or inquiries
  83. Legislative power
  84. Legislative process USE Legislation
  85. Legislatures USE Legislative power
  86. Legitimation USE Parentage
  87. Leisure USE Recreation
  88. Lending of money USE Loans
  89. Lending of valuables USE Loans
  90. Leprosy
  91. Lesbian marriage USE Same-sex unions
  92. Lesbians USE Homosexuals
  93. Letters of attorney USE Power of attorney
  94. Letting of government contracts USE Bidding
  95. Lewdness USE Offenses against the public
  96. LGV USE Lymphogranuloma venereum
  97. Liability USE Civil liability
  98. Liability insurance
  99. Liability of governments USE Claims against the State
  100. Liability to crime victims USE Civil liability
  101. Liberty of the press USE Freedom of the press
  102. Librarians
  103. Libraries
  104. Licenses
  105. Licenses for monoplies to provide public services USE Concessions
  106. Licenses to drive USE Licenses
  107. Licenses to exploit public natural resources USE Concessions
  108. Licenses to fish USE Licenses
  109. Licenses to hunt USE Licenses
  110. Licenses to marry USE Licenses
  111. Licenses warehouses USE Warehouses
  112. Licensing of foreign technology USE Technology transfer
  113. Licensing of professionals USE Licenses
  114. Licensing of specialists USE Licenses
  115. Licensing of technology abroad USE Technology transfer
  116. Liens
  117. Life insurance
  118. Lifelong education USE Adult education
  119. Lifelong learning USE Adult education
  120. Limitation of actions
  121. Limitation of weapons USE Arms limitation
  122. Limited Liability Partnerships USE Partnerships (businesses)
  123. Limited partnerships USE Partnerships (businesses)
  124. Limits on prices USE Price control
  125. Line item veto USE Item veto
  126. Line of credit USE Credit
  127. Liquefied natural gas USE Natural gas
  128. Liquefied petroleum gas USE Natural gas
  129. Liquidation sales USE Sales
  130. Liquor laws USE Alcoholic beverages
  131. Literacy
  132. Literacy (Government programs) USE Literacy
  133. Literacy programs USE Literacy
  134. Literature
  135. Livestock
  136. Livestock USE Pigs
  137. Livestock USE Cattle
  138. Livestock breeds USE Livestock
  139. Livestock research USE Agro-animal research
  140. Living facilities for seniors USE Nursing homes
  141. LLPs USE Partnerships (businesses)
  142. LMOs USE Genetically modified organisms
  143. Loans
  144. Loans to foreign firms and persons
  145. Loans to foreign governments
  146. Local government
  147. Local police departments USE Police
  148. Locating government information online USE E-Government
  149. Logos (commercial symbols) USE Trademarks
  150. Long-term care facilities USE Nursing homes
  151. Loss of forests USE Deforestation
  152. Loss of trees USE Deforestation
  153. Lotteries
  154. Lowering cost of living USE Cost of living
  155. LPs USE Partnerships (businesses)
  156. Luxury taxes USE Excise taxes
  157. Lying under oath USE Perjury
  158. Lymphogranuloma venereum