Global Legal Information Network (GLIN)

  1. Macao
  2. Macau USE Macao
  3. Macroeconomics USE Economics and finance
  4. Mad cow disease (in cattle) USE Cattle diseases
  5. Mafia USE Organized crime
  6. Mafia families USE Organized crime
  7. Magistrates USE Judges
  8. Maintaining professional standards in medicine USE Medical ethics
  9. Maintenance of peace USE Peacekeeping
  10. Maintenance of public order
  11. Malaria
  12. Malnutrition USE Nutrition
  13. Malpractice, Medical USE Medical malpractice
  14. Man-made lake and ponds USE Dams
  15. Man-made wetlands USE Wetlands
  16. Management auditing USE Auditing
  17. Mandatory health insurance USE Health care plans
  18. Manganese
  19. Manslaugther USE Homicide
  20. Manufactured products
  21. Mapping USE Maps
  22. Mapping, Geological USE Geological mapping
  23. Maps
  24. Maps, Geological USE Geological mapping
  25. Maquiladora industry USE In-bond processing
  26. Marijuana USE Narcotics and drug abuse
  27. Marine mammals
  28. Marine pollution USE Ocean pollution
  29. Marital assets USE Community property
  30. Marital property USE Community property
  31. Maritime accidents
  32. Maritime law
  33. Maritime safety promotion
  34. Marks (industrial property) USE Trademarks
  35. Marriage
  36. Marriage celebrated according to customs USE Customary marriage
  37. Marriage concluded according to customs USE Customary marriage
  38. Marriage licenses USE Licenses
  39. Marriage negotiated according to customs USE Customary marriage
  40. Marriage statistics USE Vital statistics
  41. Marriage vows USE Marriage
  42. Marsh lands USE Wetlands
  43. Marshes USE Wetlands
  44. Mass atrocities USE Genocide
  45. Mass killing USE Genocide
  46. Mass media USE Press
  47. Mass transit USE Transportation
  48. Mate (Plant) USE Yerba mate
  49. Mate (Tea) USE Yerba mate
  50. Materials, Requirements concerning USE Standards and specifications
  51. Maternity USE Parentage
  52. Maternity leave USE Parental leave
  53. Matrimony USE Marriage
  54. Matrix scheme USE Swindling
  55. ME605 USE Pesticides
  56. Measurement standards USE Metrology
  57. Meat
  58. Mechanical engineers
  59. Media USE Press
  60. Media specialists USE Public relations specialists
  61. Mediation
  62. Mediators
  63. Medical assistants
  64. Medical auxiliaries USE Health professionals
  65. Medical care
  66. Medical care for animals USE Veterinary medicine
  67. Medical care plans USE Health care plans
  68. Medical charts USE Medical records
  69. Medical clinics
  70. Medical data USE Medical records
  71. Medical doctors USE Physicians
  72. Medical ethics
  73. Medical examinations USE Medical tests
  74. Medical examiners USE Forensic pathologists
  75. Medical files USE Medical records
  76. Medical information USE Medical records
  77. Medical insurance USE Health care plans
  78. Medical jurisprudence USE Forensic medicine
  79. Medical licenses USE Licenses
  80. Medical malpractice
  81. Medical personnel USE Health professionals
  82. Medical records
  83. Medical research
  84. Medical researchers
  85. Medical schools USE Medical training
  86. Medical technicians USE Health professionals
  87. Medical tests
  88. Medical training
  89. Medicare USE Health care plans
  90. Medicines USE Pharmaceuticals
  91. Memorial services USE Honors and memorials
  92. Memorials USE Honors and memorials
  93. Mental abuse of children USE Child abuse
  94. Mental balance USE Mental health
  95. Mental disabilities
  96. Mental health
  97. Mental health therapists USE Psychologists
  98. Mental illness USE Mental disabilities
  99. Mental retardation USE Mental disabilities
  100. Mental wellness USE Mental health
  101. Mentally abused children USE Child abuse
  102. Mercado Comum do Sul USE MERCOSUR
  103. Mercado Común del Sur USE MERCOSUR
  104. Merchant marine
  105. Merchant marks USE Trademarks
  106. Merchant seamen
  109. Mercy killing USE Euthanasia
  110. Merit-based scholarships USE Scholarships
  111. Mesoamerica Project USE Puebla-Panama Plan
  112. Mesoamerican Integration and Development Project USE Puebla-Panama Plan
  113. Mesoamerican Project USE Puebla-Panama Plan
  114. Metallurgical industries USE Metallurgy
  115. Metallurgy
  116. Metals
  117. Metaphos USE Pesticides
  118. Meteorologists
  119. Meteorology
  120. Methane USE Greenhouse gases
  121. methyl parathion USE Pesticides
  122. Metric system USE Weights and measures
  123. Metrology
  124. Microeconomics USE Economics and finance
  125. Microfilming USE Photography
  126. Middle schools USE Secondary education
  127. Midwifery USE Midwives
  128. Midwives
  129. Migrant smuggling USE Trafficking in persons
  130. Migrant trafficking USE Trafficking in persons
  131. Migratory birds USE Wildlife
  132. Military bases
  133. Military benefits
  134. Military cemeteries USE National cemeteries
  135. Military curfews USE Curfews
  136. Military intelligence USE Intelligence services
  137. Military justice
  138. Military mines USE Land mines
  139. Military obligation USE Military service
  140. Military personnel
  141. Military personnel, Retired USE Veterans
  142. Military police USE Police
  143. Military preparations USE National defense
  144. Military preparedness USE National defense
  145. Military readiness USE National defense
  146. Military secrecy USE Secrecy
  147. Military service
  148. Military spying USE Intelligence services
  149. Military supplies
  150. Military tribunals USE Military justice
  151. Military veterans USE Veterans
  152. Milk USE Dairy products
  153. Millennium bug (computers) USE Year 2000 computer problem
  154. Millennium date conversion computer problem USE Year 2000 computer problem
  155. Mineral exploration
  156. Mineral surveys USE Geological mapping
  157. Minerals USE Mining and mineral resources
  158. Mines (explosives) USE Land mines
  159. Mines (military explosives) USE Land mines
  160. Minimun prices set by the State USE Price control
  161. Mining and mineral resources
  162. Mining law USE Mining and mineral resources
  163. Mining royalties USE Royalties
  164. Ministers of State USE Elected and appointed officials
  165. Minor children generally USE Children
  166. Minorities USE Discrimination
  167. Minors (teenagers) USE Youth
  168. Minors, Legal capacity of USE Legal capacity
  169. Minting of coins USE Currency and coins
  170. Misappropriation of funds USE Embezzlement
  171. Misdemeanors USE Criminal law
  172. Missile defenses
  173. Missiles
  174. Missing children
  175. Missing persons
  176. Mission statements USE Planning
  177. Mistreated children USE Child abuse
  178. Mistreatment of children USE Child abuse
  179. Mistresses USE Concubinage
  180. Mistresses, Status and rights of USE Concubinage
  181. Misuse of prescription drugs USE Narcotics and drug abuse
  182. Mixed legal systems USE Legal systems
  183. Mob USE Organized crime
  184. Mobile cattle breeders USE Nomads
  185. Mobile cattle raisers USE Nomads
  186. Mobile telephones USE Cellular telephones
  187. Mobilization for war USE War
  188. Mobsters USE Organized crime
  189. Molecular technology USE Nanotechnology
  190. Molesting of children USE Child abuse
  191. Molybdenum
  192. Monetary compensation USE Damages (Civil)
  193. Money (design and printing) USE Currency and coins
  194. Money fund markets USE Securities markets
  195. Money laundering
  196. Money market funds USE Investments
  197. Monopolies
  198. Monopolies, Restrictions on USE Unfair competition
  199. Monopolistic practices USE Monopolies
  200. Monopolizing the market USE Monopolies