Global Legal Information Network (GLIN)

  1. Packaging
  2. Packaging and labeling USE Labeling
  3. Packaging and labeling USE Packaging
  4. PAHO USE Pan American Health Organization
  5. Paid vacations USE Vacations
  6. Paleontological sites and fossils
  7. Palliative care USE Terminal care
  8. Palsy, Shaking USE Parkinson's disease
  9. Pan American Games
  10. Pan American Health Organization
  11. Pan American Union USE Organization of American States
  12. Pan-American Games USE Pan American Games
  13. Panam Games USE Pan American Games
  14. PanAm Games USE Pan American Games
  15. Panamerican Games USE Pan American Games
  16. Paper and paper products
  17. Paper stock USE Paper and paper products
  18. Paralysis agitans USE Parkinson's disease
  19. Paramedics USE Medical assistants
  20. Parathion USE Pesticides
  21. Parathion-methyl USE Pesticides
  22. Parent and child
  23. Parentage
  24. Parental leave
  25. Parking
  26. Parking garages USE Parking
  27. Parking lots USE Parking
  28. Parking spaces USE Parking
  29. Parking tickets USE Parking
  30. Parkinson disease USE Parkinson's disease
  31. Parkinson's disease
  32. Parkinsonian syndrome USE Parkinson's disease
  33. Parks
  34. Parlacen USE Central American Parliament
  35. Parliament of the European Union USE European Parliament
  36. Parliaments USE Legislative power
  37. Partial veto USE Item veto
  38. Partnerships (businesses)
  39. Partnerships, Homosexual domestic USE Same-sex unions
  40. Passenger ships USE Ships and boats
  41. Passenger trains USE Railroads
  42. Passing away of a person USE Death and dying
  43. Passive euthanasia USE Euthanasia
  44. Passive veto USE Veto
  45. Passports
  46. Pastoral peoples USE Nomads
  47. Patent USE Patents
  48. Patent law USE Patents
  49. Patent licenses USE Patents
  50. Patent protection USE Patents
  51. Patent rights USE Patents
  52. Patent royalties USE Royalties
  53. Patents
  54. Patents and trademarks USE Trademarks
  55. Patents and trademarks USE Patents
  56. Patents in international commerce USE Technology transfer
  57. Paternity USE Parentage
  58. Paternity leave USE Parental leave
  59. Pathologists
  60. Paths USE Trails
  61. Patriotic symbols USE National symbols
  62. Paupers, Legal aid for USE Legal assistance
  63. Pay USE Salaries and wages
  64. Payout from life insurance policies USE Life insurance
  65. Peace
  66. Peace accords USE Peace
  67. Peace building USE Peace
  68. Peace conferences USE Peace
  69. Peace monitors USE Peacekeeping
  70. Peace negotiations USE Peace
  71. Peace plans USE Peace
  72. Peace preservation USE Peacekeeping
  73. Peace process USE Peace
  74. Peace settlements USE Peace
  75. Peace talks USE Peace
  76. Peace treaties USE Peace
  77. Peace-keeping operations USE Peacekeeping
  78. Peacekeeping
  79. Peacekeeping forces USE Peacekeeping
  80. Peacemaking USE Peace
  81. Peaches, plums and apricots USE Fruit
  82. Peanut oil USE Edible oils and fats
  83. Pears and pear juice USE Fruit
  84. Peasants and farm workers USE Farmers and farm workers
  85. Peat USE Coal
  86. Pedestrian paths USE Trails
  87. Pedestrian trails USE Trails
  88. Pen names USE Names
  89. Penal code USE Criminal law
  90. Penal laws USE Criminal law
  91. Penalties
  92. Penitentiaries USE Prisons
  93. Pension funds USE Pensions and retirement
  94. Pension plans USE Pensions and retirement
  95. Pension systems USE Pensions and retirement
  96. Pensioners USE Pensions and retirement
  97. Pensions and retirement
  98. People smuggling USE Trafficking in persons
  99. People trafficking USE Trafficking in persons
  100. People's advocates USE Ombudsman
  101. Performers
  102. Performing arts
  103. Performing arts exchange programs USE International cultural relations
  104. Periodontists USE Dentists
  105. Periods without rain USE Droughts
  106. Perjury
  107. Perpetrators USE Criminal offenders
  108. Personal care products USE Cosmetics
  109. Personal computers USE Computers
  110. Personal finance USE Economics and finance
  111. Personal health files USE Medical records
  112. Personal health information USE Medical records
  113. Personal health records USE Medical records
  114. Personal hygiene products USE Cosmetics
  115. Personal identity theft USE Identity theft
  116. Personal loans USE Loans
  117. Personal property
  118. Personalty USE Personal property
  119. Persons
  120. Persons, Missing USE Missing persons
  121. Pesticides
  122. Petrochemical industry
  123. Petrochemical products
  124. Petrol USE Petroleum
  125. Petroleum
  126. Petroleum engineers
  127. Petroleum exploration
  128. Petroleum law USE Petroleum
  129. Petroleum products
  130. Pets
  131. Pharmaceutical licenses USE Licenses
  132. Pharmaceuticals
  133. Pharmacies USE Pharmaceuticals
  134. Pharmacists
  135. Pharmacists' assistants
  136. Pharmacists' licenses USE Licenses
  137. Pharmacy aides USE Pharmacists' assistants
  138. Pharmacy assistants USE Pharmacists' assistants
  139. Pharmacy laws USE Pharmaceuticals
  140. Pharmacy technicians USE Pharmacists' assistants
  141. Pharming USE Swindling
  142. Philanthropic institutions USE Charitable institutions
  143. Philanthropies USE Charitable institutions
  144. Phishing USE Swindling
  145. Phishing USE Identity theft
  146. Photographic art USE Photography
  147. Photographs
  148. Photography
  149. Photos USE Photographs
  150. Physical abuse of children USE Child abuse
  151. Physical activity USE Physical education and training
  152. Physical anthropology USE Anthropology
  153. Physical disability USE Handicapped
  154. Physical education and training
  155. Physical exercise USE Physical education and training
  156. Physical fitness USE Physical education and training
  157. Physical security USE National security
  158. Physical therapists
  159. Physically abused children USE Child abuse
  160. Physician malpractice USE Medical malpractice
  161. Physician-assisted suicide USE Euthanasia
  162. Physicians
  163. Physiotherapy USE Rehabilitation
  164. Phytosanitary measures USE Plant protection
  165. Phytosanitation USE Plant protection
  166. Picket lines USE Strikes
  167. Picketing USE Strikes
  168. Picture taking USE Photography
  169. Pictures USE Photographs
  170. Pig diseases USE Swine diseases
  171. Pigs
  172. Pilots
  173. Piracy
  174. Plague USE Epidemics and pandemics
  175. Planned parenthood USE Birth control
  176. Planning
  177. Planning for rural areas USE Rural planning
  178. Planning for the economic sector USE Economic planning
  179. Planning, City USE Urban planning
  180. Planning, Urban USE Urban planning
  181. Plant and animal diversity USE Biological diversity
  182. Plant embryos USE Seeds
  183. Plant genetic resources USE Biological diversity
  184. Plant protection
  185. Plant seeds USE Seeds
  186. Plantlife in water USE Aquaculture
  187. Plastics industry
  188. Platinum
  189. Pleadings USE Criminal procedure
  190. Pleadings USE Civil procedure
  191. Pleasure boats
  192. Pleasure craft USE Pleasure boats
  193. Plebiscite
  194. Plums, prunes and prune juice USE Fruit
  195. Plutonium
  196. Pocket veto USE Veto
  197. Poetry USE Literature
  198. Poison gas USE Chemical weapons
  199. Poisoned by lead USE Lead
  200. Poisons USE Hazardous substances