Global Legal Information Network (GLIN)

  1. R & D USE Research
  2. R & D funding USE Research funding
  3. Rabies
  4. Racetracks USE Horse racing
  5. Racial discrimination USE Discrimination
  6. Racial groups USE Ethnic groups
  7. Racing car drivers USE Professional drivers
  8. Racing horses USE Horse racing
  9. Racketeering USE Organized crime
  10. Radio USE Broadcasting
  11. Radio announcers USE Broadcasters
  12. Radio broadcasting USE Broadcasting
  13. Radio for private communications USE Amateur and citizens' radio
  14. Radio, Amateur and citizens' USE Amateur and citizens' radio
  15. Radioactive materials
  16. Radioactive pollution USE Radioactive materials
  17. Radioactive spills USE Radioactive materials
  18. Radioactive tracers for diagnosis of illness USE Nuclear medicine
  19. Radioisotopes used in medicine USE Nuclear medicine
  20. Radiological safety in medicine USE Nuclear medicine
  21. Radiologists
  22. Radiology technicians USE Radiologists
  23. Radiopharmaceuticals USE Nuclear medicine
  24. Railroad and transit operators
  25. Railroads
  26. Rainforest destruction USE Deforestation
  27. Raising animals USE Animal industry
  28. Raising cost of living USE Cost of living
  29. Raising of fish or shellfish USE Aquaculture
  30. Raisins and table grapes USE Fruit
  31. Ranch animals USE Livestock
  32. Ranch produce USE Agricultural products
  33. Ranch products USE Agricultural products
  34. Ranch research USE Agro-animal research
  35. Ranchers and animal industry workers
  36. Ranching USE Ranchers and animal industry workers
  37. Range animals USE Livestock
  38. Rape
  39. Rapid animals USE Rabies
  40. Raspberries and other berries USE Fruit
  41. Rates and fees
  42. Raw materials (mineral) USE Mining and mineral resources
  43. Rayon USE Synthetic fabrics
  44. Reading USE Literacy
  45. Reading and writing USE Literacy
  46. Real estate USE Real property
  47. Real estate business USE Real property
  48. Real estate management USE Real property
  49. Real estate market USE Real property
  50. Real estate ownership USE Real property
  51. Real estate registration USE Real property registry
  52. Real estate titles USE Real property registry
  53. Real property
  54. Real property registry
  55. Real property tax
  56. Real property transfer tax
  57. Rebellion
  58. Rebellions USE Rebellion
  59. Recall of contaminated food USE Food safety
  60. Recidivism USE Criminal offenders
  61. Recidivists USE Criminal offenders
  62. Reclamation of the desert USE Desertification
  63. Recognition (International law)
  64. Recognition of children USE Parentage
  65. Recognition of service USE Honors and memorials
  66. Recognition of statehood USE Recognition (International law)
  67. Reconciliation (national) USE Peace
  68. Reconciliation process (national) USE Peace
  69. Recording of real estate transactions USE Real property registry
  70. Recordings
  71. Records management
  72. Recourses (Civil Law systems) USE Remedies
  73. Recovering lost aircraft USE Salvage
  74. Recovering lost property for reuse or scrapping USE Salvage
  75. Recovering lost ships USE Salvage
  76. Recreation
  77. Recreation centers USE Recreation
  78. Recreation time USE Recreation
  79. Recreational activities USE Recreation
  80. Recreational trails USE Trails
  81. Recycling
  82. Recycling of waste products USE Recycling
  83. Red Crescent USE International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies
  84. Red Cross USE International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies
  85. Red Data Book USE Endangered species
  86. Red List USE Endangered species
  87. Red List of Threatened Species USE Endangered species
  88. Red wine USE Wine
  89. Redistribution of decision-making USE Decentralization
  90. Redistribution of functions USE Decentralization
  91. Redistribution of governmental decision-making USE Decentralization
  92. Redistribution of governmental functions USE Decentralization
  93. Redistribution of public decision-making USE Decentralization
  94. Redistribution of public functions USE Decentralization
  95. Redress of injuries USE Remedies
  96. Reducing cost of living USE Cost of living
  97. Reduction of debt USE Forgiveness of debt
  98. Reestablishment of forests USE Reforestation
  99. Reestablishment of public order USE Maintenance of public order
  100. Referees USE Arbitrators
  101. Reference librarians USE Librarians
  102. Referendum
  103. Reforestation
  104. Refrigerants, Protecting ozone layer from USE Ozone
  105. Refugees USE Refugees and asylum
  106. Refugees and asylum
  107. Refugees of war USE Refugees and asylum
  108. Refugees, Domestic USE Internally displaced persons
  109. Regional economic integration USE Economic integration
  110. Regional economic union USE Economic integration
  111. Regional government USE Subnational government
  112. Regional integration USE Economic integration
  113. Regional planning
  114. Regions USE Subnational government
  115. Regions, arid USE Arid regions
  116. Regions, wet USE Wetlands
  117. Registered nurses USE Nurses
  118. Registering for government services USE Registration
  119. Registering to vote USE Registration
  120. Registrars USE Registration
  121. Registration
  122. Registration of real estate USE Real property registry
  123. Registration of trademarks USE Trademarks
  124. Registry USE Public registries
  125. Registry offices USE Public registries
  126. Registry, Civil USE Civil registry
  127. Registry, Commercial USE Commercial registry
  128. Regulation of blood USE Blood
  129. Regulatory proceedings USE Administrative procedure
  130. Rehabilitation
  131. Rehabilitation centers USE Rehabilitation
  132. Rehabilitation counseling USE Rehabilitation
  133. Rehabilitation of criminals USE Rehabilitation
  134. Rehabilitation of juvenile delinquents USE Rehabilitation
  135. Rehabilitation of the disabled USE Rehabilitation
  136. Relations, International USE International relations
  137. Release of corporate accounts USE Financial disclosure in business
  138. Religion
  139. Religion in the public schools USE Religious education
  140. Religion, Freedom of USE Freedom of religion
  141. Religious education
  142. Religious freedom USE Freedom of religion
  143. Religious studies USE Religious education
  144. Remedies
  145. Removal of officials USE Impeachment
  146. Renaming of government buildings, etc. USE Naming of public property
  147. Renewable energy sources USE Alternative fuels
  148. Renewable natural resources USE Natural resources
  149. Rent
  150. Rental costs USE Rent
  151. Rental fees USE Rent
  152. Rental leases USE Leases
  153. Renting property USE Rent
  154. Renunciation of war USE War
  155. Repealing laws USE Legislation
  156. Replanting of forests USE Reforestation
  157. Reporters USE Journalists
  158. Required features USE Standards and specifications
  159. Reseachers in the physical sciences USE Scientists
  160. Research
  161. Research and development USE Research
  162. Research and development funding USE Research funding
  163. Research and development institutions USE Research institutions
  164. Research budgets USE Research funding
  165. Research centers USE Research institutions
  166. Research funding
  167. Research grants USE Research funding
  168. Research institutes USE Research institutions
  169. Research institutions
  170. Research laboratories USE Research institutions
  171. Research librarians USE Librarians
  172. Research, Agricultural USE Agro-animal research
  173. Reservoirs USE Dams
  174. Residence USE Domicile
  175. Residential care for seniors USE Nursing homes
  176. Resolving differences USE Alternative dispute resolution
  177. Respect for human body (cloning) USE Human cloning
  178. Respiratory flu USE Influenza
  179. Response to pleadings USE Criminal procedure
  180. Response to pleadings USE Civil procedure
  181. Responsible practice of medicine USE Medical ethics
  182. Restaurant chains USE Restaurants and lunch rooms
  183. Restaurants USE Restaurants and lunch rooms
  184. Restaurants and lunch rooms
  185. Restitution of property
  186. Restoration of forests USE Reforestation
  187. Restoration of public order USE Maintenance of public order
  188. Restraint of trade USE Unfair competition
  189. Restrictions on imports, Nontariff USE Nontariff trade controls
  190. Retail franchising USE Franchises
  191. Retail price indexes USE Cost of living indexes
  192. Retail sales USE Sales
  193. Retail warehouses USE Warehouses
  194. Retired military personnel USE Veterans
  195. Retired workers USE Pensions and retirement
  196. Retirement annuities USE Pensions and retirement
  197. Retirement funds USE Pensions and retirement
  198. Retirement plans USE Pensions and retirement
  199. Retirement systems USE Pensions and retirement
  200. Retooling USE Industrial development