Local Government Category List

  1. LA21 USE Sustainable development
  2. Labour
  3. Labour force USE Jobs and careers
  4. Ladies circle USE Ladies circles
  5. Ladies circles
  6. Land USE Land pollution
  7. Land and premises
  8. Land charges USE Land searches
  9. Land drainage
  10. Land fill
  11. Land fill tax
  12. Land management USE Land use planning
  13. Land pollution
  14. Land registry USE Land pollution
  15. Land searches
  16. Land use USE Land pollution
  17. Land use planning
  18. Land, structures and vehicles USE Environment
  19. Landfill USE Rubbish and waste
  20. Landfill sites USE Recycling centres
  21. Landscaping
  22. Lane USE Roads and highways
  23. Language tuition
  24. Languages
  25. Larder beetles
  26. Large print
  27. Late night chemists USE Pharmaceutical services
  28. Latin American dancing
  29. Laundry
  30. Lavatories USE Public conveniences
  31. Law and order USE Crime and law enforcement
  32. Law breaking USE Crime and disorder
  33. Law Courts USE Legal professions
  34. Lawful USE Legislation
  35. Lawn sports
  36. Laws USE Legislation
  37. Lawyer USE Legal professions
  38. Lawyers USE Legal professions
  39. Lead USE Lead pollution
  40. Lead pollution
  41. Leader USE Civic offices
  42. Leaflets USE Council publications
  43. Learning USE Education and learning
  44. Learning access points USE Adult and community education
  45. Learning centres USE Adult and community education
  46. Learning difficulties USE Special schools
  47. Learning difficulties support USE Learning disabilities
  48. Learning disabilities
  49. Learning disabilities support
  50. Learning partnerships
  51. Leaves USE Road and pathway maintenance
  52. Legal USE Legal proceedings
  53. Legal advice
  54. Legal aid
  55. Legal counselling USE Legal advice
  56. Legal guidance USE Legal advice
  57. Legal proceedings
  58. Legal professions
  59. Legal services
  60. Legislation
  61. Legislative Act USE Legislation
  62. Leisure and culture
  63. Leisure licences
  64. Leprosy
  65. Letting landlords USE Private housing
  66. Letting property USE Council housing
  67. Lettings USE Private housing
  68. Leukaemia
  69. Liabilities USE Counselling
  70. Liberal democrat
  71. Liberal democrats USE Liberal democrat
  72. Libraries
  73. Library facilities
  74. Library loans and fines
  75. Library stock sales
  76. Lice
  77. Licencing USE Business sectors and services
  78. Licenses USE Business sectors and services
  79. Licensing USE Business sectors and services
  80. Life coaching
  81. Life episodes USE Life events
  82. Life events
  83. Life saving USE Medical advice and support
  84. Life skills
  85. Lifeboat USE Coastguard
  86. Lifeguards USE Accident prevention
  87. Lifeline USE Careline
  88. Lifelong learning USE Adult and community education
  89. Lifetime events USE Life events
  90. Light pollution
  91. Line dancing
  92. Link schemes
  93. Lions club USE Lions clubs
  94. Lions clubs
  95. Lip reading
  96. Liquid petroleum gas USE Fire safety licences
  97. Listed buildings
  98. Literacy
  99. Literature
  100. Litter bins USE Street litter bins
  101. Litter collection USE Street litter bins
  102. Litter complaints USE Street litter bins
  103. Litter control USE Street litter bins
  104. Litter removal USE Street litter bins
  105. Litter/Dustbins USE Street litter bins
  106. Liver diseases
  107. Livestock USE Animal welfare
  108. Livestock markets USE Local businesses and markets
  109. Livestock sales USE Local businesses and markets
  110. Living USE Housing
  111. Living apart USE Matrimonial issues
  112. Loan sharks USE Money lenders
  113. Loans and fees USE Educational awards and benefits
  114. Lobby USE Campaigns
  115. Local attractions
  116. Local authorities USE Councils
  117. Local authority USE Councils
  118. Local authority housing USE Council housing
  119. Local authority searches USE Land searches
  120. Local businesses and markets
  121. Local councils USE Councils
  122. Local development USE Community development
  123. Local elections
  124. Local forums USE Strategic partnerships
  125. Local Government USE Regional governments
  126. Local Government Ombudsman USE Compliments and complaints (council)
  127. Local groups USE Community associations
  128. Local history and heritage
  129. Local information USE Community associations
  130. Local land charges USE Land searches
  131. Local land searches USE Land searches
  132. Local markets USE Local businesses and markets
  133. Local monitoring plan USE Council performance
  134. Local offices USE Civic offices
  135. Local papers USE Councils
  136. Local plan - minerals
  137. Local plan - waste
  138. Local plans USE Local plan - minerals
  139. Local produce sales USE Local businesses and markets
  140. Local recycling USE Recycling facilities
  141. Local searches USE Land searches
  142. Local services USE Community services
  143. Local strategic partnerships USE Strategic partnerships
  144. Local support USE Community associations
  145. Local transport links
  146. Local transport plan
  147. Local wildlife
  148. Locations & hours USE Adult and community education
  149. Locations and hours (learning) USE Adult and community education
  150. Lock-ups USE Retail licences
  151. Locksmiths and plumbers
  152. Lodging USE Housing
  153. Loft conversions USE Housing improvement and repairs
  154. Lollipop man USE Safer routes to school
  155. Lollipop woman USE Safer routes to school
  156. Loneliness
  157. Long term residential care USE Home care
  158. Loos USE Public conveniences
  159. Lorry restrictions USE Weight limits
  160. Lorry routes USE Weight limits
  161. Lotteries USE Gambling and lottery licences
  162. Lottery USE Gambling and lottery licences
  163. Lottery bids USE Gambling and lottery licences
  164. Lottery grants USE Gambling and lottery licences
  165. Lotto USE Gambling and lottery licences
  166. LPG USE Fire safety licences
  167. LSPs USE Strategic partnerships
  168. Lupus
  169. Lutheran Church