Motif-Index of Folk-Literature

  1. earth-disturbances at end of world
  2. easy escape of weak (small)
  3. eating and drinking tabu
  4. eating tabus
  5. emergence or descent of first man to earth
  6. endurance contest won by deception
  7. enduring and overcoming curses
  8. enigmatic statements
  9. entrance into girl’s (man’s) room (bed) be trick
  10. escape be deception
  11. escape by deceiving the guard
  12. escape by disarming (making pursuit difficult)
  13. escape by false plea
  14. escape by help of confederate
  15. escape by overawing captor
  16. escape from death or danger by deception
  17. escape from deluge
  18. escape from undesired lover
  19. escapes
  20. escapes and pursuits
  21. escapes and pursuits
  22. establishment of natural order
  23. establishment of present order – miscellaneous motifs
  24. establishment of present order: waters
  25. establishment of present order: weather phenomena
  26. establishment of present order: winds
  27. evil deeds of witches
  28. evil personal habits punished
  29. exceptionally large or small men
  30. experiences leading to adventures
  31. external soul
  32. extraordinary behavior of trees and plants
  33. extraordinary bodies of water
  34. extraordinary buildings and furnishings
  35. extraordinary cities
  36. extraordinary clothing and ornaments
  37. extraordinary exploits of her
  38. extraordinary islands
  39. extraordinary man’s family
  40. extraordinary mountains and other land features
  41. extraordinary nature phenomena – elements and weather
  42. extraordinary occurrences
  43. extraordinary occurrences concerning animals
  44. extraordinary occurrences concerning seas or waters
  45. extraordinary places
  46. extraordinary places and things
  47. extraordinary powers of perception
  48. extraordinary rocks and stones
  49. extraordinary sky and weather phenomena
  50. extraordinary swallowings
  51. extraordinary trees, plants, fruit, etc.
  52. extraordinary underground (underwater) disappearances
  53. extraordinary weapons