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Emergency Management

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Knowledge, capabilities, and practices of Comprehensive Emergency Management are associated with an integrated approach to the management of emergency programs and activities for all four emergency phases (mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery), for all types of emergencies and disasters (natural, man-made, and attack), and for all NASA sites and centers, to include special National Level requests. Applies expert knowledge of the National Incident Management System, the National Response Plan, and Homeland Security Presidential Directives and other federal policies to enable effective emergency programs at the national, state, or local level as appropriate. Ability to NASA Competency Management SystemPage 21 lead, coordinate, manage and direct the development and implementation of NASA’s and Federal emergency management policies, plans, and procedures for emergency response conditions, contingencies, continuity of operations, occupant emergency plans, and NASA’s interagency support functions in a full spectrum of emergencies. This competency includes the commitment to produce sound policy through requirements development that may affect lives, property, and operations in the event of unknown scenarios. Demonstrates the ability to: develop standards and specifications for new data analysis and data collection processes related to emergency preparedness; serve as an Aency, national level and industry-wide resource and has an established network to facilitate the acquisition of other resources and information; develop and/or modify safety procedures and requirements for related work and organization; maintain expert knowledge of applicable NASA, federal, aerospace and/or industry emergency preparedness trends, standards and policies; provide design concepts, risk management, trouble-shooting and trade-off analysis; technical expertise to represent Agency-wide, federal, industry and academic working groups, boards and panes; manage and provide comprehensive interpretation and equivalencies for all phases of emergency management; exhibit comprehensive knowledge of FEMA, OSHA and NASA standards pertaining to emergency management; represents agency in determining levels of coordination with intergovernmental departments, state and local agencies; evaluate agency exercise design criteria for emergency response; conduct risk assessments.

Emergency Management

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