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Workplace Safety

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Knowledge, capabilities, and practice associated with NASA, Federal (29 CFR 1960), and State OSHA health and safety regulations, policies and procedures used to develop and implement mishap prevention practices and measures in all NASA work places. These knowledge areas include safety of personnel and equipment during launch vehicle and payload processing, range operations, normal and industrial and laboratory operations, special high hazard tests and operations, develops explosives safety programs for pyrotechnics, and propellant operations, explosives and propellant citing, aviation and space operations, use and handling of exotic materials and chemicals, and design, construction, and use of facilities. Capabilities include ability to develop,assess and analyze workplace mishap prevention policy, manage, and assess the effectiveness of safety programs and practices, which are designed to prevent injury to personnel and loss of NASA property in all work environments on land, sea, air or space, and promote the safety of all employees. This function will also assure the proper investigation, recording, and corrective action documentation of all mishaps within the agency. At the National Level assures interagency coordination with all concerned departments and agencies concerned with safety and health policy development, program execution and evaluation.

Workplace Safety

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