European Education Thesaurus

  1. CAC [PT] USE computer-assisted design
  2. CAD [DE] USE computer-assisted design
  3. CAD [DE] USE school record
  4. CAD [ES] USE computer-assisted design
  5. CAD [GA] USE computer-assisted design
  6. CAD [PT] USE computer-assisted design
  7. CAD [VS] USE computer-assisted design
  8. cadea [GA] USE prison
  9. cadea [GA] USE community home
  10. Caderno [PT] USE pupil equipment
  11. cadre de direction [FR] USE managerial staff
  12. cadre de vie [FR] USE environment
  13. cahier [FR] USE pupil equipment
  14. CAI [VS] USE infancy
  15. CAI [VS] USE didactic use of computer
  16. Caimán, Illas [GA] USE Cayman Islands
  17. Caiman, les [CT] USE Cayman Islands
  18. CAL [IT] USE didactic use of computer
  19. calcolatore elettronico [IT] USE computer
  20. calcolatore [IT] USE computer
  21. calcolo delle probabilità [IT] USE probability
  22. calcul des probabilités [FR] USE probability
  23. calculation
  24. calculator
  25. calculette [FR] USE pupil equipment
  26. calendari escolar [CT] USE arrangement of school time
  27. calendario escolar [GA] USE arrangement of school time
  28. Câmara de televisao [PT] USE electronic camera
  29. cámara de televisión [ES] USE electronic camera
  30. camaraderie [FR] USE friendship
  31. cambiamento di lavoro [IT] USE occupational mobility
  32. cambio de empleo [ES] USE occupational mobility
  33. cambio de ocupación [ES] USE occupational mobility
  34. cambio de profesión [GA] USE career change
  35. cambio di occupazione [IT] USE occupational mobility
  36. Cambodia
  37. caméra de télévision [FR] USE electronic camera
  38. Cameroon
  39. campament [CT] USE school camp
  40. campamento escolar [GA] USE school camp
  41. campamento [ES] USE school camp
  42. camping
  43. campionamento [IT] USE sample
  44. campo da gioco [IT] USE sports ground
  45. campo de xogos [GA] USE sports ground
  46. campo estivo [IT] USE school camp
  47. Campuchea [GA] USE Cambodia
  48. campus
  49. Canada
  50. Canarias, Illas [GA] USE Canary Islands
  51. Canary Islands
  52. Cançao de embalar [PT] USE nursery rhyme
  53. cancer
  54. cáncer [GA] USE cancer
  55. candidate
  56. Cantina escolar [PT] USE dining hall
  57. canvi d'ocupació [CT] USE occupational mobility
  58. canvi de lloc de treball [CT] USE occupational mobility
  59. Capacidade de aprender [PT] USE cognitive ability
  60. Capacidade mental [PT] USE cognitive ability
  61. capacité à apprendre [FR] USE cognitive ability
  62. Cape Verde
  63. capital
  64. capitalism
  65. capo [IT] USE leader
  66. capoclasse [IT] USE prefect
  67. cárcel [ES] USE prison
  68. cárcere [GA] USE prison
  69. cárcere [GA] USE physically handicapped
  70. cardiopatia [CT] USE heart disease
  71. care
  72. career
  73. career change
  74. career choice USE occupational choice
  75. career development
  76. career profile
  77. caregiver
  78. carencia alimentaria [GA] USE food deficiency
  79. carenza di insegnanti [IT] USE demand for teachers
  80. caretaker
  81. Caribbean
  82. carreira [GA] USE career
  83. Cartilha [PT] USE alphabet book
  84. cartography
  85. cartography library
  86. cartoons
  87. cartos [GA] USE money
  88. casa da cultura [GA] USE cultural centre
  89. Casa da cultura [PT] USE cultural centre
  90. casa de cultura [ES] USE cultural centre
  91. casa editrice [IT] USE publishing industry
  92. casamento [GA] USE marriage
  93. case study
  94. casework
  95. cassetta [IT] USE sound tape
  96. castelán [GA] USE Spanish language
  97. castellà [CT] USE Spanish language
  98. català [CT] USE Catalan language
  99. Catalan language
  100. catalán [GA] USE Catalan language
  101. catalogue
  102. cataloguing
  103. Catalonia
  104. catamenia [GA] USE menstruation
  105. catharsis
  106. Catholicism
  107. cativo abandonado [GA] USE abandoned child
  108. cativo adoptado [GA] USE adopted child
  109. cativo atrasado [GA] USE backward child
  110. cativo de alto risco [GA] USE child at risk
  111. cativo de aprendizaxe lenta [GA] USE slow learner
  112. cativo de primeira infancia [GA] USE infant
  113. cativo desamparado [GA] USE neglected child
  114. cativo desatendido [GA] USE neglected child
  115. cativo en situación de risco [GA] USE child at risk
  116. cativo maltratado [GA] USE battered child
  117. cativo prematuro [GA] USE premature baby
  118. cativo problemático [GA] USE problem child
  119. cativo retardado [GA] USE slow learner
  120. cativo [GA] USE child
  121. catón [GA] USE alphabet book
  122. Cayman Islands
  123. CCC [DE] USE Council for Cultural Co-operation
  124. CCE [FR] USE EC Commission
  125. CCE [IT] USE EC Commission
  126. CCE [PT] USE EC Commission
  127. CCTV [CT] USE closed circuit television
  128. CD ROM
  129. CD [DE] USE compact disc
  130. CD [DE] USE slow learner
  131. CD [ES] USE compact disc
  132. CD [FR] USE compact disc
  133. CD [GA] USE compact disc
  134. CD [PT] USE compact disc
  135. CD [VS] USE compact disc
  136. CD [VS] USE open university
  137. CDCC [DE] USE marginal group
  138. CEC USE EC Commission
  139. CEC [GA] USE EC Commission
  140. CEC [VS] USE EC Commission
  141. CEC [VS] USE abstract
  142. CEDEFOP
  143. Ceefax USE videotex
  144. Ceilán [ES] USE Sri Lanka
  145. Ceilán [GA] USE regional inequality
  146. Ceilán [GA] USE Sri Lanka
  147. Ceilao [PT] USE Sri Lanka
  148. celebration USE ceremony
  149. célébration [FR] USE ceremony
  150. celebrazione [IT] USE ceremony
  151. Celtic languages
  152. censorship
  153. census
  154. centocinquanta ore [IT] USE educational leave
  155. Central Africa
  156. Central African Republic
  157. Central America
  158. Central and Eastern Europe
  159. Central Asia
  160. central government
  161. central processing unit
  162. central processing unit [IT] USE central processing unit
  163. centralization
  164. centre de desenvolupament professional de professors [CT] USE college of education
  165. centre de documentació [CT] USE information centre
  166. centre de documentation [FR] USE information centre
  167. centre de formation professionnelle [FR] USE training centre
  168. centre social [FR] USE community centre
  169. Centro de documentaçao [PT] USE information centre
  170. centro de documentación [ES] USE information centre
  171. centro de documentación [GA] USE information centre
  172. centro de educación correccional [GA] USE community home
  173. centro de educación especial [ES] USE special school
  174. centro de educación especial [GA] USE special school
  175. centro de ensinanza secundaria [GA] USE secondary school
  176. centro de ensinanza [GA] USE educational institution
  177. centro de ensino secundario [GA] USE secondary school
  178. Centro de formaçao profissional [PT] USE training centre
  179. centro de formación profesional [ES] USE training centre
  180. centro de material didáctico [ES] USE resource centre
  181. centro de material didáctico [GA] USE resource centre
  182. centro de proceso de datos [ES] USE computer centre
  183. centro de proceso de datos [GA] USE computer centre
  184. centro di addestramento [IT] USE training centre
  185. centro di comunità [IT] USE community centre
  186. centro di documentazione [IT] USE information centre
  187. centro di orientamento [IT] USE guidance service
  188. centro di ricerca [IT] USE research centre
  189. centro social [ES] USE community centre
  190. centro social [GA] USE community centre
  191. Centro social [PT] USE community centre
  192. cerebral palsy
  193. ceremony
  194. certificate
  195. certification
  196. CES [FR] USE EC Economic and Social Committee
  197. Ceylon [IT] USE Sri Lanka
  198. Chad
  199. chalkboard
  200. change of occupation USE occupational mobility