Universal Decimal Classification

  1. Babi-Baha'i
  2. Bacteria
  3. Baha'i
  4. Bahrain. Kingdom of Bahrain. Mamlakat al-Baḥrayn
  5. Baking. Bread. Flour confectionery
  6. Balkan Romance / Balkan Romanic languages
  7. Balkan Romance languages
  8. Balkan states
  9. Ball games
  10. Ball games in which the ball is played with foot and hand
  11. Ballistics. Gunnery. Theoretical and experimental problems
  12. Baltic languages
  13. Baltic languages
  14. Baltic states in general
  15. Bangladesh. People's Republic of Bangladesh. Gônoprojatontri Bangladesh
  16. Base equipment, installations and corresponding technical procedures
  17. Basic elements and subsystems of global societies as sociological categories
  18. Basic human needs. Requirements for well-being
  19. Basque (Euskera, Euskara)
  20. Bast fibres (fibres from dicotyledon stems). Hard fibres (fibres from monocotyledon leaves and fruit)
  21. Beauty culture industries
  22. Beers. Brewing. Malting
  23. Belarus. Republic of Belarus. Respublika Belarus
  24. Belarusian
  25. Belarusian language
  26. Belarusian literature
  27. Belgium. Kingdom of Belgium. Royaume de Belgique. Koninkrijk België. Königreich Belgien
  28. Belize. Belice
  29. Below sea level. Underground. Subterranean
  30. Bengali (Bangla)
  31. Bengali (Bangla) language
  32. Bengali (Bangla) literature
  33. Benin. Republic of Benin. République du Bénin
  34. Berber languages
  35. Bhutan. Kingdom of Bhutan. Druk-yul. Druk Gyal Khab (Dru Gäkhap)
  36. Bias phase
  37. Bibliographic descriptions. Abstracts. Summaries. Surveys
  38. Bibliographies
  39. Bibliographies of place
  40. Bibliographies of works of particular characteristics
  41. Bibliography and bibliographies. Catalogues
  42. Biographical presentation
  43. Biographical studies
  44. Biographical studies. Genealogy. Heraldry. Flags
  45. Biological and ethological processes
  46. Biological sciences in general
  47. Biological techniques, experimental methods and equipment in general
  48. Biotechnology
  49. Biotechnology products
  50. Birds (except poultry and game) bred or kept by humans
  51. Blood. Cardiovascular, circulatory system
  52. Board and table games (of thought, skill and chance)
  53. Body care. Beauty care. Accessories for dressing and undressing
  54. Bolivia. The Plurinational State of Bolivia. Estado Plurinacional de Bolivia. Bulibya Mamallaqta. Wuliwya Suyu. Tetã Volívia
  55. Bookbinding. Metallizing. Mirror-making. Stationery
  56. Books in general
  57. Books remarkable for their binding
  58. Books remarkable for their illustrations or for materials used
  59. Bosnia-Herzegovina. Republic of Bosnia-Herzegovina. Bosna i Hercegovina
  60. Botany
  61. Botswana. Republic of Botswana. Lefatshe la Botswana
  62. Bougainvillean languages
  63. Brazil. Federative Republic of Brazil. República Federativa do Brasil
  64. Breeding of aquatic crustaceans
  65. Breeding of aquatic molluscs (shellfish)
  66. Bridge construction
  67. British Indian Ocean Territory (BIOT) (UK)
  68. Brunei. State of Brunei Darussalam. Negara Brunei Darussalam
  69. Brush industry. Brooms etc.
  70. Bryophyta (Musci). Bryology
  71. Brythonic group
  72. Buddhism
  73. Building (construction) trade. Building materials. Building practice and procedure
  74. Building ironwork
  75. Building materials. Building components
  76. Buildings for educational, scientific, cultural purposes
  77. Buildings for religious use. Ecclesiology
  78. Buildings generally
  79. Bulgaria. Republic of Bulgaria. Bulharsko. Republika Bulgariya
  80. Bulgarian
  81. Bulgarian language
  82. Bulgarian literature
  83. Burkina Faso. People's Democratic Republic of Burkina Faso. République Démocratique Populaire de Burkina Faso
  84. Burundi. Republic of Burundi
  85. Business management, administration. Commercial organization
  86. Buying. Purchasing. Procurement. Management of stock