Universal Decimal Classification

  1. Cable and cordage industries
  2. Cable bridges. Suspension bridges
  3. Cable railways. Funicular railways. Suspension railways. Aerial ropeways and cableways. Telphers
  4. Cambodia. Kingdom of Cambodia. Srok Khmae (Prateh Kampuchea). Preăh Réachéa Anachâk Kâmpŭchea
  5. Cameroon. United Republic of Cameroon
  6. Canada
  7. Canine sports. Dog racing etc.
  8. Cape Verde. Republic of Cape Verde. República de Cabo Verde
  9. Card games
  10. Caribbean territories. West Indies (Antilles)
  11. Caricature. Cartoons. Satirical and humorous drawings
  12. Carnivora (Carnivorans)
  13. Cartography. Mapping (textual documents)
  14. Catalan
  15. Catalan language
  16. Catalan literature
  17. Catalogues
  18. Catalogues in general. Subject catalogues
  19. Catholic church
  20. Cats
  21. Caucasian languages
  22. Caucasian languages
  23. Caudata
  24. Cavalry. Mounted troops. Motorized troops
  25. Celebration
  26. Cellular and subcellular biology. Cytology
  27. Celtic languages
  28. Cemeteries. Graveyards. Crematoriums. Other places for disposal of the dead (planning, design, upkeep etc.)
  29. Cemetery hygiene. Disposal of the dead
  30. Cenozoic (Cainozoic). Neozoic (70 MYBP - present)
  31. Central African Republic
  32. Central American states
  33. Central and South American indigenous languages
  34. Central group of Indic languages
  35. Central group of Turkic languages
  36. Central Modern Indic languages
  37. Ceramic arts. Pottery
  38. Ceramics
  39. Ceramics in general. Ceramic raw materials
  40. Cereal technology. Flour and corn milling. Grain processing
  41. Cereals. Grain crops
  42. Ceremonies by purpose
  43. Cetacea and Sirenia
  44. Chaco languages
  45. Chaco languages. Patagonian and Fuegian languages
  46. Chad. Republic of Chad
  47. Chadic languages
  48. Chamber music. Music for several instruments concertante
  49. Character types
  50. Characteristic features, forms, combinations etc. (in art, entertainment and sport)
  51. Characteristics of writing
  52. Characteristics, constitution and special biological features of domestic animals
  53. Characteristics, kinds of musical works. Musical forms
  54. Chari-Nile branch
  55. Charismatics. Persons with supernatural powers
  56. Charity. Support for others. Pastoral activities. Pastoral theology in the broad sense
  57. Chemical composition. Structure. Isotopes etc.
  58. Chemical kinetics. Catalysis
  59. Chemical laboratories
  60. Chemical methods of analysis
  61. Chemical processing operations and equipment in general
  62. Chemical reactions. Special chemical processes
  63. Chemical structure of matter
  64. Chemical substances and systems. Origin. Natural state. Phases
  65. Chemical substances and systems. Origin. Occurrence. Phases
  66. Chemical technology of gases
  67. Chemical technology of liquids. Processes and equipment for treatment of or with liquids
  68. Chemical technology. Chemical and related industries
  69. Chemical thermodynamics
  70. Chemicals
  71. Chemicals. Reagents
  72. Chemistry of high energy processes
  73. Chemistry of surface phenomena and colloids
  74. Chemistry. Crystallography. Mineralogy
  75. Chess
  76. Children and infants (in general)
  77. Chile. Republic of Chile. República de Chile
  78. China. People's Republic of China. Zhōnghuá Rénmín Gònghéguó
  79. Chinese languages
  80. Chinese languages
  81. Chinese literature
  82. Chiroptera (Bats)
  83. Chocolate. Cocoa. Coffee. Tea. Tobacco
  84. Chordata
  85. Chordata
  86. Christian churches and denominations
  87. Christianity
  88. Church music. Sacred music. Religious music
  89. Cider. Perry. Other fruit wines, sap wines
  90. Cinema. Films (motion pictures)
  91. Civil and structural engineering in general
  92. Civil engineering of land transport. Railway engineering. Highway engineering
  93. Civil law
  94. Civilization. Culture. Progress
  95. Class war. Forms of class warfare
  96. Classical period
  97. Classification and systematics of microorganisms
  98. Classification of organic compounds. Element-organic compounds
  99. Clerical, administrative workers. Clerks. Office staff (white-collar workers)
  100. Climatology
  101. Clothing industry. Garment manufacture. Beauty culture
  102. Clothing. Body care
  103. Clothing. Garments
  104. Coarse ceramics. Heavy clayware. Refractories. Hard ceramic materials. Mixtures of ceramics and other materials
  105. Coatings and coating techniques. Paints. Varnishes. Lacquers
  106. Collected and polygraphic works. Forms. Lists. Illustrations. Business publications
  107. Collections of drawings. Sketchbooks
  108. Collective bibliographies
  109. Collective polygraphies. Collections of works by several authors
  110. Collective polygraphy
  111. Colombia. Republic of Colombia. República de Colombia
  112. Colour industries
  113. Colouring, staining etc., of various materials (except printing and painting)
  114. Colours and their properties. Colour theory
  115. Combat sports. Self-defence sports. Heavy athletics. Trials of strength
  116. Combinatorial analysis. Graph theory
  117. Commercial law. Company law
  118. Commercial organization and practice. Goods. Services
  119. Commitments. Contractual liabilities. Bonds. Contracts. Agreements
  120. Common auxilaries of persons and personal characteristics. Table 1k
  121. Common auxiliaries of form. Table 1d
  122. Common auxiliaries of general characteristics: Properties, Materials, Relations/Processes and Persons. Table 1k.
  123. Common auxiliaries of human ancestry, ethnic grouping and nationality. Table 1f
  124. Common auxiliaries of language. Table 1c
  125. Common auxiliaries of materials. Table 1k
  126. Common auxiliaries of place. Table 1e
  127. Common auxiliaries of properties. Table 1k
  128. Common auxiliaries of relations, processes and operations. Table 1k
  129. Common auxiliaries of time. Table 1g
  132. Communicable diseases. Infectious and contagious diseases, fevers
  133. Communication and transport industries. Accountancy. Business management. Public relations
  134. Community songs. Children's songs
  135. Comparative geography
  136. Comparative law
  137. Comparative literary studies. Comparative literature
  138. Comparison of religions
  139. Comparison phase
  140. Complications. Consequences. Repercussions. Concurrence, simultaneous state. Correlation. Previous illnesses. Previous state of health. Antagonism of two diseases
  141. Composition of musical works
  142. Composition of vibrations
  143. Composition. Structure. Isotopes
  144. Computational mathematics. Numerical analysis
  145. Computer architecture
  146. Computer communication hardware
  147. Computer communication. Computer networks
  148. Computer graphics
  149. Computer hardware
  150. Computer infections
  151. Computer installations
  152. Computer languages
  153. Computer pathways
  154. Computer programming. Computer programs
  155. Computer science and technology. Computing. Data processing
  156. Computers. Kinds of computer
  157. Conation and movement
  158. Concepts of science and knowledge
  159. Condensed matter physics. Solid state physics
  160. Congo-Kordofanian (Niger-Kordofanian) languages
  161. Congo. Republic of the Congo. République du Congo. Repubilika ya Kongo. Republiki ya Kongó
  162. Consecutive extension (oblique stroke sign). Table 1a
  163. Constitutions. Legislative assemblies. National assemblies
  164. Consular law
  165. Consumerism
  166. Contests. Records
  167. Contributions and payments
  168. Conventional time divisions and subdivisions: numbered, named, etc.
  169. Conventional writing systems used for general purposes of literate language communities. Orthographies
  170. Coordination. Addition (plus sign). Table 1a
  171. Corrective and protective appliances, aids etc.
  172. Cosmic rays. Primary cosmic rays
  173. Cosmology. Philosophy of nature
  174. Costa Rica. Republic of Costa Rica. República de Costa Rica
  175. Costume. Clothing. National dress. Fashion. Adornment
  176. Côte d'Ivoire. Republic of Côte d'Ivoire. Ivory Coast. République de Côte d'Ivoire
  177. Countries and places of the modern world
  178. Countries of the British Isles
  179. Countries of the Caucasus region
  180. Countries of the Iberian peninsula
  181. Criminal justice. Criminal investigation. Criminal proceedings
  182. Criminal law
  183. Criminal law proper
  184. Criminal law. Penal offences
  185. Criminology. Criminal sciences. Criminalistics
  186. Critical works
  187. Croatia. Republic of Croatia. Republika Hrvatska
  188. Croatian
  189. Croatian language
  190. Croatian literature
  191. Crystal chemistry
  192. Crystal growths. Crystalline aggregates
  193. Crystallography
  194. Cuba. Republic of Cuba. República de Cuba
  195. Cultural anthropology. Ethnography. Customs. Manners. Traditions. Way of life
  196. Cultural remains of historical times
  197. Current electricity. Electric current. Electrokinetics
  198. Curricula. Syllabuses
  199. Cushitic languages
  200. Customs, manners, usage in private life