Universal Decimal Classification

  1. Dams. Hydraulic power plant works
  2. Danish
  3. Danish language
  4. Danish literature
  5. Dardic group of Indic languages
  6. Data
  7. Data handling
  8. Data representation
  9. Databases and their structures
  10. Dates and ranges of time (CE or AD) in conventional Christian (Gregorian) reckoning
  11. Dates and time units in non-Christian (non-Gregorian) religious time reckonings
  12. Dead Indo-European languages (not listed elsewhere)
  13. Dead languages of unknown affiliation, spoken in the Mediterranean and Near East (except Semitic)
  14. Dead languages of unknown affiliation, spoken in the Mediterranean and Near East (except Semitic)
  15. Dead languages of unknown affiliation. Caucasian languages
  16. Dead languages of unknown affiliation. Caucasian languages
  17. Death. Treatment of corpses. Funerals. Death rites
  18. Decorative handicrafts
  19. Defective structural development. Physiological deformities. Malformations. Hemiterata. Oversized, undersized organs. Teratology. Monsters. Abnormalities
  20. Democratic Republic of Congo. République Démocratique du Congo. Republiki ya Kongó Demokratiki. Jamhuri ya Kidemokrasia ya Kongo
  21. Demography. Population studies
  22. Denmark. Kingdom of Denmark. Kongeriget Danmark
  23. Dependence of phenomena on certain fundamental physical effects
  24. Dependent or semi-dependent territories
  25. Dependent persons. Dependants
  26. Deposits of carbonaceous rocks. Hydrocarbon deposits
  27. Deposits of precious and semiprecious stones. Gemstone deposits
  28. Deposits of various inorganic economic minerals and earths (mainly nonmetalliferous)
  29. Dermoptera. Cynocephalidae
  30. Devices for servicing, maintenance and protection of machines
  31. Dialectology. Geographical linguistics. Areal linguistics
  32. Dialects. Local and regional language. Variants and vernaculars
  33. Dicotyledonae (Magnoliopsida)
  34. Dictionaries
  35. Dictionary catalogues
  36. Dietetics. Nutrition principles applied to feeding and foods
  37. Differential equations. Integral equations. Other functional equations. Finite differences. Calculus of variations. Functional analysis
  38. Differential geometry. Algebraic and analytic methods in geometry
  39. Diplomatic law. Laws of diplomacy
  40. Diprotodontia
  41. Direct alphabetical specification. Table 1h
  42. Direction, velocity, rate, duration of processes etc.
  43. Diseases of (undomesticated) animals. Animal pathology
  44. Display interface
  45. Dissemination of ideas
  46. Distributed processing systems
  47. Divisions of provinces. Subprefectures. Arrondissements. Kreise
  48. Djibouti. Republic of Djibouti. Jumhouriyya Djibouti
  49. Document processing and production
  50. Documentary materials for teaching. Teaching aids
  51. Documentary photography. Photographic records and their interpretation
  52. Documentation
  53. Documentation. Books. Writings. Authorship
  54. Documents according to level of presentation and availability
  55. Documents according to method of production
  56. Documents according to physical, external form
  57. Documents according to stage of production
  58. Documents connected with competitions, tests, examinations etc.
  59. Documents for instruction, teaching, study, training
  60. Documents for particular kinds of user
  61. Documents for practical instruction, training
  62. Documents of particular form
  63. Documents of particular origin or destination
  64. Documents relating to societies, associations, organizations
  65. Dogs
  66. Domestic architecture. Housing. Residential buildings
  67. Domestic care of children, invalids, guests
  68. Domestic equines. Horses
  69. Domestic lighting
  70. Domestic water supply and sanitary installations
  71. Drainage and sanitary installations of buildings (particularly public health requirements)
  72. Drama. Plays
  73. Dramatic music. Opera
  74. Drawing
  75. Drawing in general
  76. Drawing. Design. Applied arts and crafts
  77. Drinks. Curative drinks. Medicinal waters. Liquid diet
  78. Driving with horses. Coaching, carriage-driving. Trotting
  79. Duration. Time-span. Period. Term. Ages and age-groups
  80. Dutch
  81. Dutch language
  82. Dutch literature
  83. Dyestuffs industry. Manufacture and use of dyestuffs
  84. Dynamics of the economy. Economic movement
  85. Dynamics. Kinetics