Universal Decimal Classification

  1. Earth Sciences. Geological sciences
  2. Earth-Moon system
  3. East Arabian states (Gulf states)
  4. East Germanic languages
  5. East Slavic / Slavonic languages
  6. East Slavic / Slavonic literature
  7. East Slavic languages
  8. East. Eastern
  9. Eastern (Karluk) group of Turkic languages
  10. Eastern Church. Eastern Christianity
  11. Eastern group of Indic languages
  12. Eastern Iranian languages
  13. Eastern Modern Indic languages
  14. Ecclesiastical law. Canon law. Religious law (option)
  15. Economic geology. Mineral deposits
  16. Economic law. Law of government control of the economy
  17. Economic liabilities. Economic contracts
  18. Economic policy. Control of the economy. Management of the economy. Economic planning
  19. Economic situation. Economic policy. Management of the economy. Economic planning. Production. Services. Prices
  20. Economic situation. Trade cycle. Development of economic structure. Growth
  21. Economic zoology. Applied zoology
  22. Economics in general
  23. Economics of energy in general
  24. Economics of housing
  25. Economics. Economic science
  26. Ecosphere
  27. Ecuador. Republic of Ecuador. República del Ecuador
  28. Edible fruits and seeds. Pulses
  29. Edible fungi
  30. Edible minerals
  31. Edible oils and fats. Margarine. Protein foodstuffs
  32. Edible roots and tubers. Root crops
  33. Edible roots. Root vegetables
  34. Edible tubers and bulbs
  35. Editing. Adapting and arranging copy for publication
  36. Education
  37. Education and film
  38. Education and training out of school. Further education
  39. Education in relation to the educand, pupil. Guidance
  40. Education in religion
  41. Education, teaching, training of special groups of persons. Special schools
  42. Educational documents and material not listed elsewhere
  43. Educational texts. Schoolbooks. Texts for students
  44. Effect of bodies on heat radiation
  45. Effect of heat input and temperature on volume and structure of bodies
  46. Effects of phenomena
  47. Egypt. Arab Republic of Egypt. Miṣr. Ǧumhūrīyâtu Miṣra l-ʿArabīyâ
  48. Egyptian-Coptic
  49. El Salvador. Republic of El Salvador. República de El Salvador
  50. Elasticity. Compressibility. Liquefaction. Gas mixing. Gaseous mixtures
  51. Elasticity. Deformation. Mechanics of elastic solids
  52. Elections. Plebiscites. Referendums. Election campaigns. Electoral corruption, malpractice. Election results
  53. Electoral law. Voting. Electoral systems
  54. Electrical engineering
  55. Electricity. Magnetism. Electromagnetism
  56. Electrochemistry
  57. Electromagnetism. Electromagnetic field. Electrodynamics
  58. Electron and ion phenomena
  59. Embryology of plants
  60. Emergence of writing
  61. Emotions. Affections. Sensibility. Feelings
  62. Enamel (vitreous enamel). Cloisonné. Enamel ornaments
  63. Encyclopaedias
  64. Enforcement of economic law. Sanctions. Supervision. Commercial disputes. Settlement. Legal protection
  65. Engineering. Technology in general
  66. Engineers' corps. Special units
  67. English
  68. English language
  69. English literature
  70. Ensemble music for relatively large numbers of instruments
  71. Environmental science. Conservation of natural resources. Threats to the environment and protection against them
  72. Epistemological viewpoints and doctrines
  73. Equatorial Guinea. Republic of Equatorial Guinea
  74. Equatorial languages
  75. Equatorial, central and eastern African states and territories
  76. Equilibrium of liquids
  77. Equipment for board and table games
  78. Equipment, services, installations in buildings (sanitary, gas, steam, electrical). Pipe fitter. Plumber. Metal worker. Drainlayer. Electrician. Other trades
  79. Eritrea. State of Eritrea. Ertra. Hagəre Ertra (Dawlâtu Iritrīya)
  80. Eskimo-Aleut languages
  81. Esperanto (designed by Zamenhof)
  82. Esperanto language
  83. Essays
  84. Essential oils. Perfumery. Cosmetics
  85. Estonia. Republic of Estonia. Eesti Vabariik
  86. Estonian
  87. Estonian language
  88. Estonian literature
  89. Ethics and society
  90. Ethio-Semitic languages
  91. Ethiopia. Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia. Ītyōṗṗyā. ye-Ītyōṗṗyā Fēdēralāwī Dīmōkrāsīyāwī Rīpeblīk / yä-Ityoṗya Federalawi Dimokrasiyawi Ripäblik
  92. Europe
  93. European Continental Ancestry Group
  94. Eutheria
  95. Evidences of religion
  96. Executive functions
  97. Executive power of the state. Central organs of state government
  98. Expatriates. Exiles. Repatriates. Migrants. Stateless persons
  99. Exploration of particular geographical features
  100. Explosives
  101. Explosives. Fuels
  102. External geodynamics (exogenous processes)
  103. Extragalactic systems