Universal Decimal Classification

  1. Factors of the environment. Forest biology
  2. Factors. Influences
  3. Family ethics
  4. Family law. Law of inheritance. Heirs. Successors
  5. Fancy goods. Toys. Decorative articles
  6. Fancy work. Art needlework
  7. Farm buildings, structures and installations. Buildings for livestock, produce, machinery and equipment
  8. Farm management and organization
  9. Farm management. Agronomy. Horticulture
  10. Farriery. Shoe-smithing
  11. Female persons. Women
  12. Ferrous metallurgy. Iron and steel
  13. Fertilizers, manures and soil enrichment. Promotion of growth. Plant stimulants
  14. Fiction. Prose narrative
  15. Field crops and their production
  16. Field engineering equipment and operations. Lines of communication. Radar countermeasures. Military topography
  17. Field engineering. Fortifications. Defence works
  18. Field surveying. Land surveying. Cadastral survey. Topography. Engineering survey. Special fields of surveying
  19. Fields of management
  20. Fields of practice in social work
  21. Figure of the Earth. Earth measurement. Mathematical geodesy. Physical geodesy. Astronomical geodesy
  22. Files
  23. Film as industry
  24. Films according to characteristics of presentation
  25. Finance
  26. Fine structure of crystals. Discontinuum theory of crystals
  27. Finishing and decorating trades
  28. Finland. Republic of Finland. Suomi. Suomen Tasavalta. Republiken Finland
  29. Finnic languages
  30. Finnic languages
  31. Finnish
  32. Finnish language
  33. Finnish literature
  34. Finno-Ugric languages
  35. Finno-Ugric languages
  36. Fireworks. Pyrotechnic and related devices
  37. First millennium CE
  38. Fish breeding. Pisciculture
  39. Fishing. Fisheries
  40. Fixed and movable parts, components of machines
  41. Flags. Standards. Banners
  42. Fluid control parts and drives. Valves, closures etc.
  43. Fluid mechanics in general. Mechanics of liquids (hydromechanics)
  44. Fluids handling, storage and distribution plant and techniques
  45. Folklore in the strict sense
  46. Food preservation technique
  47. Food. Cooking. Dishes
  48. Food. Cooking. Dishes. Meals
  49. Footwear. Other aids to locomotion
  50. Forage grasses. Meadow and pasture grasses
  51. Forage plants except grasses
  52. Foreign trade. External trade. International trade
  53. Forest injuries and protection
  54. Forest management. Business economics of forestry. Administration and organization of forest enterprises
  55. Forest mensuration. Increment, development and structure of stands. Surveying and mapping
  56. Forest products and their utilization
  57. Forestry
  58. Forests and forestry from the national point of view. Social economics of forestry
  59. Forests, forestry and the utilization of forest products
  60. Formation, growth and solution of crystals
  61. Former Asiatic USSR
  62. Forms of enterprise. Finances
  63. Forms of organization and cooperation in the economy
  64. Forms of political organization. States as political powers
  65. Fortresses. Permanent fortifications. Fortified lines, areas
  66. Foundations. Endowments. Institutions
  67. France. French Republic. République Française
  68. Free churches. Non-conformists
  69. French
  70. French Guiana. Department of Guiana. Guyane française. Guyane (département d'outre-mer)
  71. French language
  72. French literature
  73. Fruit growing
  74. Fuel and other heat-source characteristics of machinery and installations
  75. Fuel technology. Processed fuels
  76. Function, value, utility, creation, development of libraries
  77. Functional and metabolic disorders
  78. Fundamental and general considerations of mathematics
  79. Fundamental concepts
  80. Fundamental rights. Human rights. Rights and duties of the citizen
  81. Fundamentals of chemical engineering
  82. Fundamentals of education. Theory. Policy etc.
  83. Fundamentals of logic
  84. Fundamentals, bases of statistics
  85. Fungi (Eumycota, Eumycetes). True fungi. Moulds. Mycology
  86. Furnace and combustion engineering
  87. Furnishing ironwork
  88. Furniture and allied industries. Furniture manufacture. Upholstery
  89. Furniture and household fittings
  90. Furniture. Furniture design and manufacture
  91. Future of knowledge