Universal Decimal Classification

  1. Nahuatl
  2. Name catalogues
  3. Namibia. Republic of Namibia
  4. Nanotechnology
  5. National health services
  6. National property. National assets. Social product. Balance of the economy. Estimation of national product
  7. Nationalist, popular, ethnic movements and problems. National and ethnic minorities
  8. Nationals. Citizens of a country
  9. Native elements and alloys
  10. Natural fibres
  11. Natural flat ground (at, above or below sea level). The ground in its natural condition, cultivated or inhabited
  12. Natural languages
  13. Natural light
  14. Natural rubber. Other natural macromoleculars containing only carbon and hydrogen
  15. Natural stone deposits
  16. Natural waterway, port, harbour and shore engineering. Navigational, dredging, salvage and rescue facilities. Dams and hydraulic power plant
  17. Naturally occurring mineral materials
  18. Nature and role of philosophy
  19. Nature and structure of the organized religion, church. Ecclesiology
  20. Nature of god(s)
  21. Naval construction. Naval bases. Warships and other vessels
  22. Naval engineering
  23. Naval forces. Military fleet. Navy: personnel, organization
  24. Naval penal law. Laws of marine armed forces
  25. Navigational facilities. Channel maintenance. Marine salvage and rescue facilities
  26. Nepal. Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal. Sanghiya Loktantrik Ganatantra Nepal
  27. Nepali
  28. Nervous system. Sensory organs
  29. Netherlands. Kingdom of the Netherlands. Koninkrijk der Nederlanden
  30. Network architecture
  31. Network interconnection. Internetworking
  32. Networks according to area covered
  33. Neural (nervous) disorders
  34. Neurology. Neuropathology. Nervous system
  35. New Guinean (Papuan) languages
  36. New Zealand
  37. News bulletins. Newsletters. Information bulletins
  38. Newspaper articles
  39. Newspapers
  40. Newspapers. The Press. Journalism
  41. Nicaragua. Republic of Nicaragua. República de Nicaragua
  42. Nicobarese group
  43. Niger-Congo languages
  44. Niger. Republic of Niger. République du Niger
  45. Nigeria. Federal Republic of Nigeria
  46. Nilo-Saharan languages
  47. Nobility. Titles. Peerage
  48. Nomenclature and classification of organisms. Taxonomy
  49. Non-Euclidean spaces
  50. Non-nationals. Foreigners. Aliens
  51. Non-Roman Catholic episcopal churches
  52. Non-serial separates. Separata
  53. Noncontractual liabilities. Torts
  54. Nonferrous metals in general
  55. Nongovernmental organizations and cooperation
  56. Nonliterary, nontextual representations of a region
  57. Nonmetals and metalloids in general
  58. Normative geography
  59. North African states in general. Maghreb. Barbary States
  60. North and Central America
  61. North Germanic (Nordic) languages
  62. North Germanic (Nordic) languages
  63. North Germanic, Nordic (Scandinavian) literatures
  64. North Korea. People's Democratic Republic of Korea. Chosŏn Minjujuŭi In'min Konghwaguk
  65. North Semitic languages
  66. North-east. North-eastern
  67. North-eastern group
  68. North-eastern New Guinean (Madang)
  69. North-west. North-western
  70. North-western group
  71. North-western group of Indic languages
  72. North. Northern
  73. Northern group of Indic languages
  74. Northern group of Turkic languages
  75. Norway. Kingdom of Norway. Kongeriket Norge. Kongeriket Noreg
  76. Norwegian
  77. Norwegian language
  78. Norwegian literature
  79. Novels. Full-length stories
  80. Nuclear physics. Atomic physics. Molecular physics
  81. Number theory
  82. Numismatics
  83. Nuts