Universal Decimal Classification

  1. Sacraments. Sacramentals
  2. Sacred books. Scriptures. Religious texts
  3. Saddlery. Footwear. Gloving. Travel, sports, games and other equipment
  4. Saddlery. Harness making
  5. Safeguarding the mental and material necessities of life
  6. Saharan branch
  7. Saints. Bodhisattvas. Enlightened ones
  8. Salaries. Wages. Remuneration. Pay
  9. Sami / Saami / Lappic languages
  10. San Marino. Most Serene Republic of San Marino. Serenissima Repubblica di San Marino
  11. Sanitary inspection and control
  12. Sanskrit
  13. São Tomé and Príncipe. Democratic Republic of São Tomé and Príncipe. República Democrática de São Tomé e Príncipe
  14. Saudi Arabia. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. al-Mamlaka al-ʻArabiyya as-Suʻūdiyya
  15. Sauropsida (fossil). Synapsida (fossil)
  16. Sauropsida. Synapsida
  17. Scandentia
  18. Scandinavian States
  19. Schismatic groups. Heresies
  20. Schools and trends in linguistics
  21. Science and knowledge in general. Organization of intellectual work
  23. Science of economics. Basic economic concepts, theory. Value. Capital. Funds
  24. Science of geography. Methodology (theory, systems, methods)
  25. Science of history. Historiography
  26. Scientific recreations. Conjuring. Sleight of hand. Illusionism. Magic tricks
  27. Scientific theories of music. Mathematical, physical, physiological, psychological bases. Musical acoustics
  28. Sclerosis. Hardening (induration). Cirrhosis
  29. Scots Gaelic
  30. Scripts
  31. Sculpture in general. Statuary
  32. Second millennium CE
  33. Secondary literature. Pseudo-canonical works
  34. Secret or semi-secret organizations and movements
  35. Secular oratorios and cantatas
  36. Secular time reckonings other than universal and the Christian (Gregorian) calendar
  37. Sedimentary rocks
  38. Seed plants in general. Spermatophyta. Phanerogams. Siphonogamous embryophyta
  39. Seed plants in general. Spermatophyta. Phanerogams. Siphonogamous embryophyta.
  40. Self-acting systems
  41. Semantics
  42. Semeiology. Symptomatology. Signs and symptoms. Examination. Diagnosis. Propaedeutics
  43. Semitic languages
  44. Senegal. Republic of Senegal. République du Senegal
  45. Sensation. Sensory perception
  46. Separately issued supplements or parts of documents
  47. Sephardi Judaism
  48. Serbia. Republic of Serbia. Republika Srbija
  49. Serbian
  50. Serbian and Croatian
  51. Serbian and Croatian languages
  52. Serbian language
  53. Serbian literature
  54. Serbian literature. Croatian literature
  55. Serial publications, periodicals (as subject)
  56. Serial publications. Periodicals
  57. Service in, tactics of, particular forces and units. Training of troops and officers. Tactical exercises
  58. Set theory
  59. Sewage. Treatment, disposal, utilization of sewage
  60. Sexual ethics. Sexual morality
  61. Seychelles. Republic of Seychelles. République des Seychelles
  62. Shi'a. Shi'ite Islam
  63. Short stories. Novellas
  64. Short waves
  65. Shrubs (smaller woody plants without single trunk)
  66. Sierra Leone. Republic of Sierra Leone
  67. Signalling. Various telecommunication services. Remote control (telecontrol)
  68. Sikhism
  69. Silhouettes. Scissor-cuts
  70. Silicates. Titanates. Zirconates. Stannates
  71. Silviculture
  72. Simiiformes (Simians)
  73. Simple and multiple processes. Single-stage and multistage processes
  74. Simple relation (colon sign). Table 1b
  75. Simulation
  76. Sindhi
  77. Singapore. Republic of Singapore
  78. Singhalese-Maldivian group
  79. Sino-Tibetan languages
  80. Sino-Tibetan languages
  81. Site, organization and plant. Construction methods
  82. Size, permanence, location and shape of structures
  83. Skin. Common integument. Clinical dermatology. Cutaneous complaints
  84. Slavery. Involuntary, unfree labour
  85. Slavic / Slavonic languages
  86. Slavic languages
  87. Slovak
  88. Slovak language
  89. Slovakia. Slovak Republic. Slovensko. Slovenská Republika
  90. Slovakian literature
  91. Slovenia. Republic of Slovenia. Republika Slovenija
  92. Slovenian
  93. Slovenian / Slovene language
  94. Slovenian literature
  95. Small fruits of shrubs and herbaceous plants. Berries
  96. Small ruminants
  97. Smithery. Blacksmithery. Farriery. Hand-forged ironwork
  98. Social benefits. Social allowances. Social insurance. Social assistance
  99. Social ceremonial. Etiquette. Good manners. Social forms. Rank. Title
  100. Social customs and practice. Social theology
  101. Social dialects. Vocational slangs. Special vernacular forms
  102. Social entertainments and recreations. Art of movement. Dance
  103. Social ethics. Duties to one`s fellow humans
  104. Social groups. Social organizations
  105. Social problems. Human contacts, relationships
  106. Social processes. Social dynamics
  107. Social psychology
  108. Social questions. Social practice. Cultural practice. Way of life (Lebensweise)
  110. Social stratification. Social differentiation
  111. Social structure. Society as a social system
  112. Social welfare
  113. Social welfare agencies. Social welfare organizations
  114. Social welfare facilities
  115. Social welfare issues
  116. Social welfare operations. Welfare effort. Social services. Service provision
  117. Society
  118. Society and film
  119. Sociography. Descriptive studies of society (both qualitative and quantitative)
  120. Sociolinguistics. Usage of language
  121. Sociological points of view and trends
  122. Sociology
  123. Sociology of culture. Cultural context of social life
  124. Software
  125. Software development tools
  126. Software engineering
  127. Soil science. Pedology. Soil research
  128. Somalia. Somali Democratic Republic
  129. Sound interface
  130. Sources of linguistics and philology. Collections of texts
  131. South Africa. Republic of South Africa
  132. South America
  133. South Caucasian (Kartvelian) literature
  134. South Korea. Republic of Korea. Taehan Min'guk
  135. South Slavic / Slavonic languages
  136. South Slavic / Slavonic literatures
  137. South Slavic languages
  138. South-east Asian states and territories
  139. South-east Semitic languages
  140. South-east. South-eastern
  141. South-west Semitic languages
  142. South-west. South-western
  143. South. Southern
  144. Southern (Kartvelian) group
  145. Southern Caucasian / Kartvelian group
  146. Southern group of Turkic languages
  147. Spain. Kingdom of Spain. Reino de España
  148. Spanish
  149. Spanish language
  150. Spanish literature
  151. Special anthropogeography. Individual human ancestry groups
  152. Special applications and techniques of photography
  153. Special auxiliary numbers for characteristics of photographic machinery, equipment
  154. Special auxiliary numbers for origins and periods of languages
  155. Special auxiliary subdivision for animal husbandry
  156. Special auxiliary subdivision for architecture
  157. Special auxiliary subdivision for boundaries and spatial forms of various kinds
  158. Special auxiliary subdivision for chemical engineering
  159. Special auxiliary subdivision for cinema, films
  160. Special auxiliary subdivision for civil and structural engineering
  161. Special auxiliary subdivision for composition, production, preparation and analysis
  162. Special auxiliary subdivision for computing
  163. Special auxiliary subdivision for document form
  164. Special auxiliary subdivision for domestic science
  165. Special auxiliary subdivision for general aspects of pathology
  166. Special auxiliary subdivision for hardware
  167. Special auxiliary subdivision for language usage, dialects and variants
  168. Special auxiliary subdivision for literary forms, genres
  169. Special auxiliary subdivision for mechanics
  170. Special auxiliary subdivision for medical and surgical instrumentation and equipment
  171. Special auxiliary subdivision for morbid processes
  172. Special auxiliary subdivision for optics
  173. Special auxiliary subdivision for organizations and associations
  174. Special auxiliary subdivision for origins, periods of language and phases of development
  175. Special auxiliary subdivision for photography
  176. Special auxiliary subdivision for physical chemistry
  177. Special auxiliary subdivision for physics
  178. Special auxiliary subdivision for religion
  179. Special auxiliary subdivision for software
  180. Special auxiliary subdivision for sport, games, physical exercise
  181. Special auxiliary subdivision for state of substance, chemicals
  182. Special auxiliary subdivision for subject fields and facets of linguistics and languages
  183. Special auxiliary subdivision for technology in general
  184. Special auxiliary subdivision for the arts
  185. Special auxiliary subdivision for theoretical aspects, characteristics, factors etc. in biology
  186. Special auxiliary subdivision for theory, study and technique of literature
  187. Special auxiliary subdivision for transport vehicle engineering
  188. Special auxiliary subdivision for writing systems and scripts
  189. Special auxiliary subdivisions for classification of plants according to size and form
  190. Special auxiliary table for theory, principles, methods and organization of education
  191. Special branches of law. Miscellaneous legal matters
  192. Special chemical industries
  193. Special criminal law. Military, naval, air force laws
  194. Special kinds of regional administration
  195. Special kinds of theatre
  196. Special libraries
  197. Special mental states and processes
  198. Special metaphysics
  199. Special motor functions
  200. Special pathology