Universal Decimal Classification

  1. Table games with pieces or counters and an element of chance
  2. Taiwan. Republic of China. Zhōnghuá Mínguó
  3. Tajikistan. Republic of Tajikistan. Jumhurii Tojikiston
  4. Tanzania. United Republic of Tanzania
  5. Taoism
  6. Tasmanian
  7. Technical acoustics
  8. Technical and normative documents. Tables. Lists etc.
  9. Technical aspects of vehicular operations. Operational techniques
  10. Technical matters. Practice and exercise facilities. Sports gear, equipment. Materials. Protection against accidents, hazards
  11. Technical specialities in the army
  12. Technical staff. Operatives. Manual workers (blue-collar workers)
  13. Technique
  14. Techniques and methods of deciphering scripts
  15. Technology and processing of cereal grains
  16. Technology of other natural processable materials
  17. Telecommunication and telecontrol (organization, services)
  18. Telegraphy, telephony, radio, television services
  19. Temperature. Temperature scales. Temperature measurement. Thermometers. Temperature control
  20. Terracotta
  21. Text linguistics, Discourse analysis. Typological linguistics
  22. Text linguistics. Discourse analysis
  23. Textile and fibre plants
  24. Textile fibres
  25. Textile industry
  26. Textiles. Fibres. Yarns. Fabrics. Cloth
  27. Thailand. Kingdom of Thailand. Mueang Thai (Prathes Thai). Ratcha Anachak Thai
  29. The environment and its protection
  30. The Galaxy (Milky Way)
  31. The Gambia and Guinea
  32. The Gambia. Gambia. Republic of The Gambia
  33. The Guianas
  34. The Holy. The sacred. The supernatural. Object(s) of religion/worship
  35. The home. Household fittings and furnishings
  36. The home. The dwelling
  37. The household. Household management
  38. The paranormal. The occult. Psi phenomena
  39. The Solar System
  40. The Sun. Solar physics
  41. The Universe. Metagalaxy. Cosmology
  42. The universe. Nature of the universe. Cosmology
  43. The world according to physiographic features
  44. Theatre. Stagecraft. Dramatic performances
  45. Theoretical astronomy. Celestial mechanics
  46. Theoretical geography
  47. Theories and forms of national music (of various countries or peoples)
  48. Theories and forms of the music of antiquity
  49. Theories of social welfare
  50. Theory and nature of phenomena
  51. Theory and organization of work. Relations between business firms and employees
  52. Theory and philosophy of architecture. Principles of design, proportion, optical effect
  53. Theory and philosophy of art. Principles of design, proportion, optical effect
  54. Theory and philosophy of music
  55. Theory and philosophy of religion. Nature of religion. Phenomenon of religion
  56. Theory of errors and adjustment in geodesy and photogrammetry
  57. Theory of knowledge. Epistemology
  58. Theory of light
  59. Theory of machines. Technical mechanics in general
  60. Theory of signs. Theory of translation. Standardization. Usage. Geographical linguistics
  61. Theory of translation
  62. Theory, principles and nature of photographic phenomena
  63. Thermal characteristics. Temperature. Temperature range
  64. Thermodynamics. Energetics
  65. Theses. Dissertations
  66. Third millennium CE
  67. Threats to the environment
  68. Three-dimensional (solid) documents. Audio and audiovisual documents
  69. Three-dimensional. Bodies. Spaces
  70. Tibet. Tibet Autonomous Region. Xizang Zizhiqu
  71. Tibeto-Burman languages
  72. Timber and woodworking industry
  73. Timber construction. Carpentry. Joinery
  74. Time divisions other than dates in Christian (Gregorian) reckoning
  75. Time reckonings: universal, secular, non-Christian religious
  76. Togo. Togolese Republic. République togolaise
  77. Tool phase. Exposition phase
  78. Toolsmithing. Edge-tool forging
  79. Topology
  80. Totally reflected light
  81. Touring. Walking. Mountaineering. Orientation sports. Camping
  82. Tourism
  83. Toys. Articles for amusement, tricks. Decorations
  84. Tracheophyta. Vascular plants
  85. Trade in land, in real estate
  86. Trade. Commerce. International economic relations. World economy
  87. Transition between Expressionism and abstract art
  88. Translated documents. Translations
  89. Transport and postal services. Traffic organization and control
  90. Transport by air. Air traffic
  91. Transport by light railways
  92. Transport by water
  93. Transport vehicle engineering
  94. Traumata. Injuries. Wounds
  95. Travel goods. Camping equipment
  96. Treatment
  97. Treatment, processing of minerals. Mineral dressing. Ore preparation
  98. Trees (large woody plants with trunk)
  99. Truss bridges (open-web, lattice girder bridges)
  100. Tubulidentata. Orycteropodidae
  101. Tumours. Neoplasms. Blastomata. Choristomata. Hamartomata. Oncology
  102. Tungus languages
  103. Tunisia. Republic of Tunisia. Tūnis / Tunis. Al-Jumhūriyya at-Tūnisiyya
  104. Turkey. Republic of Turkey. Türkiye Cumhuriyeti
  105. Turkic languages
  106. Turkish (Osmanli)
  107. Turkmen
  108. Turkmenistan. Republic of Tukmenistan.Turkmenia. Türkmenistan Respublikasy
  109. Two-dimensional. Planes. Surfaces
  110. Types and forms of law
  111. Types of household
  112. Types of performance or presentation
  113. Typological geography
  114. Typological linguistics