Universal Decimal Classification

  1. Variables, conditions and characteristics of production processes, plant and equipment
  2. Variety. Vaudeville. Music hall. Cabaret. Revues. Pantomimes
  3. Various aspects of disease, patients and medical intervention
  4. Various ceramic objects
  5. Various forms of disease, of treatment, of administration of medicaments
  6. Various industries, trades and crafts
  7. Various other literary forms
  8. Various questions concerning art
  9. Various questions concerning music
  10. Various tropical and subtropical fruits
  11. Vatican. Vatican City State (Holy See). Stato della Città del Vaticano
  12. Vegetable fibres
  13. Vegetable hairs
  14. Vegetable oils, fats, waxes, phosphatides
  15. Vegetables. Kitchen gardening
  16. Vehicle auxiliary systems and devices
  17. Vehicle design principles: characteristics, capabilities, tests
  18. Vehicle structure, construction principles, general layout and parts
  19. Veneering. Marquetry. Inlay etc.
  20. Venezuela. Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. República Bolivariana de Venezuela
  21. Ventilation, air conditioning, heating and illumination of mines
  22. Vertebrata
  23. Vertebrata. Fossil vertebrates
  24. Veterinary science
  25. Vibration of bodies. Excitation of vibrations. Vibratory formations with distributed mass and elasticity
  26. Vibrations. Waves. Acoustics
  27. Victims of circumstances
  28. Video recordings
  29. Vietnam. Socialist Republic of Vietnam. Cộng hòa xã hội chủ nghĩa Việt Nam
  30. Virology
  31. Visible light. Colours
  32. Viticulture. Grape vines. Vineyards
  33. Vitreous arts. Artistic glassware and crystal ware
  34. Vocal chamber music
  35. Vocal extracts from larger works
  36. Vocal music
  37. Volition. Will
  38. Voyages of discovery
  39. Vulcanicity. Vulcanism. Volcanoes. Eruptive phenomena. Eruptions