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U.S. federal government
The three branches of U.S. government (legislative, judicial, and executive) carry out governmental power and functions. The U.S. federal government, as of 2017, has 128 agencies engaged, to some degree, in conducting statistical activities. There are 13 agencies that have statistical work as their principal mission. These 13 principal statistical agencies: Bureau of Economic Analysis; Bureau of Justice Statistics; Bureau of Labor Statistics; Bureau of Transportation Statistics; Census Bureau; Economic Research Service; Energy Information Administration; National Agricultural Statistics Service; National Center for Education Statistics; National Center for Health Statistics; National Center for Science and Engineering Statistics (of the NSF); Office of Research, Evaluation and Statistics (of the SSA); Statistics of Income (of the IRS).
History at the Federal Government (Society for History in the Federal Government ) is a portal to over 250 federal agencies connecting users to every known government history liking key pages in the major federal documentary and historical resource web sites.

USA.gov's A-Z Index of U.S. Government Departments and Agencies. Government departments, agencies, bureaus, commissions, committees, and offices.
USA.gov's Government Departments and Agencies
USA.gov's Publications.usa.gov
United States Government Manual (online search):
U.S. Government Org Chart (Oct 2011)
Directory of Federal Historical Offices and Activities (Society for History in the Federal Government): provides information on offices in all branches of government that perform history-related work
Publications: http://publications.usa.gov/USAPubs.php
Publications of the U.S. Government (National Archives Record Group 287)
Federal agency publications acquisitions (Libguide collection by Vicki Tate):
Cross-agency Portals: http://m.usa.gov/usa/Topics/Cross_Agency_Portals
United States Government Manual, 1995/96 - 2011:
U.S. Government Manual 2011
U.S. Government Manual 2009/10 (pdf)
U.S. Government Manual 2009/10 (in digital library)
Official Congressional Directory, 2011-2012, 112th Congress (Fdsys, Dec 2011, 1253 p., S. Pub 112-2) - print version
Sourcebook of United States Executive Agencies (Second Edition, 2018): https://www.acus.gov/publication/sourcebook-united-states-executive-agencies-second-edition (PDF, 188 p.)
USA.gov: http://www.usa.gov
USA.gov A-Z Agency Index:
USA.gov RSS feeds: http://www.usa.gov/rss/
Federal Government Mobile Apps Directory: https://www.usa.gov/mobile-apps (about)
Directorio Federal de Aplicaciones (Apps) Móviles: https://gobierno.usa.gov/apps-moviles
FDLP Partnership Collections: https://www.fdlp.gov/about-the-fdlp/partnerships
Featured videos: http://videos.usa.gov/access/
U.S. agency video library: http://www.usa.gov/Topics/Video.shtml
GPO: U.S. Government Manual- browse
LSU Libraries Federal Agencies Directory - browse agencies - search for agencies
Abbreviations and acronyms
List of U.S. government Tumblr blogs by Jed Sundwall and "about Tumblr" at USA.gov
List of 40+ U.S. federal agency blogs - similar list
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/USAgov
Twitter: http://twitter.com/USAgov
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/USGovernment
Blog: http://blog.usa.gov/ and RSS feed
Catalog of Government Publications (CGP): Simple search, Advanced search, Expert search, Browse search, and New titles (use for metadata and subjects for federal publications)
Documents Data Miner 2: http://govdoc.wichita.edu/ddm2/gdocframes.asp
MetaLib Federated Search:http://metalib.gpo.gov
to get reports, articles and citations from multiple U.S. Federal Government databases.
New Government Publications (reviews by Univ. of Montana, Libguide):
Alphabetical Agency List: http://ucsd.libguides.com/agencies
Browse Federal Documents by Call Number:
http://ucsd.libguides.com/browsebysudoc (an historical list of SuDocs assigned to agencies)
U.S. Digital Registry: about the digital registry
Social Mobile Digital Registry: about the social mobile digital registry

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