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"Agency" is the governmental agency responsible for publishing the resource or making it available on the web. "Agency" is the shortened name used to provide browse and fielded searching access in the State Publications Digital Library. It is a mandatory field in all records that uses the UTAgency encoding scheme

Publisher (dcterms:publisher), Creator (dcterms:creator), and Contributor
(dcterms:contributor) metadata use Library of Congress Name Authorities (dcterms:LCNAF) values as they existed at the time of publication. Agency (field21), in contrast, uses local UTAgency vocabulary values both. Both the agency name, as it existed at the time of publication and the agency name as it exists today are used. Also, "Agency" metadata are also provided for the parent agency or agencies. These are identified here as UF values.

Note: Within the Digital Library, Publisher, Contributor, and Creator metadata use the LCNAF as it existed at the time of publication, not currently. Agency metadata values are created for the publishing agency as it existed at the time of publication as well as for the agency as it exists today. Agency metadata are also provided for the parent agency or agencies.

Note: This agency vocabulary will be informed by the W3C Government Linked Data (GLD) Working Group's Organization Ontology (Working Draft 05 April 2012). The mission of the GLD Working Group is to provide standards and other information which help governments around the world publish their data as effective and usable Linked Data using Semantic Web technologies.

Further instructions for using Agency, Creator, and Contributor are explained under Utah Taxonomy Best Practices in the Digital Library Documentation Wiki.

State agency list: http://www.utah.gov/government/agencylist.html
Library of Congress Name Authorities Search:
Utah.gov Complete Agency List (A-Z):
State of Utah Telephone Directory (online):
List of acronymns (created by DEQ): http://www.deq.utah.gov/acronyms/aacronyms.htm
Utah Government Digital Library: http://digitallibrary.utah.gov/awweb/guest2.jsp

Agencies can notify us of publications: https://www.utah.gov/collaborate/submit-publication.html
Agencies can submit publications: http://publications.utah.gov/submit.html

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