Controlled vocabulary reports and analysis

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Audit and control of terms

TemaTres has a number of tools to monitor and manage the evolution of a controlled vocabulary. By providing information about the creation and distribution of terms, the tools provide excellent support for distributed management of controlled vocabularies. They provide the following functionality:

    * Report to stakeholders on the creation or modification of a term
    * Provide an audit trail by user and date on the creation or modification of a term
    * Provide an audit trail on the date on which a term changed state
    * Report on candidate and rejected terms
    * Report on free terms
    * Report on duplicate terms

The following sections describe different ways of accessing the above information:

RSS feeds

TemaTres provides alerting through RSS. This allows each user to receive an alert each time a term is created or modified. Access to the service is by adding /xml.php?rss=true to the base directory of each vocabulary (eg http://localhost/tematres/vocab/xml.php?rss=true ).

To learn more about content syndication services based on RSS, please see the following links:

    * Wikipedia
    * RSS aggregator Google:

Audit of terms by user

TemaTres provides a summary of activity by each user. This summary provides a list of terms created by each users and their date of creation. Users who have Editor rights can access details of terms which they have created or modified. Users with administrative rights can access a list of all terms created or modified by user and date.

For each term TemaTres provides the following information related to its life cycle

   * Date created
   * Date of most recent change
   * Date of last status change