WBG Topical Taxonomy

  1. Cable Broadcasting
  2. Cable Transmission USE Cable Broadcasting
  3. Cadaster USE Cadastre and Land Registration
  4. Cadastre & Land Registration USE Cadastre and Land Registration
  5. Cadastre and Land Registration
  6. Cancer
  7. Capacity Building and Institutional Strengthening for Customs USE Institutional Development for Customs
  8. Capital Account
  9. Capital Adequacy Ratio USE Bank Capital Adequacy
  10. Capital Asset Quality Management Earnings Liquidity and Sensitivity (CAMELS)
  11. Capital Expenditures USE Public Investment Management
  12. Capital Flows in Education USE Financial Flows for Education
  13. Capital Markets
  14. Capital Markets Law and Regulation
  15. Capitation in Health Care
  16. Capitation Payments USE Capitation in Health Care
  17. Capture Fisheries
  18. Capture Fishery USE Capture Fisheries
  19. CAR USE Bank Capital Adequacy
  20. Car Accident
  21. Car Crash USE Car Accident
  22. Car Pile-up USE Car Accident
  23. Carbon Cap and Trade USE Carbon Trading
  24. Carbon Capture and Storage
  25. Carbon Capture and Storage (CSS) USE Carbon Capture and Storage
  26. Carbon Capture and Storage Law and Regulation
  27. Carbon Emissions and Transport
  28. Carbon Pricing
  29. Carbon sequestration USE BioCarbon
  30. Carbon Sink USE BioCarbon
  31. Carbon Tax
  32. Carbon Trading
  33. Cardiovascular Disease USE Heart Disease
  34. career based, position based USE Civil Service Tradition
  35. Career Guidance USE Intermediation
  36. Career Management
  37. Careers USE Jobs
  38. Case Management Systems USE Monitoring and Evaluation in Justice
  39. Case Management Systems USE Court Administration
  40. Caseflow Management USE Court Administration
  41. Caseload Management USE Court Administration
  42. Cash for Training
  43. Cash for Work
  44. Cash Transfers
  45. Catastrophe Risk Insurance USE Disaster Risk Financing and Insurance
  46. Categorical Targeting
  47. Categories of Employment
  48. Categories of Workers
  49. CBA USE Community-Based Climate Adaptation (CBA)
  50. CDAs USE Community Development Agreements
  51. Census Data
  52. Center of Government
  53. Central Banking USE Central Banks
  54. Central Banking Institutional Set-up
  55. Central Banks
  56. Centralized Procurement USE e-Government Procurement
  57. CGE Modeling
  58. Change Management
  59. Changing Nature of Jobs
  60. Check and Balances USE Judicial Independence
  61. Checks on Executive Power USE Public Accountability Mechanisms
  62. Chemical Engineering
  63. Chemical Leak USE Chemical Spill
  64. Chemical Spill
  65. Child Allowance
  66. Child Birth Specialists USE Midwives
  67. Child Combatants USE Child Soldiers
  68. Child Development
  69. Child Health
  70. Child Immunizations USE Immunizations
  71. Child Labor
  72. Child Labor and Education
  73. Child Labour USE Child Labor
  74. Child Labour and Education USE Child Labor and Education
  75. Child Marriage USE Early Marriage
  76. Child Soldiers
  77. Child Survival and Health USE Child Health
  78. Child Workers
  79. Chronic Diseases USE Non-Communicable Disease and Injury
  80. Chronic Poverty
  81. Cigarette Use USE Tobacco Use and Control
  82. Cities and Conflict
  83. Citizen Mapping USE Public Service Delivery
  84. Citizen Mapping USE Administrative Simplification
  85. Citizen Oversight USE Public Accountability Mechanisms
  86. Citizen User Satisfaction Survey USE Public Accountability Mechanisms
  87. Citizen's Budget USE Budget Transparency and Participation
  88. Citizen's Budgets USE Fiscal Transparency
  89. Citizenship Education
  90. City Financial Management and Creditworthiness
  91. City Governance Structure USE City Systems Governance
  92. City Indicators and Benchmarking
  93. City Information Systems
  94. City Management USE Urban Governance and City Systems
  95. City Planning and City Development Strategies USE Strategic Urban Planning
  96. City Planning Systems
  97. City Strategic Planning USE Strategic Urban Planning
  98. City Strategies and Territorial Planning
  99. City Systems
  100. City Systems Governance
  101. Civil Justice
  102. Civil Law
  103. Civil Servant Registry
  104. Civil Service Census USE Payroll Audits and Census
  105. Civil Service Employment USE Human Resources for Public Sector
  106. Civil Service Law
  107. Civil Service Reform USE Human Resources for Public Sector
  108. Civil Service Registry
  109. Civil Service Tradition
  110. Civil Service Training
  111. Civil Society Oversight
  112. Civilian Police and Security Services
  113. Clean Tech Industries
  114. Clean Technology USE Clean Tech Industries
  115. Clean-tech Industries USE Clean Tech Industries
  116. Cleanliness USE Water, Sanitation and Hygiene
  117. Cleantech Industries USE Clean Tech Industries
  118. Climate Change
  119. Climate Change Adaptation
  120. Climate Change Adaptation Financing USE Climate Finance
  121. Climate Change Adaptation Impacts
  122. Climate Change Adaptation in Coastal and Marine Areas
  123. Climate Change Adaptation in Urban Areas
  124. Climate Change and Disaster Risk
  125. Climate Change and Poverty USE Poverty and Climate Change
  126. Climate Change and Transport USE Transport and Climate Change
  127. Climate Change and Transportation USE Transport and Climate Change
  128. Climate Change and Vulnerable Groups
  129. Climate Change Impacts
  130. Climate Change Law
  131. Climate Change Mitigation
  132. Climate Change Mitigation Financing USE Climate Finance
  133. Climate Change Policy USE Climate Change Law
  134. Climate Efficient Industries
  135. Climate Finance
  136. Climate Finance Mechanisms USE Green Finance Mechanisms
  137. Climate Forecasting
  138. Climate Impacts USE Climate Change Impacts
  139. Climate Investment USE Climate Finance
  140. Climate Prediction USE Climate Forecasting
  141. Climate Related Disaster
  142. Climate Related Event
  143. Climate Resilience USE Social Resilience and Climate Change
  144. Climate Resilient Cities USE Green Cities
  145. Climate Resilient Development
  146. Climate Risk Assessment USE Climate Risk Screening
  147. Climate Risk Management
  148. Climate Risk Screening
  149. Climate Science
  150. Climate Services
  151. Climate Smart Agriculture
  152. Climate-Related Loss and Damage USE Climate Change and Disaster Risk
  153. Climate-Smart Agriculture USE Climate Smart Agriculture
  154. Climate-Smart Development USE Climate Resilient Development
  155. Climatological Event
  156. Climatology USE Climate Science
  157. Closing of Business USE Bankruptcy and Liquidation
  158. Cloud Computing
  159. CO2-equivalent USE Short-lived Climate Pollutants (SLCPs)
  160. Coal Energy USE Coal-Fired Power
  161. Coal Mining
  162. Coal Thermal Power Generation USE Coal-Fired Power
  163. Coal-Fired Power
  164. Coastal and Marine Ecosystems
  165. Coastal Erosion
  166. Coastal Flood
  167. CoC USE Continuum of Care
  168. Cocreation
  169. Cold Wave
  170. Collateral Registries
  171. Collective Bargaining
  172. Collective Redundancy Procedures
  173. Collocation
  174. Combatant and Veteran Employment
  175. Combatant and Veteran Pensions
  176. Combatant and Veteran Psychological Issues
  177. Combatant and Veteran Suicide
  178. Combatants and Veterans
  179. Commercial Banking
  180. Commercial Banks USE Commercial Banking
  181. Commercial Debt Reduction
  182. Commercial Law USE Business Law and Regulation
  183. Commercial Presence
  184. Commerical Agriculture
  185. Commodities and Resources
  186. Commodity and Resource Prices
  187. Commodity Prices Shocks
  188. Commodity Rich Countries
  189. Common Law
  190. Commons Based Peer Production
  191. Communicable Disease
  192. Community Based Interventions in Health
  193. Community based Policing USE Criminal Justice
  194. Community College Education
  195. Community Development Agreements
  196. Community Development Funds
  197. Community Driven Development
  198. Community Driven Development and Community Infrastructure
  199. Community Driven Development and Conflict USE Community Driven Development and Fragile and Conflicted Affected States
  200. Community Driven Development and Fragile and Conflicted Affected States