WBG Topical Taxonomy

  1. Gamification
  2. Gangs
  3. Gas Capacity Development USE Oil and Gas Capacity Building
  4. Gas Flaring Reduction
  5. Gas Tax USE Fuel Taxes
  6. Gas Thermal Power Generation USE Gas-Fired Power
  7. Gas Transportation, Storage and Distribution
  8. Gas Utilization
  9. Gas-Fired Power
  10. Gas-to-Power
  11. Gasoline Tax USE Fuel Taxes
  12. Gate-Keeping USE Health Referral Systems
  13. Gateway Performance
  14. GATS USE Special Economic Zones
  15. GATS USE General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS)
  16. GATT USE Special Economic Zones
  17. Gazelles and Jobs
  18. Gender
  19. Gender and Agriculture
  20. Gender and Climate Change
  21. Gender and Disaster Risk Management
  22. Gender and Economic Empowerment
  23. Gender and Education USE Education and Gender
  24. Gender and Employment
  25. Gender and Energy
  26. Gender and Extractive Industries USE Gender and Mining
  27. Gender and Finance
  28. Gender and Growth
  29. Gender and Health
  30. Gender and Human Development
  31. Gender and ICT
  32. Gender and Infrastructure
  33. Gender and Justice USE Access to Justice
  34. Gender and Labor Market
  35. Gender and Labour Market USE Gender and Labor Market
  36. Gender and Land
  37. Gender and Land Rights USE Gender and Land
  38. Gender and Macroeconomic Policies
  39. Gender and Mining
  40. Gender and Skills
  41. Gender and Skills Development USE Gender and Skills
  42. Gender and Trade USE Trade and Gender
  43. Gender and Transport
  44. Gender and Transportation USE Gender and Transport
  45. Gender and Urban Development
  46. Gender and Water Supply and Sanitation
  47. Gender and Youth
  48. Gender Based Violence
  49. Gender Equality USE Gender and Human Development
  50. Gender equality and economic growth USE Gender and Growth
  51. Gender Gap USE Inequality under Law
  52. Gender Inequality Under the Law USE Inequality under Law
  53. Gender M&E
  54. Gender Monitoring & Evaluation USE Gender M&E
  55. Gender Monitoring and Evaluation USE Gender M&E
  56. Gender-Based Violence USE Gender Based Violence
  57. General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS)
  58. General Climate Themes
  59. General Meteorological Themes
  60. General Political Analysis USE Political Systems and Government
  61. Generic Drugs
  62. Generic Name List USE Generic Drugs
  63. Generics USE Generic Drugs
  64. Genetically Modified Organisms USE Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)
  65. Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)
  66. Genocide
  67. Geographic Access USE Access to Justice
  68. Geographic Information Systems
  69. Geographic Targeting
  70. Geographical Indications of Origin
  71. Geological Mapping and Databases
  72. Geological Survey
  73. Geomagnetic Storm
  74. Geophysical Event
  75. Geothermal Energy
  76. Geothermal Law and Regulation
  77. Geriatrics
  78. GHG Accounting USE Greenhouse Gas Accounting
  79. GHG Emissions Accounting USE Greenhouse Gas Accounting
  80. GIPB USE Global Investment Promotion Best Practice Surveys (GIPB)
  81. GIS USE Geographic Information Systems
  82. Glacial Lake Outburst
  83. Global Gender Policy Framework USE Global Gender Policy Frameworks
  84. Global Gender Policy Frameworks
  85. Global Investment Promotion Best Practice Surveys (GIPB)
  86. Global Partnership for Education
  87. Global Trade Liquidity Program (GTLP) USE Trade Liquidity
  88. Global Trade Supplier Finance (GTSF) USE Trade Supplier Finance
  89. Global Value Chains Analysis and Mapping
  90. Global Warehouse Finance Program (GWFP) USE Warehouse Finance
  91. Global Warming USE Climate Change
  92. Global Waterways USE International Waterways
  93. GMOs USE Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)
  94. GNU General Public License
  95. Gold
  96. Governance
  97. Governance and Growth
  98. Governance and Public Accountability (GPA) USE Governance
  99. Governance and Public Sector Management USE Public Sector Management
  100. Governance and Stewardship
  101. Governance for Mining
  102. Governance for Oil and Gas
  103. Governance for State-Owned Enterprises USE Corporate Governance of State-Owned Enterprises
  104. Governance Indicators
  105. Governance Institutions USE Institutional Reform
  106. Governance of National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Systems USE Science, Technology, and Innovation (STI)
  107. Governance Structures
  108. Government Bond Markets
  109. Government Data Centres
  110. Government Expenditure
  111. Government Failures versus Market Failures USE Market Failures versus Government Failures
  112. Government Failures vs Market Failures USE Market Failures versus Government Failures
  113. Government Financial Support to Companies USE State Aid and Competitive Neutrality
  114. Government Hiring and Purchases
  115. Government Institutions for Mining
  116. Government Institutions for Oil and Gas
  117. Government Involvement in VET USE Public Sector Intervention in Vocational Education
  118. Government Payments
  119. Government Performance USE Performance Management
  120. Government Procurement
  121. Government Procurement System USE e-Government Procurement
  122. Government Soldiers USE Military
  123. Government Troops USE Military
  124. GPA, EU Procurement Directives, UNCITRAL Model Law, APEC USE International Procurement
  125. Graduation
  126. Grass fire USE Pasture Fire
  127. Grass Land Restoration USE Pasture Restoration
  128. grassland fire USE Pasture Fire
  129. Grasslands USE Drylands
  130. Gravity Fed Drip Irrigation USE Gravity Irrigation
  131. Gravity Fed Irrigation USE Gravity Irrigation
  132. Gravity Feed Drip Irrigation USE Gravity Irrigation
  133. Gravity Flow & Rain Barrel Drip System USE Gravity Irrigation
  134. Gravity Flow & Rain Barrel Drip Systems USE Gravity Irrigation
  135. Gravity Flow and Rain Barrel Drip System USE Gravity Irrigation
  136. Gravity Flow and Rain Barrel Drip Systems USE Gravity Irrigation
  137. Gravity Flow System USE Gravity Irrigation
  138. Gravity Flow Systems USE Gravity Irrigation
  139. Gravity Irrigation
  140. Gravity-Fed Drip Irrigation USE Gravity Irrigation
  141. Gravity-Fed Irrigation USE Gravity Irrigation
  142. Gravity-Feed Drip Irrigation USE Gravity Irrigation
  143. Gravity-Flow Irrigation USE Gravity Irrigation
  144. Gravity-Flow System USE Gravity Irrigation
  145. Gravity-Flow Systems USE Gravity Irrigation
  146. Green Buildings
  147. Green Cities
  148. Green Diesel USE Biofuels Energy
  149. Green Engineering USE Environmental Engineering
  150. Green Finance USE Climate Finance
  151. Green Finance Mechanisms
  152. Green Growth
  153. Green Growth and Sustainability USE Green Growth
  154. Green Industrial Zones
  155. Green Infrastructure USE Green Buildings
  156. Green Jobs
  157. Greenhouse Gas Accounting
  158. Grid Connected Household Electrification
  159. Grievance Redress USE Monitoring and Evaluation
  160. Grievance Redress Mechanism
  161. Ground Movement
  162. Groundwater Conjunctive Use
  163. Groundwater Development USE Groundwater Management
  164. Groundwater Management
  165. Growing Old USE Aging Population
  166. Growth Analytics USE Growth Diagnostics
  167. Growth Analytics
  168. Growth and Lagging Regions
  169. Growth and Trade USE Trade and Growth
  170. Growth Assessment USE Growth Diagnostics
  171. Growth Charts USE Growth Monitoring
  172. Growth Determiners USE Determinants of Growth
  173. Growth Development USE Growth Monitoring
  174. Growth Diagnostics
  175. Growth Drivers USE Determinants of Growth
  176. Growth Enablers USE Determinants of Growth
  177. Growth in Fragile and Conflict States (FCS)
  178. Growth in Low-Income States USE Growth in Fragile and Conflict States (FCS)
  179. Growth Monitoring
  180. Growth Monitoring in Children USE Growth Monitoring
  181. Growth Observation USE Growth Monitoring
  182. Growth Poles and Corridors USE Trade Corridors
  183. Growth Poles and Economic Zones
  184. Growth Policy Approaches USE Economic Growth Policy
  185. Growth Policy Formulation USE Economic Growth Policy
  186. Growth Policy Implementation USE Economic Growth Policy
  187. Growth Records USE Growth Monitoring
  188. Growth Strategies USE Economic Growth Policy
  189. Growth, Poverty and Inequality
  190. GTAP