WBG Topical Taxonomy

  1. Hackathons
  2. Handicap USE Health of the Disabled
  3. Handwashing Promotion
  4. Hazard Monitoring
  5. Hazard Risk Management USE Disaster Risk Management
  6. Hazardous Waste Management
  7. Hazardous Wastes
  8. Headworks
  9. Health Aid Effectiveness USE Aid Flows for Health
  10. Health and Disability USE Health of the Disabled
  11. Health and Safety Conditions
  12. Health Basket Finance
  13. Health Benefits
  14. Health Care Delivery USE Health Services Delivery
  15. Health Care Law USE Health Laws and Regulations
  16. Health Care Performance Indicators
  17. Health Care Plans USE Health Insurance
  18. Health Care Provider Network USE Health Provider Networks
  19. Health Care Provider Payment Systems USE Health Provider Payment
  20. Health Care Resource Allocation
  21. Health Defect USE Health of the Disabled
  22. Health Economics and Finance
  23. Health Economics and Financing USE Health Economics and Finance
  24. Health Education
  25. Health Emergencies
  26. Health Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Response
  27. Health Equity and Access
  28. Health Facilities Restructuring
  29. Health Facility Management
  30. Health Financing through General Taxation
  31. Health in All Policies
  32. Health Information Systems USE Health Management Information Systems
  33. Health Insurance
  34. Health Labor USE Human Resources for Health
  35. Health Law USE Health Laws and Regulations
  36. Health Laws and Regulations USE Health Laws and Regulations
  37. Health Laws and Regulations
  38. Health Legislation USE Health Laws and Regulations
  39. Health Management and Administration
  40. Health Management Information Systems
  41. Health Networks USE Health Provider Networks
  42. Health of the Disabled
  43. Health of the Environment USE Environmental Health
  44. Health Policy and Planning
  45. Health Promotion USE Health Promotion and Disease Prevention
  46. Health Promotion and Disease Prevention
  47. Health Provider Networks
  48. Health Provider Payment USE Medical Supplies Finance
  49. Health Provider Payment
  50. Health Referral Systems
  51. Health Regulation USE Health Laws and Regulations
  52. Health Service USE Health Services Delivery
  53. Health Services USE Health Services Delivery
  54. Health Services Delivery
  55. Health Systems USE Health Services Delivery
  56. Health Technologies
  57. Health Worker Incentives
  58. Health Worker Migration
  59. Health Worker Retention USE Retention of Health Workers
  60. Health Worker Training and Education
  61. Health Workers USE Human Resources for Health
  62. Health Workforce Migration and Retention USE Retention of Health Workers
  63. Health, Nutrition and Population
  64. Healthcare Facilities Restructuring USE Health Facilities Restructuring
  65. Healthcare Provider Network USE Health Provider Networks
  66. Healthcare Recruitment USE Recruitment of Human Resources for Health
  67. Healthy Aging
  68. Healthy Lifestyles
  69. Healthy Living USE Healthy Lifestyles
  70. Healthy Oceans
  71. Heart Disease
  72. Heat Wave
  73. Heavily Indebted Poor Countries (HIPC)
  74. Helminth Infections
  75. Helminth Parasites USE Helminth Infections
  76. HEPRA USE Health Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Response
  77. HFC's USE Hydrofluorocarbons
  78. High Blood Pressure USE Hypertension
  79. High Blood-Pressure USE Hypertension
  80. High Cholesterol
  81. High Complexity Care USE Tertiary Care
  82. Higher Education USE Tertiary Education
  83. highway management system
  84. Highway Tolls USE Road Tolls
  85. Highways
  86. HIPC USE Heavily Indebted Poor Countries (HIPC)
  87. Hiring Credits USE Job Tax Credits
  88. HIV and AIDS
  90. HIV/AIDS and Education
  91. HMIS USE Health Management Information Systems
  92. HMIS Design
  93. HMIS Standards
  94. Home Elder Care USE Nursing Homes
  95. Homicide
  96. Horizontal Agreements USE Anticartel Enforcement
  97. Horizontal Portfolio Reviews USE Functional Reviews
  98. Hospital Care USE Secondary Care
  99. Hospital Management
  100. Hospital Management System
  101. Hospitality Jobs USE Jobs in Tourism
  102. Hostage Taking
  103. House Fire
  104. Household Access to Heating Fuels
  105. Household Access to Modern Cooking Fuels
  106. Household Energy Expenditures
  107. Household Energy Spending USE Household Energy Expenditures
  108. Household Surveys
  109. Housing Allowance
  110. Housing Construction
  111. Housing Finance
  112. Housing Finance for the Poor
  113. Housing Laws and Regulations
  114. Housing Markets
  115. Housing Mortgage Finance Products
  116. Housing Policy and Institutions
  117. Housing Regulatory Framework USE Housing Laws and Regulations
  118. Housing Subsidies
  119. HRH USE Human Resources for Health
  120. HRIS USE Human Resource Management Information System (HRMIS)
  121. HRM USE Human Resource Management Information System (HRMIS)
  122. HRMIS USE Human Resource Management Information System (HRMIS)
  123. Human Capital Accumulation
  124. Human Capital and Economic Growth USE Human Capital and Growth
  125. Human Capital and Growth
  126. Human Capital Flight
  127. Human Capital for Growth
  128. Human Capital for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  129. Human Centered Design
  130. Human Immunodeficiency Virus USE HIV and AIDS
  131. Human Resource Management
  132. Human Resource Management Capacities USE Human Resources
  133. Human Resource Management Information System (HRMIS)
  134. Human Resource Management Systems USE Human Resources
  135. Human Resources
  136. Human Resources for Health
  137. Human Resources for Public Sector
  138. Human Resources Information Systems USE Human Resource Management Information System (HRMIS)
  139. Human Rights
  140. Human Rights Abuses and Violations
  141. Human Rights Alliances
  142. Human Rights Norms and Mechanisms
  143. Human Trafficking
  144. Human-Modified Ecosystems USE Modified Ecosystems
  145. Humanitarian Aid
  146. Humanitarian Assistance USE Humanitarian Aid
  147. Humanitarian Law
  148. Hurricane
  149. Hydraulic Fracturing USE Fracking
  150. Hydro Power USE Hydropower
  151. Hydro-Met USE Hydro-meteorological
  152. Hydro-meteorological
  153. Hydro-Meteorological Service USE Hydro-Meteorological Services
  154. Hydro-Meteorological Services
  155. Hydro-Meteorological Services USE Hydromet Services
  156. Hydro-Meteorological Systems USE Hydromet Services
  157. Hydro-meteorology Service USE Hydro-Meteorological Services
  158. Hydro-Power USE Hydropower
  159. Hydroelectric Power USE Hydropower
  160. Hydroelectric Power Law and Regulation
  161. Hydroelectric Power Technologies USE Hydropower Technologies
  162. Hydrofluorocarbons
  163. Hydrological Event
  164. Hydromet USE Hydro-meteorological
  165. Hydromet Observation Network USE Hydromet Services
  166. Hydromet Services
  167. Hydromet Systems USE Hydromet Services
  168. Hydrometeorological USE Hydro-meteorological
  169. Hydrometeorological Service USE Hydro-Meteorological Services
  170. Hydrometeorological Services USE Hydromet Services
  171. Hydrometeorological Services USE Hydro-Meteorological Services
  172. Hydrometeorological Systems USE Hydromet Services
  173. Hydrometeorology Service USE Hydro-Meteorological Services
  174. Hydropower
  175. Hydropower Law and Regulation
  176. Hydropower Technologies
  177. Hygiene Promotion
  178. Hypertension
  179. Hypotension