WBG Topical Taxonomy

  1. Labor and Employment Laws and Regulations
  2. Labor Compensation USE Labor Earnings
  3. Labor Contracts
  4. Labor Earnings
  5. Labor Exchanges USE Efficient Labor Exchanges
  6. Labor Flexibility
  7. Labor Force
  8. Labor Force Frictions
  9. Labor Force Surveys
  10. Labor Incomes and Poverty
  11. Labor Intensive Growth
  12. Labor Market Institutions and Policies
  13. Labor Market Observatory USE Tracer Study
  14. Labor Market Policy Measures USE Active Labor Market Policies
  15. Labor Market Regulation
  16. Labor Market Surveys
  17. Labor Markets
  18. Labor Markets and Trade USE Trade and Labor Markets
  19. Labor Participation
  20. Labor Productivity
  21. Labor Redundancy
  22. Labor Relations USE Labor Standards
  23. Labor Standards
  24. Labor Supply
  25. Labor Taxes
  26. Labour Market Flexibility USE Labor Flexibility
  27. Labour Market Regulation USE Labor Market Regulation
  28. Labour Markets USE Labor Markets
  29. Labour Markets and Trade USE Trade and Labor Markets
  30. Lahar
  31. Lake Ecosystems USE Freshwater Ecosystems
  32. Land Acquisition Laws
  33. Land and Housing
  34. Land and Housing Regulation
  35. Land Fill USE Land Reclamation
  36. Land Fire
  37. Land Laws USE Property and Land Law
  38. Land Ownership USE Land Tenure
  39. Land Ownership Law USE Property and Land Law
  40. Land Reclamation
  41. Land Reform
  42. Land Registration System USE Cadastre and Land Registration
  43. Land Registries USE Cadastre and Land Registration
  44. Land Registries
  45. Land Registry USE Cadastre and Land Registration
  46. Land Rehabilitation USE Land Reclamation
  47. Land Tenure
  48. Land Titling USE Cadastre and Land Registration
  49. Land Use Laws
  50. Landlocked Countries
  51. Landmines
  52. Landslide
  53. Landslide Following Earthquake
  54. Landslide Risk Reduction
  55. Language of Instruction
  56. Last Mile Connectivity
  57. Lava Flow
  58. Law and Development USE Legal and Regulatory Framework
  59. Law and Regulation USE Legal and Regulatory Framework
  60. Law Enforcement USE Criminal Justice
  61. Law Enforcement
  62. Law of the Sea
  63. Laws and Regulations on Renewable Energy USE Renewable Energy Policy and Regulation
  64. LDC Services Waiver
  65. Learning Assessment
  66. Learning Theory and Cognitive Development
  67. Leasing
  68. Leasing law USE Leasing
  69. Legacy Pollution
  70. Legal Aid USE Access to Justice
  71. Legal Aid Services USE Access to Justice
  72. Legal and Judicial Reform USE Justice
  73. Legal and Regulatory Framework
  74. Legal and Regulatory Frameworks for Mining USE Mining Laws and Regulations
  75. Legal Clinics USE Access to Justice
  76. Legal Drafting
  77. Legal Empowerment of the Poor USE Access to Justice
  78. Legal Framework and Procedures for Complaints Review Mechanisms USE Complaints Review Mechanisms
  79. Legal Regulatory Framework USE Institutional Reform
  80. Legal Regulatory Frameworks for Oil and Gas USE Oil and Gas Laws and Regulations
  81. legal service/public information centers USE ICT and Justice
  82. Legislative Oversight USE Parliament and Legislatures
  83. Legislative Scrutiny and Oversight
  84. Lentic Ecosystems USE Freshwater Ecosystems
  85. Levees
  86. Levels of Education
  87. Levels of Educational Attainment USE Levels of Education
  88. Licensing and Contracting for Oil and Gas
  89. Licensing and Contracting of Minerals
  90. Licensing and Permits for Businesses
  91. Life Expectancy
  92. Life Skills
  93. Lifelong Education USE Lifelong Learning
  94. Lifelong Learning
  95. Lifelong Learning USE Vocational Education and Training
  96. Light Manufacturing Supply Chain USE Light Manufacturing Value Chain
  97. Light Manufacturing Value Chain
  99. Linkages USE FDI Spillovers
  100. Linking Farmers & Markets USE Linking Farmers with Markets
  101. Linking Farmers and Markets USE Linking Farmers with Markets
  102. Linking Farmers with Markets
  103. Linking Farmers, Markets & Consumers USE Linking Farmers with Markets
  104. Linking Farmers, Markets and Consumers USE Linking Farmers with Markets
  105. Linking Farmers, Markets, and Consumers USE Linking Farmers with Markets
  106. Liquefaction
  107. Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)
  108. List of Generic Drugs USE Generic Drugs
  109. Lists of Essential Medicines USE Essential Medicines
  110. Literacy and Numeracy
  111. Livable Cities USE Green Cities
  112. Livelihood Insurance
  113. Livelihood Skills
  114. Livestock USE Animal Production
  115. Livestock & Animal Husbandry USE Animal Production
  116. Livestock and Animal Husbandry USE Animal Production
  117. Livestock Husbandry USE Animal Production
  118. Livestock On Farm USE On-farm Livestock
  119. Livestock On-Farm USE On-farm Livestock
  120. Livestock Production USE Animal Production
  121. Living Labs
  122. Living Wages
  123. Loan-based Programs
  124. Loans and Guarantees
  125. Local and Regional Economic Development
  126. Local Business Regulation
  127. Local Finance
  128. Local Finance Management USE Local Finance
  129. Local Governance
  130. Local Government
  131. Local Government Finance USE Local Finance
  132. Local Government Financial System USE Local Government Fiscal System
  133. Local Government Fiscal System
  134. Logistics and Trade Facilitation USE Trade Facilitation and Logistics
  135. Logistics and Transport Services USE Transport and Logistics Services
  136. Logistics Hubs an Platforms
  137. Logistics in Lagging Regions
  138. Long Life USE Aging Population
  139. Long term Care, Respite Care USE Geriatrics
  140. Long-Term Care Delivery
  141. Long-Term Care Financing
  142. Longevity USE Aging Population
  143. Lotic Ecosystem USE Freshwater Ecosystems
  144. Low blood pressure USE Hypotension
  145. Low Carbon Cities USE Low Carbon City Development
  146. Low Carbon City Development
  147. Low Carbon Development
  148. Low Carbon Urban Development USE Low Carbon City Development
  149. Low-Cost Loans and Grants USE Subsidized Loans and Grants
  150. Low-Emissions Transport
  151. Low-income Program