WBG Topical Taxonomy

  1. SaaS USE Software as a Service
  2. Safeguards for Mining
  3. Safety Nets USE Social Assistance
  4. Safety Nets
  5. Safety Nets and Transfers USE Social Assistance
  6. Safety of Dams USE Dam Safety
  7. Sales Tax Exemptions and Credits
  8. Saline Soils USE Soil Salinity
  9. Salinity Management
  10. Salinity of Soils USE Soil Salinity
  11. SALW USE Small Arms and Light Weapons
  12. Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures USE Sanitary and Phytosanitary Standards (SPS)
  13. Sanitary and Phytosanitary Regulations USE SPS Regulations
  14. Sanitary and Phytosanitary Standards (SPS)
  15. Sanitation
  16. Sanitation and Wastewater
  17. Sanitation Engineering
  18. Sanitation Technologies
  19. SAP
  20. Satellite Connectivity
  21. Savannas USE Drylands
  22. Savings Programs USE Contributory Pensions
  23. Scholarships
  24. School Administration
  25. School Based Management USE School-Based Management
  26. School Directors
  27. School District Demographic System
  28. School District Mapping USE School Mapping
  29. School Districts USE Education Districts
  30. School Fees USE User Fees in Education
  31. School Health
  32. School Inspection
  33. School Mapping
  34. School-Based Management
  35. School-to-work Transition
  36. Science Parks and Business Incubators USE Technology and Science Parks
  37. Science, Technology and Innovation
  38. Science, Technology, and Innovation (STI)
  39. Scrub Lands USE Drylands
  40. Second Chance Education
  41. Secondary Canals
  42. Secondary Care
  43. Secondary Education
  44. Secondary Education Graduation
  45. Secondary Education Orientation
  46. Secondary Education Repetition and Drop-out
  47. Secondary Education Science and Mathematics
  48. Secondary Health Care USE Secondary Care
  49. Secondary School Work Transition
  50. Secondary Technical Education
  51. Sector and Policy Regulatory Reforms
  52. Sector Competitiveness USE ICT Value Chain
  53. Sector Social and Environmental Assessment
  54. Sector Specific ICT Applications
  55. Sector Specific Information and Communication Technologies Applications USE Sector Specific ICT Applications
  56. Sector Value Chain USE Industrial Clusters and Value Chains
  57. Sectoral Concentration Risk USE Bank Risk Concentration
  58. Sectorial Working Time
  59. Secured Transactions Law
  60. Secured Transactions Systems
  61. Securities Law USE Capital Markets Law and Regulation
  62. Securities Markets
  63. Securities Regulation International Standards USE Objectives and Principles of Securities Regulation
  64. Securities Settlement Systems
  65. Security Architecture
  66. Sedentary Life
  67. Seed Equity Capital USE Early Stage Financing
  68. Seiche
  69. Seismic Risk Reduction
  70. Selecting and Producing Crops USE Crop Selection and Production
  71. Selection and Rational Use of Medicines USE Rational Selection and Use of Drugs
  72. Self Employment
  73. Self Selection
  74. Self Targeting USE Self Selection
  75. Self-Employment Income
  76. Senior Civil Servants
  77. Sensoring USE Sensorization
  78. Sensorization
  79. Separation of Functions (Health Sector)
  80. Server Farm USE Web Farm
  81. Servers
  82. Servers USE Storage Management
  83. Service Delivery Arrangements USE Public Service Delivery
  84. Service Fees USE Administrative Simplification
  85. Service Sector Zones
  86. Service Standards USE Administrative Simplification
  87. Service Standards, Service Fees USE Public Service Delivery
  88. Services Commitments
  89. Services Delivery
  90. Services Exports
  91. Services of Mode 1 USE Cross-Border Supply
  92. Services of Mode 2 USE Consumption Abroad
  93. Services of Mode 3 USE Commercial Presence
  94. Services of Mode 4 USE Presence of Natural Persons
  95. Services Trade Competitiveness
  96. Services Trade Regulation
  97. Sewage USE Sewerage
  98. Sewage Disposal USE Sewerage
  99. Sewage Treatment Process USE Sanitation Technologies
  100. Sewer USE Sewerage
  101. Sewerage
  102. Sex Trafficking USE Sexual Traficking
  103. Sex Worker USE Survival Sex
  104. Sexual Assault USE Rape and Sexual Violence
  105. Sexual Trafficking USE Sexual Traficking
  106. Sexual Traficking
  107. Sexually Transmitted Disease USE STI & STD
  108. Sexually Transmitted Infection USE STI & STD
  109. SEZ USE Growth Poles and Economic Zones
  110. SFM USE Sustainable Forest Management
  111. Shadow Wage
  112. ShareAlike License
  113. Shared Infrastructure
  114. Shared Prosperity USE Inclusive Growth
  115. Shared Prosperity, Poverty and Inequality USE Growth, Poverty and Inequality
  116. Shared Rivers USE Transboundary Water
  117. Shift Towards Contract Work
  118. Shocks and Vulnerability
  119. Short-lived Climate Pollutants USE Short-lived Climate Pollutants (SLCPs)
  120. Short-lived Climate Pollutants (SLCPs)
  121. Short-Time Compensation Programs
  122. Sick Leave
  123. Silver
  124. Single Country Models
  125. Single Nutrient Fertilizers
  126. Single sign-on portal USE ICT and National Single Window Systems
  127. Single sign-on website USE ICT and National Single Window Systems
  128. Single Window USE ICT and National Single Window Systems
  129. Single Window Systems USE ICT and National Single Window Systems
  130. Sinkhole
  131. Sitting Disease USE Sedentary Life
  132. Size and Structure USE Public Sector Downsizing
  133. Size of the Public Service
  134. Skilled Workers
  135. Skills and Education
  136. Skills Development and Training in SMEs
  137. Skills Gap
  138. Slavery
  139. Sludge Management USE Sanitation Technologies
  140. Slum Upgrading
  141. Small and Medium Enterprise Banking USE SME Banking
  142. Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises and Jobs
  143. Small Arms and Light Weapons
  144. Small Business Tax Policy
  145. Small Town Sanitation
  146. Smart Cities
  147. Smart Energy
  148. Smart Grids
  149. Smart Networks
  150. Smart Phone
  151. SME and Jobs USE Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises and Jobs
  152. SME Banking
  153. SME Development
  154. SME Finance USE MSME Finance
  155. SMEs and Value Chains Development
  156. Smoking Cessation USE Tobacco Use and Control
  157. Smuggling USE Counterfeit Goods
  158. SN-DeMPA USE Subnational DeMPA
  159. Snow Avalanche
  160. Social Accountability USE Open Government and Transparency
  161. Social Accountability
  162. Social Accountability and Demand for Good Governance USE Social Accountability
  163. Social Adaptation
  164. Social Analysis
  165. Social and Economic Inclusion USE Social Inclusion in Cities
  166. Social and Non-Market Benefits from Education USE Non-Market Benefits of Education
  167. Social and Nonmarket Benefits from Education USE Non-Market Benefits of Education
  168. Social Assistance
  169. Social Assistance Systems USE Social Protection and Labor Systems
  170. Social Cohesion
  171. Social Conflict
  172. Social Conflict USE Cities and Conflict
  173. Social Demand for Education
  174. Social Determinants for Health
  175. Social Determinants of Health USE Social Determinants for Health
  176. Social Development
  177. Social Health Insurance USE Public Health Insurance
  178. Social Housing
  179. Social Impact Assessment
  180. Social Impact of Disease USE Burden of Disease
  181. Social Inclusion
  182. Social inclusion and women USE Social inclusion of women
  183. Social inclusion and youth USE Social inclusion of youth
  184. Social Inclusion in Cities
  185. Social inclusion of women
  186. Social inclusion of youth
  187. Social Insurance
  188. Social Insurance (pension, unemployment benefits) USE Social Insurance
  189. Social Investment Funds
  190. Social Media
  191. Social Pensions
  192. Social Protection and Growth
  193. Social Protection and Labor
  194. Social Protection and Labor Systems
  195. Social Protection Management Information Systems
  196. Social Resilience and Climate Change
  197. Social Safeguards
  198. Social Safety Nets USE Social Assistance
  199. Social Safety Nets USE Safety Nets
  200. Social Security Records USE Employment Administrative Data