WBG Topical Taxonomy

  1. Tantalum
  2. Targeted Social Pensions
  3. Targeting Access
  4. Targeting Mechanisms
  5. Targeting Methods USE Targeting Mechanisms
  6. Targeting Practices USE Targeting Mechanisms
  7. Targeting Strategies USE Targeting Mechanisms
  8. Tax Administration USE Tax and Revenue Policy and Administration
  9. Tax and Revenue Policy and Administration
  10. Tax Compliance USE Tax and Revenue Policy and Administration
  11. Tax Compliance Cost Surveys
  12. Tax Credits and Direct Subsidies
  13. Tax Crime
  14. Tax Exemption USE Tax Expenditures
  15. Tax Expenditures
  16. Tax Free Zones USE Free Zones
  17. Tax Giveaways USE Tax Expenditures
  18. Tax Holiday USE Tax Expenditures
  19. Tax Incentive Targeting
  20. Tax Incentives
  21. Tax Incentives Favoring Capital
  22. Tax Incidence
  23. Tax Incidence Analysis
  24. Tax Law
  25. Tax Policy
  26. Tax Revenue Lost USE Tax Expenditures
  27. Tax Self Assessment USE Tax and Revenue Policy and Administration
  28. Tax Services USE Tax and Revenue Policy and Administration
  29. Tax Simplification
  30. Tax Transparency
  31. Tax-Based Financing for Health Systems USE Health Financing through General Taxation
  32. Taxation
  33. Taxpayer Recourse
  34. Taxpayer Registry USE Tax and Revenue Policy and Administration
  35. Taxpayer Services USE Tax and Revenue Policy and Administration
  36. TB USE Tuberculosis
  37. TBT Measures
  38. Teacher Absences USE Teacher Absenteeism
  39. Teacher Absenteeism
  40. Teacher Accreditation
  41. Teacher Attendance USE Teacher Absenteeism
  42. Teacher Careers
  43. Teacher Certification USE Teacher Accreditation
  44. Teacher Deployment and Recruitment
  45. Teacher Evaluation USE Teacher Performance
  46. Teacher Pay and Incentives
  47. Teacher Performance
  48. Teacher Professional Development USE Teacher Training
  49. Teacher Professions USE Teacher Careers
  50. Teacher Training
  51. Teacher Unions
  52. Teachers Management
  53. Teaching and Learning Materials
  54. Teaching and Learning Supplies USE Teaching and Learning Materials
  55. Technical and Vocational Education USE Vocational Education and Training
  56. Technical Barriers to Trade Measures USE TBT Measures
  57. Technical Standards, Regulations and National Quality Systems USE National Quality Systems
  58. Technical Vocational Education and Training Policies and Systems USE Vocational Education and Training
  59. Technological Adoption USE Innovation, Technology Transfer and Diffusion
  60. Technological Change USE Innovation, Technology Transfer and Diffusion
  61. Technological Progress and Trade USE Trade and Technical Progress
  62. Technologies of Agriculture USE Agriculture Technology
  63. Technology and Management Extension Services USE Technology Extension Services
  64. Technology and Science Parks
  65. Technology Architecture
  66. Technology Extension Services
  67. Technology Transfer and Diffusion USE Innovation, Technology Transfer and Diffusion
  68. Technology Transfer Offices (TTOs)
  69. Technology Transfer Offices and Other Technology Brokers USE Technology Transfer Offices (TTOs)
  70. Teenage Health USE Adolescent Health
  71. Telecommunication and Network Services USE Telecommunications and Broadband Access
  72. Telecommunications and Broadband Access
  73. Telecommunications Competition USE Telecommunications Sector Competition
  74. Telecommunications Independent Regulatory Authorities
  75. Telecommunications Law and Regulation
  76. Telecommunications Legal and Regulatory Frameworks USE Telecommunications Law and Regulation
  77. Telecommunications National Policy
  78. Telecommunications Organizational Design
  79. Telecommunications Sector Competition
  80. Telecommunications Sector Policy and Regulation
  81. Telecommunications Sector Strategy
  82. Telecommunications SOE USE Telecommunications State Owned Enterprises
  83. Telecommunications Spectrum Management
  84. Telecommunications State Owned Enterprises
  85. Telecommunications State Owned Enterprises (SOE) USE Telecommunications State Owned Enterprises
  86. Telecommunications Tariffs
  87. Television Broadcasting
  88. Television Instruction
  89. Television Transmission USE Television Broadcasting
  90. Temporary Agency Work
  91. Temporary Employment
  92. Temporary Migration USE Temporary Movement of Labor
  93. Temporary Movement of Labor
  94. Temporary Work USE Part-Time Work
  95. Terms of Trade Shocks USE Economic Shocks and Trade
  96. Territorial Defense
  97. Terrorism
  98. Tertiary Canals
  99. Tertiary Care
  100. Tertiary Education
  101. Tertiary Education – Enhancing Access, Equity and Quality USE Tertiary Education
  102. Tertiary Innovation Systems
  103. Tertiary-Care USE Tertiary Care
  104. Textbooks
  105. The Recruitment and Deployment of Teachers USE Teacher Deployment and Recruitment
  106. Thematic and Sectoral Prioritization
  107. Thematic-based PPPs
  108. Thematic-based Public-Private Partnerships USE Thematic-based PPPs
  109. Theories of Teaching
  110. Therapeutic
  111. Therapeutic Justice USE Criminal Justice
  112. Tidal Wave
  113. Tin
  114. Tobacco Taxation USE Tobacco Use and Control
  115. Tobacco Use and Control
  116. Toll Road USE Road Tolls
  117. Toll Roads USE Road Tolls
  118. Tolling Policies
  119. Tornado
  120. Torture
  121. Tourism
  122. Tourism Analytics and Impact
  123. Tourism Supply Chain USE Tourism Value Chain
  124. Tourism Value Chain
  125. Toxic Leak USE Chemical Spill
  126. Toxic Pollution
  127. Toxic Spill USE Chemical Spill
  128. Tracer Study
  129. Tracking Performance USE Management Information Systems
  130. Trade
  131. Trade Agreements and Negotiations
  132. Trade and Climate Change
  133. Trade and Conflict
  134. Trade and Economic Growth USE Trade and Growth
  135. Trade and Economic Shocks USE Economic Shocks and Trade
  136. Trade and Education USE Trade in Education Services
  137. Trade and Employment USE Trade and Jobs
  138. Trade and Employment
  139. Trade and FDI
  140. Trade and FDI Promotion Infrastructure
  141. Trade and Firms Entry and Exit
  142. Trade and Foreign Direct Investment USE Trade and FDI
  143. Trade and Gender
  144. Trade and Growth
  145. Trade and Inequality USE Trade and Poverty
  146. Trade and Jobs
  147. Trade and Labor Markets
  148. Trade and Labour Markets USE Trade and Labor Markets
  149. Trade and New Growth Poles
  150. Trade and Poverty
  151. Trade and Prosperity USE Trade and Poverty
  152. Trade and Shared Prosperity USE Trade and Poverty
  153. Trade and Technical Progress
  154. Trade and Technological Progress USE Trade and Technical Progress
  155. Trade and the Environment
  156. Trade Balance
  157. Trade Competitiveness and Diversification
  158. Trade Corridors
  159. Trade Facilitation and Logistics
  160. Trade Finance
  161. Trade Impact USE Impact of Trade
  162. Trade Impact on the Environment USE Trade and the Environment
  163. Trade in Education Services
  164. Trade in Educational Services USE Trade in Education Services
  165. Trade in Goods
  166. Trade in Services
  167. Trade in Value-Added
  168. Trade Integration Assessment
  169. Trade Law USE Trade Regulation
  170. Trade Linkages, Spillovers and Connectivity
  171. Trade Liquidity
  172. Trade Policies and Jobs
  173. Trade Policy
  174. Trade Policy and Integration
  175. Trade Policy and Investment Agreements
  176. Trade Preferential Agreements USE Preferential Trade and Investment Agreements
  177. Trade Regulation
  178. Trade Related Aspects of Current Account Imbalances
  179. Trade Restrictiveness USE Trade Policy
  180. Trade Secret Law
  181. Trade Shocks USE Economic Shocks and Trade
  182. Trade Supplier Finance
  183. Trade Unions
  184. Trade's Impact on the Environment USE Trade and the Environment
  185. Trademarks
  186. Traditional Birth Attendants USE Midwives
  187. Traditional Justice and Customary Law
  188. Traditional Knowledge and IP
  189. Traffic Accident USE Car Accident
  190. Traffic and Road Safety
  191. Traffic Control and Monitoring
  192. Traffic Safety USE Traffic and Road Safety
  193. Traffic Safety USE Road Safety
  194. Trafficking in Illicit Goods USE Counterfeit Goods
  195. Trafficking Natural Resources
  196. Train Accident
  197. Train Collision USE Train Accident
  198. Train Crash USE Train Accident
  199. Train Derailment USE Train Accident
  200. Training and Capacity Development