WBG Topical Taxonomy

  1. U5MR USE Infant and Child Mortality
  2. UHI USE Universal Health Insurance
  3. UN Procurement
  4. Underemployment
  5. Unemployment
  6. Unemployment Benefits
  7. Unemployment Insurance Reforms
  8. Unfair Business Practices USE Monopolization and Abuse of Dominance
  9. Unilateral Conduct USE Monopolization and Abuse of Dominance
  10. Unique Busines ID USE Unique Identifier
  11. Unique Business Identifier USE Unique Identifier
  12. Unique Identifier
  13. Universal Access in Transport
  14. Universal Education USE Education for All
  15. Universal Health Coverage USE Universal Health Insurance
  16. Universal Health Insurance
  17. Universal Service USE Universal Service Fund
  18. Universal Service Fund
  19. Universal Social Pensions
  20. University and College Education
  21. Unpaid Work
  22. Unskilled Workers
  23. Upgrading Slums USE Slum Upgrading
  24. Upstream Fiscal Policies and Revenue Collection
  25. Upstream Oil and Gas
  26. Upstream Revenue Projection
  27. Urban Crime and Violence
  28. Urban Development
  29. Urban Ecology USE Urban Ecosystems
  30. Urban Ecosystems
  31. Urban Energy Efficiency
  32. Urban Food Supply
  33. Urban Governance and City Systems
  34. Urban Health
  35. Urban Health Care USE Urban Health
  36. Urban Infrastructure (Water and Wastewater) USE Urban Water
  37. Urban Land Supply and Markets
  38. Urban Participatory Planning
  39. Urban Planning USE Strategic Urban Planning
  40. Urban Planning and Design USE Strategic Urban Planning
  41. Urban Planning Strategy USE Strategic Urban Planning
  42. Urban Pollution
  43. Urban Pollution and Environmental Health
  44. Urban Poverty
  45. Urban Regeneration
  46. Urban Renewal USE Urban Regeneration
  47. Urban Resilience USE Resilient Cities
  48. Urban Roads
  49. Urban Sanitation
  50. Urban Systems and Governance USE Urban Governance and City Systems
  51. Urban Transformation USE Urban Regeneration
  52. Urban Transit USE Urban Transport
  53. Urban Transport
  54. Urban Transport Policy and Planning
  55. Urban Transport System
  56. Urban Water
  57. Urban Water and Hygiene
  58. Urban Water and Sanitation
  59. Urban Water and Small Town Water USE Urban Water
  60. Urban Water Cost Recovery
  61. Urban Water Financial Sustainability
  62. Urban Water Financial Sustainability/Cost Recovery USE Urban Water Financial Sustainability
  63. Urban Water Management and Institutional Capacity Building
  64. Urbanization and Growth
  65. Urbanization and Jobs
  66. Urbanization Reviews
  67. Urgent Care USE Emergency Medical Services
  68. Urgent Care Centers USE Emergency Medical Services
  69. User Fees in Education
  70. User satisfaction Survey USE Public Accountability Mechanisms
  71. User Tax in Education USE User Fees in Education
  72. Utilities Governance and Performance
  73. Utility Allowance
  74. Utility Subsidies