Tematres:  management formal representations of knowledge

About Tematres

TemaTres is an open source vocabulary server, web application to manage and exploit vocabularies, thesauri, taxonomies and formal representations of knowledge.

In this site you can find resources, tutoriales and academic papers about TemaTres, examples about Tematres capabilities and other resources about the knowledge management on digital spaces

Require PHP, MySql and HTTP Web server.
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Some salient features:

  • Import from MARC21 XML Schema, Skos-core, txt taggued file, txt tabulated file
  • SPARQL endpoint (SPARQL Protocol and RDF Query Language)
  • Meta-terms: define facets, collections or arrays of terms
  • Support for multilingual thesaurus
  • Expose vocabularies with powerful web services
  • Search terms suggestion (did you mean...?)
  • Display terms in multiple deep levels in the same screen
  • Search expansion
  • Vocabulary harmonization features: equivalent, no equivalent and partial terms with other vocabularies
  • Relationship between terms (BT/NT, USE/UF, RT)
  • No limits to number of terms, alternative labels, levels of hierarchy, etc
  • Systematic or alphabetic navigation
  • Search
  • Complete export in XML format (MARC21 XML Schema, WXP (WordPress XML), Zthes, TopicMaps, MADS, Dublin Core,VDEX, BS 8723, SiteMap, SQL)
  • Complete export in RDF format (Skos-Core)
  • Complete export in txt and PDF
  • Scope notes, Historical and Bibliographical notes
  • Users management
  • Terms and users supervision
  • Quality assurance functions (Duplicates and free terms, ilegal relations)
  • Active auditory and integrality control (duplicates terms control, free terms control, etc)
  • Multilingual interface
  • Easy Install
  • Unique code/notation for each term
  • "Edit in place" features for terms and codes.
  • Terminology mapping
  • Multilingual terminology mapping
  • Term reports for editors
  • Workflow: candidate, accepted and rejected terms
  • Allow to create user-defined new type of relationships
  • Allow to create user-defined new type of notes
  • Relationships between terms and web entities
  • Allow to define published and hidden labels
  • Export to JSON glossary format
  • Bulk editor for terms and notes
  • Easy integration with any web tool

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