Tematres:  management formal representations of knowledge

Publish your vocabulary

Publish your vocabulary

  • Web navigation in systematic and alphabetic way
  • Display terms in multiples deep levels in the same screen
  • Sort by code or by terms
  • Export to file in alphabetical order
  • Export to file in hierarchical form
  • Public statistical summary
  • Multilingual interface

Search capabilities

  • Search with autocomplete feature.
  • Advanced search with complete set of filters and dimensions to use.
  • Intelligent expansion of search results using relations between terms.
  • Flexible Did you mean .. to recovery missed searches

Create multilingual vocabularies

Expose and Publish your controlled vocabulary in many metadata schemas

  • Manage relations between vocabularies
  • Mapping conceptual relations between any controlled vocabulary
  • Non limited multilingual relations
  • Automatically synchronize changes between vocabularies
  • Vocabularies can be added as a data provider via web servicies to support concepual mapping
  • EUROVOC, GEMET, PSH, LRE thesaurus... and more.