Tematres:  management formal representations of knowledge

Management features

Term edition features

  • Edit in place for terms
  • Easy management of conceptual relations
  • No limits in number of terms, alternative labels, levels of hierarchy, etc
  • Bulk upload for terms
  • Asign unique code for each term
  • Terms management workflow with rules
  • Define and create new relation types between concepts and terms: let's go beyond the thesauri

Note editor features

  • Scope notes, Historical and Bibliographical notes
  • Private notes (only for editors)
  • WYSWYG editor for notes: insert images and links in notes
  • References links between terms using wiki syntax in notes
  • User defined notes: create new types of notes

Management features

  • One core, many vocabularies: manage multiple vocabularies with one TemaTres core
  • Millions of concepts in more than 450 known cases
  • Import from Skos-Core, tabulated or tagged text file
  • User management
  • Terms and user supervision
  • Advanced Reports for editors in CSV
  • Advanced configuration options

Quality assurance

The Quality assurance was improved with detailed and flexible reports about quality indicators.

  • Audit illegal relations between terms, duplicates terms control.
  • Free Terms, terms without hierarchical relationships.
  • Stadistical reports. Ex: average number of words per term, terms per number of broader terms, terms per number of narrower terms and by depth level.
  • Parsing reports. Ex: words with not supported prefixes or suffixes.
  • User defined reports. Ex: terms per user, with notes, etc.